That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 0

That '70s Show: The Final Goodbye

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 11, 2006 on FOX

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  • That 70's Show will be missed.

    first of all i want to say that i've been with that 70's show since the jump, and this was just a straight up shock that it was ending, but they are leaving on a high note. I've seen them all grow up into great actors and actresses. I will always watch the reruns and even buy all the season dvds. I hope maybe they will think of going into the 80's. I wish them the best of luck to them all. Love one of your biggest fans. I love you guys and i hope to see you guys in something new really soon. *hugs*
  • Wonderful clips and memories, a little sad, a lot of joy!

    A classic reunion or wrap show done very well. While I enjoyed the looks behind the scenes, I feel that to a degree they diminish the magic. For example, I really want the illusion that the basement is a real basement. I realize that this may be silly, but thinking of the house as a real house is what helps to make the show real.

    I loved the clips about the final reading, the 360 camera, Kitty's hair, and of course the fantasy scenes.

    The plethora of guest stars, who appeared on the show was amazing. The creativity of the writers for the most part was incredible.

    This was a breakout / break through show that showed that innovation, quality, and good television can still come out of Hollywood.
  • Really emotional and touchy

    A lot of good memories...really touchy, last time i felt like that was for the finale of Home Improvement. Thank God for reruns. I wished they let Tommy Chong speak too cause he\'s been a big part of this show along the years but i found really disrespectful that Topher Grace didnt participate to the final show and the final goodbye. I think he should had been there for all the fans cause since him and Ashton left the show, it wasnt the same for me, that little prick better be one hell of a Venom in spiderman 3 to skip this
  • It was a great episode!! Lots of laughs!! But towards the end i was almost in tears!!

    I loved to see all the behind the seens things, they are all very funny!! They had great things to show(like Wilmer's dressing room), great stories to tell, and some of the best episodes to recap on. I loved to see all the little clips they showed, and all the memories thay shared!! But when they showed the last episode filming it was very sad. Seeing the all the cast members and crew cry made me very sad. i felt for them and found myself crying!! I will greatly miss this show as will so many others!! Good Bye That 70's show!!
  • I'm going to miss them so much!

    Wow, was I crying by the end of the show. Seeing the whole cast tearing up in interviews, during the read-through, and at the final show was heartbreaking! As much as I think the show's run it's course, it's so sad to see how said they were to say goodbye. This really was an almost perfect way to get us ready for the season finale next week. The only thing that was missing was Tommy Chong. I really would have liked to hear what he had to say about the whole experience. Yeah, it sucked Topher wasn't there, but he did have work to do. It would have been nice if he had at least sent a video or something to say goodbye. I loved seeing all the fantasy sequences, the behind-the-scenes footage, and the guest stars. I had no idea that was Bruce Willis the first time I saw it! It was nice to reminisce with the cast. They, and the show, will sorely be missed!!!!
  • A Seinfeld-esque retrospective, alot better done.

    I loved seeing the cast out of character and thought the episode was funny and moving. I especially liked the outtakes of Ashton Kutcher who stayed in character even through all the bloopers. I thought it was SO bush league that Topher Grace did not show up for this episode. Even Bruce Willis and Jessica Simpson were there. I have searched the internet to figure out why he would refuse to be interviewed for this show. After all, he got his start there and would be nothing without it. (It remains to be seen if he becomes something after it).
  • Wonderful special that no one should miss!

    To this day whenever I see this episode or hear the song by Todd Rundgren I get goosebumps and start to tear up. For me the show was something I religiously watched, and to see this episode and know that it was truly coming to an end was sort or surreal. What I really enjoyed about this episode was that we got to hear from all the actors and director on their thoughts and emotions of the show. I especially liked to hear that they all had a deep connection with one another like a family. To me that makes the show that much more desirable and real.
  • A behind the scenes look at that 70s show

    This special is very interesting and shows the impact that that 70s show has had on the cast, crew and fans of the show, as well as reliving some of the funniest and pivotal moments of the show.

    This let us get to know the actors and friendships outside of the characters, and is a very fun look at the making of the show, and how everyone feels that the show is wrapping up.

    This is great, and the interviews are both funny and revealing, and help viewers to see just how fun the making of the show is.

    That 70s show was hilarious when it was on the air, and this special shows that the cast and crew agree.
  • I watched this on Youtube, and really battled to not cry. Emotional time for all of the characters.

    After eight years and two hundred episodes, it's completely understandable for the cast of That '70s Show [and the fans, including me] to be caught crying. I did not get to watch this on television, but I did get to see it in separate parts on Youtube, and I can't explain how tough it was for me to hold back tears. Not only for seeing the show come to an end, but for Topher Grace to "have better things to do" than come for The Final Goodbye. Just for some little part in Spiderman 3, or whatever dumb movie. But it didn't matter. Topher wasn't a favorite character of mine, yet I loved to see all of the conversations with the characters and interviews and the look behind-the-scenes. I loved the highlights of all of the 360s, "The Wall" started in Wilmer's dressing room, what furniture from the basement was going to each character, a highlight reel of all the characters' fantasies, etc. It was a great way to say "Good-bye" to, even if I didn't want to see it end. To make it better, the series finale was great, but I was still disappointed when Eric and Donna didn't get married in the ending. Well that's my humble opinion. Thanks for reading.
  • A look back on the past 8 years of this wonderful show.

    This special was really just to lead us in to the finale, we got to see the final taping which was heartbreaking, and some behind the scenes secrets we did not know. The thing that bothered me is that Eric didn't show up for the final bow in the final taping, it was kind of sad, that he just left last minute without saying goodbye to everyone else. The True Hollywood Story explains more on Eric's separation to the cast, but this is the Final Goodbye which brought some nostalgia to pretty much everyone who's watched this show to the beginning, I teared up a little while watching the final bow. It's amazing what a success this show has had, and it's a wonderful show that I will keep alive with my DVD box sets for years to come.
  • put a link

    can you put here a link sor the spacial???

    that 70's show was such a big part of my life and it still is and i dont want to miss anything that has somthing to do with it!!!