That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 7

That Disco Episode

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1998 on FOX

Episode Recap

Point Place, Wisconsin; Thursday, 1976; 4:15 p.m.; Eric Forman's Basement. The gang sits around playing poker while Jackie sits on the dryer, reading the paper. She excitedly tells Kelso that there's a new disco opening in Kenosha, and that they should go. Eric doesn't want to, until Donna expresses interest in going, then he changes his mind. Fez doesn't know what disco is, and Hyde describes it as being from hell; and not even from the cool part of hell. Donna cheats and looks at Kelso's cards while he's upstairs making popcorn, and when Eric asks what she's doing, she calmly says that she's looking at his cards. Eric has to go upstairs to help Kelso find the popcorn, but before he goes, he and Donna get into a play-fight over looking at Eric's cards. After he's gone upstairs, Fez says, "Eric has stuff for Donna, yes?" Hyde corrects him, saying, "Donna has a thing for Eric." She doesn't deny it; in fact, she confirms it.

[Opening credits.]

In the Forman's kitchen, Red, Kitty and Eric are eating breakfast. Eric negotiates with his parents about extending his curfew on Saturday so that he can go to the disco. Kitty agrees to push it back to 1:00 a.m. When Red asks who's going, Kitty comments that Donna must be, as she and Eric are practically dating. Eric is uncomfortable with this, and tries to change the topic of conversation, but Kitty keeps talking about Donna and how dancing is the quickest way to a girl's heart. She starts reminiscing about how she and Red used to go dancing, then starts singing [Volare] and dancing around the kitchen. "See what you did?" Red asks him, "You got your mother started."

In the Forman's garage, Hyde, Kelso, Fez and Eric are collecting bottles and cans from the garbage for the return fee. Red is standing over by his workbench. They collect enough to add $1.15 to the gas money pool. Hyde continues to complain about disco in general and going to Kenosha. He says that there's no way that he's going. The other guys leave to get more bottles and cans; Hyde, on his way out makes another comment about how stupid it is to go to a disco. Red says, "Not going to the disco, huh?" When Hyde says that it's just phony people and crappy music, Red laughingly says, "You can't dance can you?" He tells Hyde that dancing is important because women always want to dance, and then suggests that maybe he can help.

Kitty and Hyde are in the Forman's livingroom; Kitty is teaching Hyde to dance, but he's having problems following the music. Kitty turns the music off and they continue to practice. We see the scene from Hyde's point of view, with Kitty's smiling face cheerfully telling Hyde that it's ok that he stepped on her footand that he should look at her face. She has him practice a dip, and just at that point, Bob, who had come over to return Red's thermos, opens the door between the kitchen and the livingroom, and sees Kitty and Hyde in what he takes to be a romantic embrace. He qfuickly leaves, not knowing what to think about what he's just seen. Kitty and Hyde come into the kitchen, discussing what they've been doing. Bob stands outside the kitchen door, eavesdropping, and everything he hears only confirms in his mind that Kitty and Hyde are romantically involved; Kitty's comments about how Hyde is better than Red, and Hyde's comments about keeping things a secret. Bob is aghast when he hears Kitty say, "And were good!"

[Scene change: multi-colored flower-power flowers swirl around the screen. Fez sucks helium from a balloon and starts to sing a Spanish song.]

In the Forman's basement, in the circle, Hyde tells the gang that he's changed his mind about going to the disco, claiming that it's because he thinks they might get mixed up and play some rock music. Eric says that Kelso is toasted, and this makes Fez think of toast; he decides he wants some. The conversation slides from one topic to the next, and Eric says that they always have brilliant conversations in the circle, but he can never remember them later. Hyde suggests recording them, and Eric goes upstairs to get a recorder.

In the Forman's kitchen, Eric has the recorder over his shoulder and is getting some bread. Red comes in and suggests that he can make some gas-money by doing extra chores around the house. He gives Eric a list: sweep the garage; clean the leaves out of the gutters; get the dry cleaning; and fix the shelf in the pantry. Eric has a little difficulty keeping these straight in his condition, and keeps mixing them up when he tries to repeat them back to Red. He eventually gets it right, or right enough, and goes off to make toast.

[Scene change: thousands of different colored flower-power flowers fill the screen to the sound of swing music.]

In the Forman livingroom, Kitty and Hyde are dancing. Hyde is much better than the last time we saw him -- he's able to dance to swing, samba, rumba and conga music with flair.

Bob and Midge are in their kitchen. looking over at the Forman's house. Bob has obviously told Midge his suspicions about Kitty and Hyde as they both look saddened at what they see.

In the Forman's driveway, the gang is ready to go to the disco. Kitty and Midge are there to see them off. Kitty takes numerous pictures of all the kids until Eric stops her by suggesting that he could take a picture of her. All the kids get into the car, but before he gets in, Hyde gives Kitty a quick kiss on the cheek and tells her that she's the best. Midge sees this and is very worried.

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty and Midge are having coffee. Midge tries to approach the problem by asking for Kitty's advice. She tells Kitty that she has a "friend" who's seeing a much younger man, even though the "friend" is married. When Midge tells Kitty that she knows the "friend" very well, Kitty thinks that Midge is talking about herself. She asks if Bob knows, and Midge says yes. Kitty tells Midge that the "friend" has to stop seeing the younger man, whoever he is. The two are talking at cross-purposes, but neither one realizes it. Midge thanks Kitty for the advice, and as they pick up their coffee cups to drink, each one thinks the same thing: "Hmmm....younger man. I wonder what that's like?"

At the disco in Kenosha, The BeeGee's "You Should Be Dancin'" is playing loudly on the sound system, and a group of teens dance under swirling lights and a disco ball. Kelso is making a fool of himself on the dance-floor, while Jackie sits at a table, looking on in disgust. Kelso suddenly realizes that he's alone on the dance-floor and goes over to the table to get Jackie. She tells him that he looks like he's having a seizure. Fez wants to know when the disco music is going to start, and when he's told that that's what they're listening to, he says, no, it's samba. He then asks Jackie to dance and the two of them put on a dance exhibiton to rival John Travolta's in "Saturday Night Fever". The music changes to ABBA's "Fernando" and Hyde asks Donna to dance. Donna is surprised that Hyde can dance, commenting that this is a side of him that she's never seen before. Hyde confesses that he wants to kiss her; she tells him, "Shut up and dance."

Outside the disco, Jackie and Fez sit in the Vista Cruiser. Jackie tells him that he's an amazing dancer; he tells her that she's the reason that he was amazing. Kelso comes out and pulls Fez out of the car, yelling at him that Jackie is his girl. Fez says, "But you are breaking up with her." He tries to run away, but Kelso catches him and holds him upside-down. He continues to hold him that way while he and Jackie talk and settle their differences. As they begin to kiss, Fez, still upside-down, says he's going to pass out.

In the Forman's driveway, Red is working on the engine of the Toyota. Bob comes over and nervously tries to talk to Red about Kitty and Hyde. He doesn't know what to say, so he ends up telling Red bluntly that he thinks Hyde is putting the moves on Kitty. Red pretends to be very shocked and upset by this "news", telling Bob to get the deer rifle, 'cause now he has to kill Hyde. Bob starts to have second thoughts about what he's told Red and starts coming up with alternate explanations for what he saw, eventually hitting on "they could've been dancing." He's sure that must be the explanation; Red tells him, "Jeez, Bob, that would be downright logical. Good thing I didn't shoot him." Bob realizes that Red knew about the dancing all along.

[Scene change: a green flower-power flower with a lit fuse explodes on the screen.]

In the Forman's driveway, Fez and Hyde sit on the hood of the Vista Cruiser. Fez says that Hyde was right about disco music -- it is evil and it made him do a bad thing. Hyde says, "Me too." Fez decides that Kelso is his friend and that he can't take his woman. He then amends that to "I could take his woman, but I won't." Hyde and Fez leave as Eric and Donna come out of the Forman's house. They talk about the evening; Eric starts quoting ABBA lyrics to Donna and she tries to keep him quiet. He confesses that he hates dance music; Donna asks him why he went to the disco, and he tells her, "I like you." He doesn't know what to say after this, so he kisses her, then tells her that he can't dance. She tells him that he'll learn, then starts singing the ABBA song and dancing around; Eric tells her that he wants to kiss her again, she tells him, "Shut up and dance." Eric joins her, dancing around in the driveway.

[End credits: the guys sit in the basement, listening to their voices on a tape recorder. The tape was obviously made while in the circle. Eric looks puzzled; Kelso is grinning; Hyde is laughing; "See," Fez says, "you are all stupid."]

Of note in this episode:

In previous episodes, Hyde seemed to be encouraging Donna's interest in Eric. In this episode, he decides that he likes Donna as more than just a friend.
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