That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 24

That '70s Musical

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2002 on FOX

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  • Disco era... Gotta love it!

    My favorite episode it brings back a lot of memories of when I was growing up during the disco era
  • brilliant!

    The only thing that bothers me is - why have godlike Roger Daltrey as a guest star if he doesn't have to sing in this episode?
  • A rendition of many famous classic episodes jammed into a half an hour of Fez's day dreaming!

    One of the most creative ways to make a musical out of a show. This episode compiles songs that e v e r y o n e knows. It is a hilarious watch and the finale is even better! Fez is singing in the school chior and wants his friends to be there to see it. All throughout the show his day dreams are expressed for anyone and everyone to see. It adds the humor and twice the fun when the writers made fun of the Brady Bunch. They also kept the characters personalities in tact, when they were singing. All in all, a great episode!

    Fez : [singsong voice] Some people call me the space cowboy.
    Eric: No, nobody calls you that...
  • The best "special" episode ever!

    I could watch this episode over and over. I am not sure if its all the actors singing the whole time but they danced and danced well! It must have taken a long time to get to know all the moves. Not only was it awesome to watch everyone sing and dance around but it was also very funny when they weren't.
  • The milestone of that 70's show.

    A great show that showcased the hilarious musical talents of the cast.

    My favorite tributes were "Happy Together" and "on the run", but the overall show was a great trip from the usual storylines and was just a chance to sit back and laugh your ass off at Fez's excitedness and growing anger. This is truly Fez's episode, as he had to carry the load for the entire duration.

    If you don't like musicals, give this one a miss, but if you do, give it a shot.
  • Making a musical episode is a nice idea. Unfortunately, the cast can't sing.

    Admitably, a musical episode is a must for a 70s show. But it's not that good of an idea, if nearly noone of the cast can sing; and there is plenty of singing in this episode. So skipping all those parts doesn't leave you with very much else to enjoy.

    Also the theme with Fez beeing left alone is not very well written. Only upside in this episode IMO is Fez british director.
  • That 70's Musical

    Musical episodes are a dying breed, and with good reason having said this episode. That 70's Show was an innovative, cutting edge program that really saved FOX from extinction, giving them the stable comedy they needed after the end of Married with Children.

    But a musical? Really? There was not a single gifted musician among this cast and that is why this made zero sense. You have to have one good singer, one person with legitimate theatre experience to make this work, and they did not.

    At least it was better than How I Met Your Mother's musical episode (although that's not saying much.)
  • 424

    One of the best and most memorable episodes of the series, will be remembered for years to come. Nowadays, a sitcom wouldn't be caught dead having a musical installment, but back in the day, it was rather acceptable and it definitely suit the show perfectly.

    It wasn't all just singing, there was an actual storyline, and most of it was absolutely hilarious. The songs were of course from the 70s, what better era to set a musical in, right? We've got songs like "Happy Together" "Love Hurts" "Shake Your Groove Thing" and much more, this episode just left a good feeling to most of its viewers.

    The fact that this was the 100th episode, it didn't disappoint me, this was a perfect 100th episode, and it stood out from all the rest. Not to mention anything that came out of the character's mouths were hysterical. I cannot get tired of this epsiode, I could honestly watch it 100 times, and I would not get tired of it. Yeah, it's that good.

    With an amazing group dynamic, musical performance, hilarious one liners, and an intriguing story line, you've got yourself one of the best episodes of That 70s Show. Definitely under appreciated.
  • Although this is one epiode that ACTUALLY made me hook onto That 70's Show, but, it's rather a filler.

    Now, I will tell you this; flashy clothers.

    That was pretty random.

    Anyways, I think Fez has in mind as an imporatant player here in the episode. He has sprang peace with Indonasia and England, and everyone is now friends! Yeah!

    For now;

    And, it pretty much summed up the series at this point. They were happy and hanging out, and hanging in the basement was rather a second home. Then, everyone discarded Fez, and the couples are fading away. In the end, everyone comes back to life.
    This is one of those episodes that - even if it's a big filler gap - has still an amazing impact to a series such convieniet as this show.
  • A good episode for a musical

    The thing I like most in this episode is the fact that all the characters point out how stupid Fez's musical imagination is and try to keep their distance from the crazy foreign kid.

    Some of the musical moments were pretty funny and cool but I preferred the non-musical moments that Fez imagined such as how mean the gang is behind his back and what they'd be doing if they weren't there.

    However, the episode isn't perfect and I think it may have been better with a few original songs but overall, the episode is a good one, especially Kitty wondering why Fez would go into such detail and Leo being awed by the end of Fez's description.
  • Musical! Singing!

    Probably the last thing you would expect to see, a musical, but great none the less.

    Fez: Some people call me the space cowboy!
    Eric: No, nobody calls you that. And if anyone's the space cowboy, it's me.
    Hyde: What! Your dreams, Forman. I'm widely acknowledged as the space cowboy of this group. And I call midnight toker!
  • This has no point really but is one of the greatist episodes you get to see things in the point of view of fez.

    A musical were fez tells what he thinks the gang is doing because they werent showing to his show. i dont want to give it all away watch it its really funny. the best clip is when fez imagines them in the basement singing space cowboy they are all really good singers in it exept Kelso. i like it how they turn blue and make a peace simbole at the end but if you notice they take 2 people that werent in the clip. If you look hard you can tell the person in the middle is Jackie by her height.
  • This episode is about a musical while fez is doing a concert

    This episode was so funny it was so worth watching and it was worth my time and thirty minutes and it was a great 100th episode for that 70's show and the songs were awsome at first i didn't like those songs then that 70's show made me like it and it makes me want to be in the 70's and the gang sang really good except jakie burkheart she doesn't sing really good i dont like her xoice but i do still think she's so hot i jus want to kiss her anyways this is a good episode i liked it a lot.
  • I'm a picker,I'm a grinner, I'm lover, and I'm a sinner. And I this episode above all others in season 4.

    Fez is already made that the gang went to a topless party without him, but he is outraged when he thinks they're not coming to his spring sing. Fez in this Episode expresses himself through song. My personal favorite is when they're all sitting in the circle singing "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band. It turns out the gang had stopped to teepee his music teachers house (the music teacher hates Fez) and bring him the teachers mailbox as a present. This episode is very funny and you'll love the music. This is one of the reasons I watch that 70's show.
  • not that this episode is bad or that i hate this show, its just out of ANY show in the universe, i just dont like singing episodes

    i just dont like singing episodes, nothing personal with the show, i love the show, its my favorite show next to entourage, but out of any show that has ever been on air on tv, i just dont like singing episodes, even shows like spongebob, i hate it when someone sings..
  • I love musical episodes!

    Ok, so they can't sing. But it's ok. Because if they had dubbed their voices and they all could actually sing well, then it would have been completely unrealistic. It seemed like everyone sang for themselves except Jackie and Donna in "Love Hurts."

    I thought this episode was so funny! Musical episodes are always great. And I loved how everyone danced… but thought that Danny Masterson may dance a little TOO good. I love how the kids were all there for Fez and even toilet-papered his teacher's house (and made Jackie drop the poo!)

    A great classic episode of the series.
  • In this episode FEZ is in a musical and has a series of fantisy song sequences.

    This episode is prolbly the only one episode i can watch over and over and over again and it will soon be on dvd so any fan of the show should pick it up. And any fan of Roger Daltrey Should see the episode because he playes the serouis music teacher to the charcater FEZ