That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 24

That '70s Musical

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2002 on FOX

Episode Recap

At The Hub, the gang sits around; Fez comes in with invitations for them to see him in the Spring musical. Hyde wraps his gum in the invitation and throws it out. They tell him that they're still kind of tired from the party last night; Fez says that he wasn't there, they all seem to think that he was. He tells them that it will be a wonderful evening; puts a quarter in the jukebox and music plays... Sing (The Carpenters, 1973), Fez is singing lead, then Leo joins him, the camera pulls back and the gang is the band, on a turntable; Fez dances in front with dancers. They do a big guitar ending. [Opening credits; the cast names sparkle.] [Scene change: Fez twirls and looks up at the camera.] At the school, Fez practises singing his scales; Red and Kitty come in and Kitty compliments him and tells him that there's nowhere they'd rather be than at the Spring musical. The music teacher (played by Roger Daltrey of The Who) comes up and asks if Red and Kitty are Fez's parents, adding that Fez has been mocking his accent. He then tells Fez that he's moving him to the back row, which, according to Fez, is for the untalented and the ugly. Fez explains this to Red and Kitty by saying that the British have always hated his people because they won the war. He then says that his friends are like his family, and he'd like them all to be there so that they could be happy together... In Eric's bedroom Fez Hyde and Eric are in a big bed, Kitty comes in and kisses them good night; Red comes in and tells them that he loves them. Red and Kitty go out.... morning comes, and the guys dance down the stairs, Kitty sings Happy Together (The Turtles, 1967), with Fez, Eric and Hyde. They dance into the kitchen. Red asks if they're singing again, then joins them, dancing with Kitty. They all dance outside to the driveway where they have canes and sparkles on their clothes. The garage opens, and Bob is standing on the back bumper of the Vista Cruiser, which is also sparkly; they all get in, with Fez sitting on the hood and drive out of the driveway. At the school, Kitty says that Fez 's imagination is detailed and Red calls him fruity. The music teacher tells some girls that singing comes from the diaphragm, and they giggle. Kitty tells the teacher that it must be an exciting night for him; he insults her, and all Americans, calling them fat and saying that they only eat cheeseburgers. Bob comes in; Fez says that he saved seats for Bob and the gang; Bob says that the gang isn't coming, when he left they were just sitting in the basement. Fez wonders what they're doing... In the Forman basement, in the circle, Hyde checks the time and says that they have three more hours without Fez, then they eat his candy; Donna imitates Fez; Eric says that he can't believe that Fez really thinks that Eric is his friend. Kelso says that they should sing without him, and they do, singing The Joker (Steve Miller Band, 1973); the camera goes around the circle as each one sings a line, then we have a camera shot from above while they do hand movements, then in black light, and they form a peace sign. [Scene change: Eric and Hyde's faces in boxes as Kelso walks by.] At the school, Fez is upset that the gang would rather make fun of him than come to see him. He tells Kitty and Red that everyone went to a party without him last night, and maybe he's not their friend, he's just the goofy foreign kid. Later, Fez and Kitty look out from behind the curtain at the audience; They can't believe that the gang isn't there. The music teacher calls places; Fez is very angry and imagines.... In the Forman driveway, the gang comes out of the house and complains about having to go to see Fez in the school musical; Donna says she doesn't want to go; Eric complains about being in pain from his months-old break up with Donna, Jackie and Kelso both claim that they're in more pain than Eric is, and they argue about this. The scene cuts to a ballroom; Eric and Kelso are in tuxedos, Donna and Jackie are in evening gowns, and they sing Love Hurts (Nazareth, 1975) and dance. At the school, Fez is upset; Leo is there and says that he only caught the end of Fez's imagining, but it was nice; he asks where the gang is, Fez says they're not there, he's alone.... Fez is alone, singing a sad, slow version of Happy Together. At the school, Fez says he's going home but just then the gang comes in and they explain why they were late - they passed the music teacher's house on the way there, and because they know that Fez hates him, they toilet papered his house. A rapid-action scene of the gang toilet papering the teacher's house while Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones, 1976) plays. They finish up by leaving a paper bag of dog pooh on his front porch. At the school, Fez is amazed that they did that for him. Hyde gives him an opening night present; the music teacher's mailbox. Kitty, Red, and Bob show up; Kitty is glad that the gang is there; Eric tells Fez that they wouldn't miss it for the world, and they start to sing... Shake Your Groove Thing (Peaches & Herb, 1978), and dance out onto a stage where they're in disco clothes. At the school, Fez says he knows how to shake it. The music teacher tells him that he's on. Fez says it's just like A Star Is Born and he's Barbra Streisand. In the Forman basement, in the circle, Fez starts singing The Joker, singing the first line, "Some people call me the space cowboy..."; Eric says that no one calls Fez a space cowboy, in fact, he's the space cowboy. Hyde says that he's the space cowboy, and then adds that he's also the midnight toker. Mr. Wilkinson, the music teacher is eating a cheeseburger and tells them that it's bloody brilliant. [End credits: bloopers from the dance numbers, with people out of sync, missing their marks, losing their balance and laughing.] Of note in this episode: Fez says of Mr. Wilkinson, the music teacher, "The British have always hated my people, ...we won the war buddy, get over it!" However, in the first season episode, A New Hope, Fez says that his country has never fought a war.