That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 0

That '70s Show: The Final Goodbye

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

February 18, 2006; The Final Taping; The Final Bows; Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren (1972) plays in the background as the Announcer announces the cast and they come out for their final bows at the final taping. As each person comes out, (Ashton Kutcher, Don Stark, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith, Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon), the camera cuts to interviews with each one where they talk about their feelings for the show.

Eight Years Earlier; The First Episode, The First Scene; interviews from the cast from 1998 when the show was first starting; Ashton, Mila, Topher Grace, Wilmer are interviewed (these interviews are available on the Season 1 dvd) and then Ashton and Wilmer both talk about their current thoughts about the pilot (both think that they were bad actors when they started out) and Debra Jo talks about the "Kitty laugh" and how in the Pilot, she had a line and then laughed; the line was cut but the laugh was left in, so she was stuck with it.

Eric's Journey: Clips are shown with Eric talking into the camera, saying that this is his life (Down The Road Apiece (7-12)), followed by clips of Eric and Donna and their growing relationship from That '70s Pilot (1-1), Eric's Birthday (1-2), Eric and Donna dancing in That Disco Episode (1-7), fighting in Battle of the Sexists (1-4), kissing in Thanksgiving (1-9), Eric talking about the anniversary of their first kiss in Eric's Stash (2-12), Eric asking Donna to do him gently, then the first time that they have sex in The First Time (2-16) and Afterglow (2-17), followed by clips of Kitty telling Eric that foreplay is very important (Red disagrees) in The Pill (1-17), and Eric buying an engagement ring for Donna, much to Kelso's disbelief in Hot Dog (5-7), then Donna putting a down-payment on the trailer in Going Mobile (6-24) and Eric failing to show up for the wedding in that same episode, but returning in The Seeker (6-25) and Donna forgiving him. Eric then announces his plans to go to Africa in 2000 Light Years From Home (7-22), and then being hugged by both Red and Kitty as he's about to leave in 'Til The Next Goodbye (7-25), followed by Eric and Donna sitting on the Vista Cruiser one last time.

Clip: Kelso saying that astronauts are really popular because they get a lot of Tang (from Donna's Panties (3-15)), followed by interview with Ashton, Mila and Laura who all talk about the chemistry among the cast members, and their friendships. David Trainer (Director) also talks about how there are no jealousies among the cast, and they all got along great.

Danny Masterson talks with the Editor of the show, Michael Karlich, and they show Michael Karlich's "Favorite 360 Scenes" clips: Jackie saying "let's do that thing where we sit in a circle" from Cat Fight Club (2-25), then interviews with Danny, Laura and Wilmer, who all agree that the legendary 360 Scene is from That '70s Pilot (1-1); Ashton thinks that the first one was cool and Danny agrees. Mila says that it was seven or eight episodes before she finally got into the circle, and this if followed by a clip of her in the circle from Cat Fight Club (2-25). Laura, in an interview, says that people, fans, tell her that they did things like that; this is followed by a clip of Donna saying "I am the greatest!" and punching Eric out in the circle in Hyde Moves In (1-24). Wilmer, in an interview says that his favorite is the one where they turned into Scooby Doo cartoons, followed by a clip of that from Afterglow (2-17). Don Stark says that he liked the one where the adults got to do a circle; a clip of them eating the brownies in the circle from Garage Sale (2-1) is shown. Debra Jo Rupp says that the 360 Scenes are hard to do because the camera is right in your face; this is followed by a clip of Kelso saying "I get why we call it a circle!" from Misfire (8-4), then back to Debra Jo saying that it was hard not to laugh, but laughing was okay, because they were in the circle, followed by a clip of her laughing in the circle from Garage Sale (2-1). Wilmer, in an interview, says that the 360 Scenes were great because they had nothing to do with the story-line at all; this is followed by clips of various circles: Fez saying that he likes to cuddle; Donna saying that she loves showing her butt from Moon Over Point Place (2-26), Kelso with a flare gun from Baby Don't You Do It (6-14), and the gang listening to themselves on tape talking about cars that run on water and Hyde saying that it's true from That Disco Episode (1-7).

Clip: Red comes down to the basement and sees Eric and the gang, and says, "Oh my god, there's 100 morons in my basement!" from Can't You Hear Me Knocking? (7-13). Forman's Basement, Behind The Scenes; Laura tours the basement set. A clip of Eric telling Kelso that he can't bring Laurie down there, as it's his haven from Red Fired Up (2-24). Laura shows us around and says that the couch is actually broken from all the wrestling and fighting that's gone on on it in the episodes; clips of various fights, including Donna wrestling Eric from That Wrestling Show (1-15), Kelso jumping on the couch when he announced that he "did it" with Jackie from That Wrestling Show (1-15), Donna pushing Kelso onto the couch. Laura opens the back door and shows that the stairs go nowhere, and that when they come in, they just wait on the stairs for their cue, then come running in. Clips of people coming in, including Donna and Eric coming in to have Kelso ask them to guess what part of his body he nicknamed "Pink Floyd"? from Jackie Moves On (2-22). Laura then points out that the stairs leading to the Formans' kitchen are the same, and go nowhere; this is followed by clips of Hyde and Eric racing upstairs from Hyde Moves In (1-24). Laura talks about the furniture and says who's taking which pieces; Hyde's chair will go to Danny, Wilmer will take the table and everything on it, Laura will take the stereo, since Donna was a DJ; this is followed by a clip of Kelso enthusing over the new stereo and how it plays 8-tracks and cassettes and is right out of the future from Magic Bus (6-3); Laura says that Ashton will take the table by the foot of the stairs that has the Green Bay Packers helmet on it; this is followed by a clip of Hyde telling Kelso that if he gets any dumber, he's going to need a helmet, then a clip of Kelso in Red's canoe attached to the car in the Formans' driveway from Sparks (6-22). Back to Laura in the basement, where she says that Mila will take the trunk and tricycle, and Topher will take the couch because really, it's Eric's couch; this is followed by a clip of Eric on the couch in only a t-shirt and his underwear from Fez Dates Donna (3-21). Laura then says that the footstool with the multi-colored cushion on it, which they call "Johnny Carson," is being argued over... both she and Mila want it; this is followed by a clip of Jackie and Donna arguing, calling each other "Bitch" and "Goon" from Moon Over Point Place (2-26).

Clip: Donna being deluged with panties while Eric throws them in the air and laughs from Eric's Panties (3-6). Laura, in an interview, says that the fantasies are great, it allows them to go to a whole different world. Don also thinks that the fantasies are great. A series of clips are shown: Jackie sees Hyde as her knight in shining armor in Jackie Bags Hyde (3-8), Kelso imagines Jackie, Donna and Annette having a pyjama pillow fight in Your Time Is Gonna Come (5-13), Kitty dancing on "The Forman Bunch Variety Hour" in Red Sees Red (3-2), Eric is old and hairless in Holy Craps! (3-20), Red is living in the future and strapping on his jet-pack to get to work in Cat Fight Club (2-25), the gang is living in Star Wars in A New Hope (1-20), Jackie, Donna and Laurie are prepared for danger as Fez's Angels in Kiss Of Death (2-20), Donna is "Open For Business" in The Pill (1-17), Eric keeps imagining Red and Kitty naked after seeing them have sex in Water Tower (1-21), Kelso is on the stage as a stripper, with Donna and Jackie as his dancing girls, the guys are the Three Stooges working in the hotel kitchen in A Legal Matter (6-10). Wilmer, in an interview, says that he's done a lot of different fantasy scenes, and had a great time doing them. A clip of Wilmer as Desi Arnaz from the I Love Lucy fantasy in Fez Dates Donna (3-21) is shown. Wilmer says that the most memorable one for him is this one, as he loves Desi Arnaz, and just did the laugh one day on the set, then the writers wrote it in. Laura, about this fantasy sequence, says that she was scared to have to do Lucille Ball. A clip of Jackie as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz fantasy in Tornado Prom (4-15) is shown; Mila says that when she was in grade 4, she was in the school play, and they did The Wizard of Oz, and she wanted to be Dorothy, but didn't get that part; she got the part of Glinda, the Good Witch. Mila says that she really hopes her grade 4 teacher was watching the episode where she got to be Dorothy. A montage of clips is shown of the various fantasy sequences: Eric as Gene Simmons from KISS in Red Sees Red (3-2), Fez as a Ninja fighter in Jackie Moves On (2-22), Jackie as a blueberry in Jackie Moves On (2-22), Kitty being attacked by birds in Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die (3-4). Kurtwood, in an interview, says that his favorite fantasy sequence was the one where he and Kitty were in a soap opera, and a clip from that is shown, with Red and Kitty being very melodramatic in Vanstock (2-6). Danny is interviewed and says that the one where he was a cheer leader with Mila was funny; a clip of Hyde and Jackie doing a cheer in Ramble On (5-5) is shown, and Danny says that it was ridiculous, and he was worried about doing it, but when the time comes, you just do it and it's funny. A clip of Jackie's fantasy of what she wants her first time with Kelso to be like is shown from Stolen Car (1-14), then Kelso being chased by a small airplane in the Formans' driveway from Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die (3-4), Eric as Steve Tyler, singing to Donna from Eric's Drunken Tattoo (3-22), the gang as Super Friends in their secret basement hide-out from Ramble On (5-5), Donna and Eric with "I had sex" and "Guilty" written on their foreheads from Afterglow (2-17), Jackie as Jeannie from Romantic Weekend (3-16), Donna as an old, fat, smoking married woman from Holy Craps! (3-20), Eric saying goodbye to Donna in a Casablanca fantasy from Magic Bus (6-3), Eric, Fez and Kelso imagining the white panties that Shelly is wearing, with the little rose on the front from Eric's Panties (3-6), and finally, Kelso telling the guys that he had a dream about Donna in a wet t-shirt contest and about to describe it... but then saying that it's too dirty from Going Mobile (6-24).

Debra Jo Rupp says that a big part of their success is in having just one director for all episodes: David Trainer. Danny, Laura and Ashton, in interviews, all agree, and say that he taught them a lot. Mila says that he taught her a lot, and he's very patient with the cast. Wilmer says that David Trainer was very helpful to them all; Ashton says that he put up with all their crap, because they were always fooling around on the set, and he's like a very patient parent.

That '70s Show; The Out-Takes; David Trainer and Mila sit on the sofa on the living room set; he asks her if she ever laughs during filming, and she says no, she's a professional, then giggles. A clip from the final season is shown, then Mila says that she and Laura crack each other up; this is followed by a clip of Jackie telling Donna that she's good at writing stuff on cards, and the two of them laughing and doing the scene over again, then laughing... Laura says that they make each other laugh, and once you start, it's hard to stop. Mila tells David Trainer that Laura thinks of dead puppies. Wilmer says that sometimes you just have to pinch yourself to stop laughing; this is followed by a clip of him giving Hyde a purple-nurple to Hyde, then the out-take with Jackie saying, "don't pinch my boyfriend" and pinching Fez, then going wild pinching him. Wilmer says that he's probably the biggest clown on the set; a clip of Fez in the shower telling Red that "This show ain't free!" from I'm Free (6-5). Laura says that Wilmer makes her laugh; this is followed by a clip from an up-coming episode, Love of My Life (8-21) where Fez tells off Hyde but in the out-take, Wilmer swears and both Tommy Chong and Laura start laughing. David Trainer says that Topher would get mad at himself when he missed a line; this is followed by a clip from an unidentified season 7 episode; Danny says that Topher would apologize (the same clip is shown again, Topher is apologizing for his mistake over and over), but he drops the F-bomb when he makes a mistake; a clip from a season 8 show is shown, with Hyde telling Jackie not to break someone's heart and then messing up the line and swearing. A clip of Kitty, Donna and Jackie at the strip club is shown from My Wife (6-23), with Kitty dancing in front of the stage; Mila says that Debra Jo went crazy in that episode; Debra Jo says that she knew that both Laura and Mila were out of character and laughing, but no one yelled "cut" so she just kept going, adding that no matter what horrible thing happens, she keeps going until she hears the director yell "cut" and Ashton is the same way, and loved it when things went wrong. A clip of Kelso asking Donna why Brooke is pretending that nothing happened between them, from The Acid Queen (6-4) is shown, and Kelso, while talking, is eating a popsicle that falls apart, but Ashton just keeps going, talking and trying to put his popsicle back together, while the other cast members start laughing. David Trainer says that if anything went wrong, Ashton would make it part of Kelso; the things happened to Kelso, not Ashton, and he'd just keep acting. A clip is shown from Young Man Blues (6-9), where Kelso and his superior officer are responding to a domestic dispute at the Formans' house; everything goes wrong in the scene, but Ashton keeps going and just makes it part of Kelso, and reacts as Kelso would. David Trainer says that Ashton would sometimes get hurt, but he'd still keep going and stay in character; clips of Eric throwing a fudgsicle and Kelso diving over the sofa for it, and going face first into the floor, from I Love Cake (2-7); followed by a clip from The Best Christmas Ever (1-12) where Kelso jumps over the sofa and skids into the table, almost knocking the punch bowl over, but stays in character and delivers his next line.

Clip: Kitty telling WB that her living room is like Carnagie Hall with the glass grapes and the organ, from Let's Spend The Night Together (7-2). Kurtwood Smith tours the living room set; a clip Eric and Donna in the living room, with Donna insulting the furniture, especially the "pea soup colored chair" from Ramble On (5-5). Kurtwood says that it's their house, Red and Kitty's, and that decorating is crucial and it's important to set the tone of the '70s. He talks to Mark Patrick Rich, the Property Master of the show who says that one of their biggests challenges was giving Topher breasts in Battle of the Sexists (1-4), and a clip of that is shown, with Eric in a dress, losing yet another game to Donna, and then his breasts grow to fill out the dress. Mark Rich says that they had to rig up balloons in the dress and fill them. Kurtwood mentions "the oatmeal thing", and a clip of Red being hit with a bucket of oatmeal from Prank Day (4-21) is shown; Kurtwood says that they really wanted to get that in one take, and they got the hit in one take, but they forgot about the floor being slippery and he almost killed himself when he tried to walk. He goes around the living room and shows the pictures that the Formans have there; he says that the property department loves doing things like this: the pictures are family pictures; the one on the sofa end-table is of the Formans with Grandma Forman (Marion Ross), followed by clips of Eric offering to rub Grandma Forman's feet from Sunday, Bloody Sunday (1-10); Kurtwood comments that they killed Grandma Forman off and a clip from Grandma's Dead (1-23). Kurtwood shows the picture from the other end of the sofa: a photo of Eric with Kitty's parents (Betty White and Tom Poston), followed by a clip of Bea yelling Burt's name at the dinner table from Thank You (5-8). Kurtwood then comments that they killed off Kitty's dad too, and a clip from Your Time Is Gonna Come (5-13) is shown where Kitty tells Eric that her father has gone to a better place, and Kelso comments that it's a good thing, because this hospital sucks. Kurtwood adds that there have been an incredible number of guest stars on the show; a clip of Annette singing to Eric at Burt's wake from Your Time Is Gonna Come (5-13), followed by an interview with Jessica Simpson where she talks about having to sing the Carly Simon song in the episode, and that it's been fun, and this was her first experience as an actor. Laura adds that they've had some amazing guest stars, followed by a clip of Donna and Jackie at The Hub when Casey Kelso comes in and Donna tries to talk to him, but doesn't know what to say from Kelso's Career (4-17); Laura says that dating him in the episodes was great, and that both she and Mila were like giddy school girls around him. Luke Wilson is interviewed and says that he's a fan of the show, and he likes coming to the set because of the actors, because they have a real warmth. Wilmer says that pretty much everyone has stopped by; a clip from Mother's Little Helper (7-7) is shown where Lindsay Lohan is the guest star; she's interviewed and says that it's a fun set to be on. A clip from Misfire (8-4) is shown with Bruce Willis; Ashton, in an interview says that he pitched the idea of having Bruce as a guest star, then asked Demi Moore if she thought that he'd do it, and she called Bruce to ask him. In an on-set interview at the time of the shooting of the episode, Bruce Willis shows his sense of humor by telling a slightly different story: he says that he saw that they were auditioning for a part in the trades, so he called Ashton and asked if there was anything he could do to get him the part, and both he and Ashton laugh. Don Stark agrees that they've been blessed with great guest stars; a clip of Red answering the front door and being stunned by Jackie's beautiful mom, Pam (from Who Are You (6-15)) is shown. Debra Jo comments on the Kitty/Pam relationship by saying that obviously, Brooke Shields/Pam Burkhart is a very attractive woman and Kitty has a problem with that. A clip is shown from Man With Money (6-16) is shown where Pam describes how she had to shimmy a wire hanger around to try to unlock the car door after locking her keys inside. Brooke Shields is interviewed and says that she loves the humor and how much they get away with on the show by way of innuendo, followed by a clip of Bob and Pam in the hot tub together, from Man With Money (6-16). Don then comments that it's great to be him, 'cause he gets to go hot tubbing with Brooke Shields.

Clip: The gang approaches Fez's bedroom, and Donna comments that if Fez is alone in there, there's a good chance that he's not wearing any pants from Trampled Under Foot (5-21). That '70s Show; At Home; With Wilmer; Wilmer takes us to his dressing room. Another clip from the same episode is shown of the gang entering Fez's bedroom, and Kelso is stunned to see that Fez has a race car bed. Wilmer tells us that all the dressing rooms are equiped with a couch and tv, but he wanted his to be more comfortable, so he got a bigger sofa; he adds that everyone usually gathers in his dressing room and watches the live feed. Danny agrees that everyone gathered in Wilmer's dressing room, and points out that it's the first one up the stairs, so it was easy to get to. He says that everyone would eat in there, and it was great, because you could just leave your garbage behind and Wilmer would have to clean it up. Wilmer shows the corkboard covered in pictures, including his favorite of him, Laura, Kurtwood and Debra Jo dressed up for the I Love Lucy fantasy in Fez Dates Donna (3-21); a picture of his dog, named Fez; a picture of Laura dressed in the carrot suit from The Promise Ring (3-25) in the Let's Make A Deal fantasy scene. Wilmer says that he and Laura are probably the closest, and joke around a lot, doing funny, stupid things like wrestling; a clip of Fez and Donna wrestling from Garage Sale (2-1) is shown. He shows a picture of the cast all wearing Green Bay Packer jerseys, and says that they did a lot of touring and promoting in the first year of the show, and all went to a Packer's game together as part of that. A clip from Street Fighting Man (7-14) is shown of Donna telling the gang that she got tickets to a Packer's game, then another clip from the same episode showing Eric giving a ticket to Red. Wilmer shows a picture of Ashton as a child, and comments that he was beautiful even then; a clip is shown where Kelso tells Fez that he's man-pretty from Jackie Bags Hyde (3-8). Wilmer gazes lovingly at the picture, and pretends he's about to kiss it, but is suprised that anyone is watching... he puts it back on the board. This is followed by a clip of Fez saying that he wanted to make his room more manly, so he put up posters of the Village People from Spread Your Wings (8-13). Wilmer points out all the signatures on his wall, explaining that everyone has signed the walls, from his baby brother to all the guest stars, the cast, and his girlfriends. He says that Mila started it, and at first, he thought they'd get in trouble for it, but they didn't. He adds that he'd like to read them to us, but he can't read them on TV, as they'd have to be censored, and they make him blush. A clip is shown where Fez tells Hyde, "That sounds dirty!" Wilmer says that the signatures will all be painted over, the camera switches to shots of the cast signing scripts for fans after a taping; Wilmer says that the fans made it great, and thanks them.

Clip: Donna suggests that Kitty change her hair; Kitty says that she can't as it's her trademark from Stone Cold Crazy (8-5). Kitty's Hair; The Evolution: Debra Jo says that in the first year, her hair got fried with all the styling, and the only attractive thing on her is her hair. A clip is shown from Fez Gets The Girl (3-12) where Kitty tells Laurie that men have their cars and women have their hair. Debra Jo says that she begged for a wig, and finally got a curly-curly wig, which was her mother's hairdo in the '70s; various clips are shown with close-ups of Kitty's curly wig hairdo. Debra Jo comments that it's not an attractive look; this is followed by another clip from Fez Gets The Girl (3-12) where Red tells Eric that the two of them should go make fun of Kitty's hair. Debra Jo says that she wanted something less complicated; a clip from Eric's Naughty No-No (3-19) is shown, where Valerie Harper, as Kitty's sister, offers to give Kitty a make-over. Debra Jo comments that they couldn't just give Kitty a new hairdo, it had to be written into the show as part of the story line; a clip from Stone Cold Crazy (8-5) is shown where Samantha is giving Kitty instructions on how to strip, and Debra Jo continues, saying that they set Kitty's hair on fire; this is followed by a clip from the same show where first, Kitty's hair is on fire, then she shows Red her new hairdo. Don Stark drops by Debra Jo's make-up chair and comments that she thinks her hair is her best feature, but really, it's her butt. A clip of Bob grabbing Kitty's butt is shown, from Street Fighting Man (7-14).

The Final Week; The First Reading; The Last Script: David Trainer leads the cast in the table reading of the last script. Laura comments that it was brutal, she had the first line and couldn't do it because she was crying and just couldn't get the line out. There are shots from the table reading, with Laura, Debra Jo and Mila, all crying. Debra Jo comments that she loved the finale (That '70s Finale (8-22)) and feels that it's a very fitting end to the show. Danny says that it's called "That '70s Show" and if you're going to end it, it should be on a certain day at a certain time. Kurtwood comes right out and says what Danny won't, and reveals that the finale will end on New Year's Eve, 1979. Laura says that she doesn't want to give anything away, but Debra Jo adds that ~people~ will be returning for the finale. Laura says that she thinks the audience will be happy with the finale, and it will satisfy people who've been watching the show for all these years.

The Final Performance: As Hello It's Me (1972) by Todd Rundgren plays in the background, and we've returned to the beginning of the special: the cast is coming out for final bows. Debra Jo says that usually they finish up by about 10 p.m., but she's sure that it will probably take until 2 a.m. for the finale, because everyone will be crying. There are shots of the cast hugging and crying. Laura says that she's with the cast more than she is with her own family, and leaving is going to be difficult; Mila comments that she grew up with the cast, and she is who she is because of them. Ashton says that he misses coming here (to the set) and hanging out with his buddies all day, and adds, "I love you and thank you for the love you've shown me." Danny says that the cast is his friends and they all know how much he loves them; Kurtwood says that there's been genuine emotion through the years, and he'll miss that. Don adds that it will never be like this again, and that's hard. Debra Jo comments that it will be very hard to say goodbye and Wilmer sums it all up by saying thank you to the cast, that they made him what he is, and that he'll carry them with him here (he points to his chest) everywhere he goes.