That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 12

The Best Christmas Ever

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 1998 on FOX

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  • Red gives Eric forty bucks. He is to use it to buy a Christmas tree, and use the leftovers for a party he's throwing in the basement. But if the gang illegally cuts down a tree, then there'll be more money for beer!

    The title is being sarcastic, of course, because nothing that happens to any character on That '70s Show will ever be remembered as their "best" anything. So Eric gets permission to throw a party in the basement, with any leftover money from the Christmas tree he is told to get. Well, he's got permission; That's one good thing, at least. But then Hyde suggests they illegally cut down a tree from the side of the Interstate, to have more money for beer. That's a great plan. I don't why it's illegal. Is the evergreen tree the state tree of Wisconsin? I don't think so.. It's the sugar maple! Anyways, apparently the beer and the gifts don't cost that much. Once the party's ready, Kelso still has $17 leftover. But he forgets to buy Jackie a present. Oh crap! So he rushes on over to Bargain Bob's, the only open place in town. (Red was assigned to keep the store open on Christmas Eve) Kelso gets distracted when he and Red start playing the good ol' classic pong video game. Kelso keeps playing although he keeps losing; He eventually buys the video game, and some hair curlers for Jackie. He gives them to her at the right time, when she and three other girls are drunk, after drinking some punch Laurie secretly put vodka in. I'm assuming, though, that she would of liked them even if she wasn't drunk. Anyway, the drunk girls were giving a lot of attention to Fez; But he was sad when two state troopers arrived to the scene, and conviscated the Christmas tree, because Red demanded Jackie and the other three girls to go home. Meanwhile, we've recently realized that Hyde also has a thing for Donna. So he and Eric somewhat compete to get her the best gift. Eric thinks he got Donna the best gift: White Shoulders, Donna's favorite perfume. But Hyde gets Donna something more memorable: a frame picture of him and Donna in the fifth grade; more specifically, a picture in which Donna was wearing a shirt in which you could see her training bra. She kisses both on the cheeks twice, gives them their gifts, and leaves. The scene ends there, and the episode is over. The Best Christmas Ever certainly wouldn't be my best Christmas ever if I was someone, like, Eric - although the kisses to and from Donna would certainly help towards the cause. Hyde likes Donna; we all know that now. It's kind of funny how this just started up all of a sudden, with That Disco Episode. But for this episode, anyways, was a great one; An overall great and hilarious episode representing Christmas of 1976.
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