That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 15

That Wrestling Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1999 on FOX

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  • great

    Kitty makes Red go with Eric and his friends to a wrestling match, in order for him and Eric to bond. Bob goes and tries to get advice from Fez and Hyde about what to do with his marriage to Midge. Jackie has been really nice and willing to do whatever Kelso wants ever since they lose their virginity.

    Good episode, it was nice to see Red actually have a good time with Eric, a side of him we do not see. Fez and Hyde trying to get beer was funny, as was Bob actually buying them beer near the end, just so they would talk to him. Overall decent episode, I would say, my final grade would be a B+
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show kitty decides its time that red start to spend time with erik and start to have a real conversation with him instead of just tell orders at him and so things start to get out of hand and also in this ep jackie is acting like a love slave since she had sex and donna thinks its time she change also red and the gange including bob all go to the wrestling show and they enjoy and it and it turns into a father son moment this was a good ep i thought
  • Red takes the gang, plus Bob, to a wrestling match in Kanoshia. Meanwhile, Donna tries to convince Jackie that she is not Kelso's love slave after they had sex.

    So Kelso announces to the guys that he was the first of the four to officially become a man. And now, there's better news. Jackie will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't get bored! Meanwhile, Kitty convinces Red to go with Eric and the gang to see Rocky Johnson and others fight in a wrestling match in Kanoshia. (Red and Eric were previously having some problems with Eric's 'smart mouth') So anyways, Bob comes along becomes he would otherwise be alone in the house since Midge is taking therapy. And the whole gang has an adventure at the wrestling match. Red and Eric bond with each other. Donna convinces Jackie that she's in charge (ugh) in the relationship between her and Kelso, so she's NOBODY's slave. Hyde and Fez are trying to get beers on their own, while Bob wants to talk with them. Hyde and Fez say that they'll only talk if he gets him some beers, which he eventually does, and the three have a nice talk. So they all have a great time, Eric, or should I say, Red, gets an autograph from Rocky Johnson. (The Rock) It was a great episode, and it's good to see Red and Eric getting along together, at least, in my opinion.
  • Series Classic.

    Awesome, awesome episode. One of the best in That 70's Show history, it is that simple. You just cannot stop laughing during this episode, no matter how hard you tried.

    From the great cameos by The Rock, Ken Shamrock and the Hardy Boys to Bob, to Eric and Red wrestling, this is one of the episodes that really helped shape the show we all know and love. Season 1 may not get the appreciation it deserves, but it was without a doubt one of the top years in comedy history, comparable to the early years of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Red & Eric bond!

    This episode was so great, first of all, the 2 plots are very common in the 70s, Pervert therapists, and wrestling, and a guy buying beer for minors. An amazing episode in my opinion, first of all cause Red & Eric bond for the first time, second of all Laurie comes back! And you get to hear Kitty's real thought, and Midge gets chased by a fake therapists, I found that pretty creepy especially in the end, when it turns out she is with another fake therapist. Anyways also a lot of midgets in this episode, That 70s Show satisfies again in this hilarious episode!
  • The Gang and Red and Donna's dad go to a wrestling show while Kitty goes to a therpist party.

    This show was awesome, it had The Rock, Ken Shamrock, Ernie Ladd, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy in it. The Rock had a match against 20 midgets and got bitten in the knee by one but still won the match. During Ken Shamrock's match Red and Eric made fun of Shamrock and Shamrock just stared right at them it was so funny. Ernie Ladd was in the episode for a little bit as the match booker for the wrestling event. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy had a match together in the show, Matt Pinned Jeff after a realease slam. Basically the only reason why I liked this show was because it wwf/wwe wrestlers in it.
  • Thee most electrifying man is sports entertainment!

    Eric and Red experience problems when they get into an arguement. Kitty on the other hand, doesn't enjoy this vibe they are giving each other. She forces Red to try and work it out with Eric and for some reason they end up going to a wrestling match together. In the wrestling match, they both have a great time. Donna reminds Jackie that she is in-charge of her relationship. While Fez and Hyde convince Bob to buy them beers, so that they will listen to his story.

    Meanwhile, Kitty, Midge and Laurie attend a therapy session. You could say they didn't enjoy it.
  • great episode!

    Red and Eric finally bond in this episode, Kelso tries to make Jackie do everything for him, Hyde and Phez want beer in exchange for listening to Bob mope.

    one of the funniest episodes of the season and the first episode that gives us a glimpse that Red loves his son.
  • Very entertaining

    My favourite plot in this episode was Fez and Hyde's attempts to get Bob to buy them beer or get the booze through other ways.

    I also like Hyde pointing out that Kelso got laid by Jackie in record time
    Kelso: Really?
    Hyde: No you idiot, you've been kissing her ass for over a year!

    Jackie doing everything for Kelso then quickly turning the scales in her favour by ordering Kelso to get things for her was a good follow on plot from the previous episode and Red and Eric's bond was also a great plot.

    Overall, the episode was definitely funny and entertaining.
  • Father and son bonding moment.

    I like this episode a lot, because it's one of the few times that Eric and
    Red are really able to connect. Other examples are when Eric takes Red to a
    Packers game, when Eric stays home to take care of the family after Red's
    heart attack, and when Eric leaves home for Africa. There are others, but
    those, and this one, are the greatest examples.

    It is a struggle at first. Red gets on Eric's case about library books. Red
    reluctantly goes to the wrestling matches. Red doesn't want to let Eric
    drive, and eventually takes over driving. Red complains about this type of
    wrestling and says it's just a bunch of tricks.

    But then he sees a midget get dropped on his head (who was the Rock
    portraying his own father) and Red suddenly is having a blast. Eric doesn't
    have much in common with Red, but they really struck a cord here. They have
    fun hanging out with each other, and you can tell that they love each other.
    Even if they never say so.

    And this episode also has another life lesson. A guy will listen to anything
    another guys says, as long as he's buying the beer. (Bob supplying the beer
    for Hyde and Fez.)