That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 4

The Acid Queen

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on FOX

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    I have to say, this episode was very slow paced, and it took a while to get to the point but it was good because of the nice cliffhanger. Kelso swears he slept with Brooke at a concert. The gang doesn't believe him. Eric tries to check out playboys from the library. Kelso thinks there is a Secret Hot Girls Club that Donna is the president of. Hyde calls Brooke hot, so now Jackie is insecure, while Kitty & Red give Jackie & Hyde relationship advice. Fez tries to have sex with virgins, which doesn't work out so well. See, do these plots seem very promising to you? Well the cliffhanger made up for it. It turns out that Michael did sleep with Brooke at the concert. "Burn!" Except there is one problem: Brooke is pregnant. Quite a surprise to everybody else. An okay Kelso-centric episode, everyone's else's plot seemed dull right next to his which brought the rating of this episode down. An okay episode, with a great cliffhanger. Good installment this time around.
  • Kelso REALLY is tellin' the truth!

    When Brooke, a girl working in the library, comes into the HUB, Kelso tries to woo her to beliving that she did it with him at the Molly Hatched concert. Y'know, with friends. He tries EVERYTHING to get in, but, overall, they won't listen.

    And that makes Hyde remark about how Brooke's hot. Jackie wants deniel, but, she has to face fact; some people wanna date some people and think someones hot. But, she dosen't she has a trick up her sleeve she learned from Kitty; manipulation. With that in mind, Hyde is the loser!

    And, for the moment of truth, when Kelso gives up, Brooke comes in; Then;

    Kelso: Excuse me.... Burn! Burn! BURN BURN! Burn! BUrn! Burn...

    then, comes another suprise;

    Brooke: Michael, I found out I'm pregnant.

    Kelso's responce?

    Kelso: I didn't touch her!

    Overall, it's a good episode. Not to my expectons, but funny, none the less.
  • Wow, what a shocker!

    Kelso tries to convince the gang he did it with an extremely hot girl, Brooke, who won't have sex with anyone. But Kelso KNOWS he made it with her. Brooke is avoiding him, so Kelso asks Donna, who happens to be her friend, to tell him where Brooke works. He finds out she works at the local library, and he goes to see her. She still ignores and avoids him. Then, he finds out she likes smart men, so he tries to look smart for her. Then, Brooke has a big surprise for Kelso- she's pregnant!! Jackie is upset when Hyde says Brooke is hot, but he was just being honest. Then, Red and Kitty give him some advice- NEVER tell the truth if it will hurt your partner, but Hyde can't get himself to follow it.
  • Kelso searches for Brooke. Eric finds a new love for Playboy. Jackie and Hyde's relationship takes a turn.

    This episode had everything for me. I think this is the first episode Brooke(Shannon Elizabeth) is in. Kelso was very funny as usual. Who does not love "Dancing Bubble Kiss Time". Great episode. Kelso claims to have "done it" with Brooke at a Molly Hatchet concert. The gang also finds out there is a library. That just happens to be where Brooke works. In the beginning Brooke denies knowing Kelso. Then Kelso thinks he can win her with his intelligence but that proves to be wrong. Jackie is upset over the fact that Hyde thinks Brooke is hot. So Jackie want him to lie and say no so that she feels better. She seeks Kitty's help over this problem. Kelso's last attempt to win Brooke fails until she drops the bomb on him. She pregnant with his baby.
  • Kelso hooks up but Brooke won't admit it!

    This episode is unbelievable, Kelso trying to convince the gang that he did it with Brooke, only to discover that it was the biggest mistake of his life, when Brooke finally admits what happened and the consequences of it, and Kelso as a father would be interesting to see. Kelso running around the house burning everyone who didn’t believe him is a classic moment, leading up to a terrific ending.

    The Secret Hot Girls Club is a hilarious concept, and leaves all guys wondering if there is such a thing as Super bubble kiss time, and all in all this episode is fantastic, with Hyde’s commitment not to lie and Jackie’s stubborn behaviour being a great subplot in a superb episode.
  • I say this episode is informative because it tells me a lot about how perhaps college girls nowadays could start a secret hot girls club. Haha! I never thought of that before.

    One thing I like about this episode is the argument between Jackie and Hyde about whether the man should lie about how he feels about another hot chick. I suppose such debate has been going on all the way back since the 70s, eh? What can I say? Some men really never learn.... It's been over 30 years, and yet many males still compliment other women in front of their girlfriends? Pssh! It makes me wonder, though. Why can't men just genuinely and naturally find no one else hot besides their women? I don't understand. Argh! Maybe I could try asking my boyfriend to go to the store to buy me a Cosmopolitan when he is either drinking beer or eating icecream. Let's see if I can pick my own battle. Haha!
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