That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 7

That Disco Episode

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 1998 on FOX

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  • Eric and Hyde,man.

    I like this side of Hyde but Eric's better for Donna than him.
  • The gang goes to a disco in Kenosha en things get hot 'n heavy! Kitty teaches Hyde how to dance so that he can impress Donna, and she shows where her own feelings lie.

    I really really love this one, it's one of my fav That 70s show episodes. It has it all for me: dancing, love, a hilarious circle-conversation and a lot of Kitty!

    I love the parts where Kitty is teaching Hyde how to dance are classic, Hyde tries to be the tough guy but really shows that he's also insecure. Man, Fez can dance!
  • Hyde likes Donna.

    I love this episode, it is a definite classic, the gang goes to a disco & for once you get to see Hyde's soft said when he wants to learn how to dance &because he liked Donna & wants to impress her. So Kitty teaches him, that was hysterical & Bob with his stupid assumptions! My favorite part is when they are at the disco & Hyde dances with Donna & wants to kiss her, that was so sweet, I would like Hyde to date her for a while, but Eric had to snatch her at the end. Which was another classic moment! How they were dancing at the end, so sweet!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of that 70s show erik and the gang decide to go danceing at a disco and thing his hyde does not know how to dacne so he does not want to go red gets his wife to teach him how to dance and one time bobs comes in and things mitch is cheating on red and goes and tells his wife and they both belive its happening and the gang heds to the disco and they have a good time erik does not dance but hyde dances with donna and in a suprise fez can really dance and he dances with jackie and kelso is mad and he goes and picks fez up but jackie stops him and they come back and donna and erik are dancing in the drive way this was a good ep.
  • The gang goes to a disco in Kanoshia.

    This was another great episode, but that's nothing new when you're talking about That '70s Show! Jackie gets interested when she sees an ad for a disco in, apparently, a place that is a long drive from Point Place in Kanoshia. She drags the whole gang along, including Hyde, who originally doesn't go not just because he thinks disco is music from hell, but he can't dance. After Kitty teaches him how to, he gets interested and goes to the disco. He asks Donna to dance, and here's the first episode that we find out Eric isn't the only one that likes Donna. Eric gets jealous, as does Kelso when he finds Jackie dancing with Fez. So there are love triangles all over the place at the end of this episode. Eric and Donna are soon-to-be official, we've come to believe. But now Hyde likes Donna. Kelso and Jackie ARE official, but Fez dances with Jackie anyway; only until he is mistreated by Kelso at the end. Jackie doesn't notice the foreigner attached to Kelso and makes out with him anyway. What a messed up couple, huh? Meanwhile, if I was Eric, what was he doing on the side, sitting down at the table? He should 'get in there', and DANCE with DONNA, the HOT girl he is almost OFFICIAL with. Just sayin...Eventually they catch up with each other at the end when they are back in Point Place and start dancing together; well, not until Eric kisses Donna first! They've kissed a zillion times! Why aren't they 'official' yet? Well the show doesn't revolve around Eric and Donna, so I still say the episode was near-perfect.
  • Should be required for all boys as a text on girls.

    Mrs. Foreman teachers Hyde to dance, Donna's dad thinks they are having an affair, Fez's moves sweep Jacky off her feet (for a few minutes anyway), Hyde and Donna dance, Hyde says he wants to kiss Donna, Donna and Eric dance in the driveway and kiss for the second time and the guys tape their stoned ramblings. So much happens in this episode! I love the conversation Red and Hyde have about dancing. Boys take note, its completely true! If Jacky wasn't so prejudice she would have been in love. This is really the beginning of Hyde trying to get Donna away from Eric, which is a fun story line. Overall just a great episode.
  • Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing c'mon!

    I'm sure any teen in the 70's would like to go dancing in a disco with their friends and the ones they love. Hyde gets dancing tips from Kitty and Bob suspects the wrong thing. Red and Bob have a talk and Bob finally finds out where he went wrong. Kitty on the other hand never understood who her neighbor was talking about. Jackie has a good time without Kelso, but they finally fall back in love after the show. As usual! Hyde dances with Donna and I think Eric was a little jealous. At the end Donna and Eric dance on their back yard. Fun episode.
  • There are some important milestones passed for the Eric/Hyde/Donna love triangle, as well as some good laughs.

    This episode is my favorite from season one. It marks an important milestone in the Eric/Donna/Hyde love triangle; Donna clearly chooses Eric over Hyde. It all begins at the disco, and a rather cute dancing scene between Hyde and Donna. Hyde tells Donna he feels like he wants to kiss her, she basically tells him to back off. She does however, accept a kiss from Eric at the end of the night. This episode really clears up any uncertainties about where Donna\'s heart lies, but also sets up plots for future episodes; like First Date where Hyde tries to ruin Donna and Eric\'s first date by confessing his feelings for Donna.

    Aside from that though, this episode had some other highly hilarious parts to it. There was a classic Jackie/Fez dance scene in which Jackie was swept off her feet by the rythmic foreiner; again possibly hinting at what was to come for Jackie/Fez in the 8th season.

    Then there were Kelso\'s \"coolest kicks in the cave shoes\", Bob\'s being \"downright logical\" about the suspected Kitty and Hyde cheating, and Red\'s threatening to kill Hyde with Bob\'s hunting gun.

    All in all, this episode couldn\'t have been more perfect.
  • Hyde's feelings for Donna start to unravel

    This episode was hilarious, especially the fact that Bob thought Kitty was having an affair with Hyde, which cracked me up for a while.

    The other plot I enjoyed was Kelso's envy of Fez and Jackie and this also starts to show Fez's crush on Jackie, though that is not revealed until later on in the season.

    The Hyde-Donna-Eric triangle would pay off later on in the season but that part of the Hyde plot wasn't as funny as the Bob storyline though it did have its moments.

    Overall, that disco episode was entertaining and paved the way for future plots.
  • The one with all the dancing.

    The first episode that actually pays homage to the timeframe of the show, showing the gang going to a Disco in Kenosha.

    While there, we learn that Kelso is an extremely bad, spastic dancer, whereas Fez shows us that he is extremely skilled in that department, a character defining moment that would carry him throughout the series.

    Kitty teaches Hyde how to dance, but during a session, Bob walks in and mistakes them for having a rendevous, with hilarious results.

    This is also the episode where we catch a look at the Jackie/Kelso relationship in one of its quirkiest moments, as Kelso gets all jealous of Fez being all over Jackie despite the fact that he's constantly saying that he's going to dump her since the series began. Kelso's speech as Fez is hanging upside down is great stuff.

    There's also a little subplot where Hyde starts to develop a crush on Donna, but isn't explored with enough depth in my point of view, still, it's an interesting premise.

    A great episode with good character development all around.
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