That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 1

That '70s Pilot

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 1998 on FOX

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  • best show

    starting off that 70's show. you know they call it that 70's show but maybe it should of started in 1970 in the show timeline but it starts in 1976 yeah but most of the cast are close to adult years. We Eric forman: the nerdly but cool guy that collets GI joes. Hyde:Eric's cool bad dude best friend. Donna: Eric tomboy attacting best friend who he is in love with. Kelso: Eric's other diwited Best friend. Fez:Eric's new foreign exchange student friend who we don't know where he's from. And last jackie Kelso's girlfriend. Man I love this show.
  • An Explosive start to an amazing sitcom!

    Eric Forman's Parents give him the Vista Criuser Station Wagon, feeling that he is old enough and that he can handle the responsibility.

    So, he uses it that day to drive his friends: Steven Hyde, Michael Kelso, Donna Pinciotti, Jackie Burkhart and Fez (Foriegn Exchange Student) to a Todd Rundgren concert, there the car breakes down because it was old and the battery is dead. So they give up Kelso and Jackie's tickets away for the battery. They have a great time.

    At the end of the day (Neighbours) Eric and Donna share a kiss, and that is the end of the pilot.
  • this was a good pilot

    its the pilot of that 70s show were there down in the basement and they want erik to go get some bear and then erik gets some but over hears he may get the vista cruiser. and when he hears that they may be going to a concert. and jackie finds out and askes kelso to go but kelso wants to break up with her . but the battery dies and they have to give two tickets to get a new one . and they give jakies and kelso tiket and they go and at the end erik gets a kiss from donna . this was a good ep
  • The begining of a great show!

    This episode pretty sums up the begining of the series.The show starts off with eric foreman who tres stealing beer for his friends hyde kelso and his soon to be girlfriend donna. The episode also shows how foreman gets the vista cruiser which plays an important role in the series.Eric takes the cruiser out with his friends to see a concert even though he is not supposed to take it out of the orders of his dad red foreman. The cars battery runs out and the gang ends up having to give two of their tickits to mechanics so they can get a new battery which works out in the end.The episode ends with donna giving eric his first kiss marking the begining of their relationship.
  • Eric Forman, with the stationwagon he has 'inherited' from his parents, takes his five friends to a concert.

    This was the first of two hundred great episodes of That '70s Show. Eric and three friends: Donna Pinciotti, Steven Hyde, Michael Kelso; plus the new foriegn kid, Fez, and Kelso's girlfriend, Jackie go to a rock concert in another town out of Point Place with Eric's new 'Vista Cruiser' he has inherited from his parents. The gang has a good time, as Eric and Donna share their first kiss, Fez experiences his first American concert, and Kelso and Jackie get their first opportunity to make out in the back of Eric's Vista Cruiser. (a stationwagon) This was a great way to start the series; Any way was pretty great. All of the characters on this show are awesome, and can't be played by anyone else; I mean, Topher Grace can only play Eric, and Laura Prepon can only play Donna, and Ashton Kutcher can only play Kelso, and Danny Masterson could only play Hyde and so on and so on. The adults are funny in this show, unlike a lot of other shows, which makes the show more enjoyable to everybody.
  • A great way to start a wonderful series!

    This episode introduces the characters amazingly, everything was perfect, opens up Eric owning a Vista Cruiser, a developing in to Eric & Donna's relationship with Donna & Eric's first kiss! Which is a great moment in That 70's Show history, the gang goes out of town for a concert when Eric isn't supposed too, they have a great time well after a flat tire. Very adventurous. The best thing about this episode is that Donna leaves hints that he likes him throughout the episode. Also the beginning when they re having the house party & Eric sneaks the beers. A great pilot episode.
  • I don't belive in real perfection. But, this one was dead close!

    Most pilots are just... sometimes, when it comes, it's not like the rest of the show. As in, it was just not good! Not the polot, but the series itself. But, THIS, this one is much better because it's just... it's just.... it's awesome, and it's like the series!

    Well, what happens is Eric Forman's birthday is coming near, and what does he get? His father's Vista Cruiser! Yea! So Eric, his friends - Donna Pinciotti, Michael Kelso, and Steven Hyde - Kelso's young girlfriend, Jackie Burkhert, and the foreign exchange student, uh..... FEZ.... goes to the Todd Rungrent concert.

    This show is gonna be great. I could tell you that!
  • Eric, Fez, Kelso, Hyde, Donna and Jackie all hang out in the Forman's basement and smoke weed every once in a while. Eric's parents give him the keys to the Vista Cruiser, so he and the gang drive the car out of town to go to a concert.

    best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever best epsiode ever
  • The the 70's!

    This is the pilot episode of that 70's show, where it all begins! Where we see Michael Kelso being an idiot, Steven Hyde ranting about the goverment, Fez learning the customs of America, Eric stealing beer from his dad, Donna kissing Eric, Jackie making out with kelso, Kitty being her usually self and Red giving Eric the Vista Cruiser. That 70's Show begins on this wonderful episode, and i must say, i liked it! I liked it a lot! That 70's Show would be nothing without this episode. From this episode begins the greatest ever show to be set sometime in the past!
  • Exciting and entertaining, right from the get go.

    I remember the first time I watched the Pilot and realized how good it was. I had been a '70s Show fan for awhile, but never had a chance to watch the Pilot. To me this first episode really shows how the characters developed, especially looking back from the other episodes. This episodes is one of my personal favorites, and to me shows the characters in their purest intended forms. Many of my favorite moments from the show are in this episodes, such as when Donna and Eric are sitting talking on the stairs, and after Eric "steals" the beer. Both of these moments really give a good outlook on what is to come, and set the tone for the future.

    The pilot was really well done. I had not actually seen the pilot before until a couple of weeks ago, but it was really good and I'm glad it carried on after the first episode because what became of the show was excellent. There are no other words to describe it but hilarious. Fez was one of the best characters, because he was the kind of guy every group needs... An exchange student who has a very basic knowledge of their new countries laws and tradition. That's what made That '70s show brilliant... You could relate to the group's life.
  • Very Good Start To The Show!

    This is a good episode because it sets up events in future episodes and seasons.Eric tries to stand up to Red and Donna develops feelings for Eric and Fez tries to understand American culture and Jackie begins being a young women and Kelso explores his life.Very well written episdoe. Great show starter.
  • The starting point of the greatest show ever.

    A great start to the greatest tv show in the history of the television. it does a great job of setting up who the characters are going to be throughout the series and what is going to be expected of them. it really shows the charachteristics of each character and was really impressive in how accurate they stuck to them down the road. this episode is for sure one of the greatest ones to have been made and is a t.v. and the show itself is a classic that i hope will run on syndication for many years to come.
  • Truly hilarious.

    This episode launches the very beginning of a long running show, The Pilot of That 70's Show. We are introduced to Eric, his parents, Michael, Donna, Jackie, Hyde and the foreign exchange student. Eric gets a car and he goes with his friends to a concert. On the way therte, their battery breaks down and they don't have money to pay for it. So they give away to tickets (Michael's and Jackie's) to the guy selling the battery. The guy goes with his man friend and Michael and Jackie are alone in the car. In the end of the episode, Eric and Donna kiss for the first time.
  • The episode it the introduction to what the whole show became. Very classic. Very funny.

    I found this episode to be a the best out of any in the series. It's a classic, man. Raw and original humor that's better than most of the crap that's on TV today. Probably the best pilot and show (until Donna dyed her hair and when Eric and Donna decided to get engaged) that was on TV for quite a few years. Love this episode because it's the pure heart and soul of the series. That may sound corny, but it's true. This episode gives a great example of what a good show is and should be. Great cast.
  • The begining to a wonderful friendship

    The start to a very long review. It revisits the days when Donna and Forman were never together. They had first talked about the famous none existing car that runs on water man. It's got a fiber glass engine you fill the gas tank with water, and it runs on water man. It's great man. Ya Dig? Anyway the first of my favorite show. Forman for the first time stole beer. It was the start of what would be the greatest show ever. It was revisited a lot since got the Vista Cruiser, and the basement good times for them.
  • great pilot for a great show

    ok watching this show is so wierd b/c the comedy is so diff. from how it is now,the characters act a lot diff. now but still have the same key elements in there personality that they\'ve had since the 1st season, i think that they really worked hard on showing that it was the 70s the first season and after they established that they didnt try as hard for the other seasons, it was also wierd b/c they all looked so young, but when i first saw this years ago i thought it was great, the circle was awsome and the car that runs on water was hilarious, fez thought it was a boat lol, the moving wall had me think i was on somthing, lol not really b/c when i first saw this i was like 9 so i didnt kno what was goin on in the circle but i did know that they were diff. for some reason, well this was a great pilot for a great series
  • In this episode you re-enter the 70's. Red gives Eric the Vista Cuiser and they go to a show.

    I like this episode it starts the series in the right direction. If you are new to the series you will enjoy this episode and want to watch other one. This episode builds into bassicly eveything for the seires like Donna and Erics relation shitp along with Kelso and Jackies.
  • Definitely not as good as episodes later on but a terrific start to the series

    This episode is a good way to start the episode because not only does it introduce the characters of Eric, Kelso, Hyde, Fez, Donna, Jackie, Red and Kitty but it also introduces character traits seen in future episodes including

    -Eric's will to rebel but his fear of Red cancelling it out
    -Hyde's "persuasive" manner
    -Fez's strange understanding of American custom
    -Kelso's stupidity
    -Jackie's forceful nature
    -Donna's conflicting personality
    -Red's hardass approach to parenting

    The plot was good too because it shows how Eric got the Vista Cruiser that is seen in many episodes and gives us a chance to explore each character's personality.

    This episode was a good introduction to the series and it only gets better from here.
  • Great opener to the "New Friends".

    Right off the bat, the gang is established as a close knit unit, with all the character defining qualities that would follow them and sharpen throughout the series.

    Everything from Kelso and Jackie's one sided relationship to the initial sewing of the Donna and Eric's future pairing, to the first ever circle, which looks a lot more gritty than the ones of future episodes, along with Red's hardass attitude are at full force here.

    Kitty and Fez are the only two characters that look rusty compared to future episodes.

    Good intro all around.
  • Poczatek (Polish language)

    Bardzo fajnie zaczynajacy sie serial zobaczymy co bedzie dalej :) dopiero zaczynam ogladanie i mam nadzieje ze w niedlugim czasie nadrobie zaleglosci. Fes jest swietny a Ashton K zapowiada sie na niezlego aktora. Niedawno mozna bylo ogladac ashtona k w filmie zgadnij kto i poradzil sobie tam calkiem niezle na poczatek.
  • The beginnng of the best show ever!

    This show shows why That 70s Show is one of the best shows around. It had all the main elements that show why the show is so funny. From the "moving wall" to the first time we see the "circle" This one has it all. I watch this show any time it is one TV.