That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 16

The First Date

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1999 on FOX
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The First Date
Valentine’s Day is coming up, so Eric decides to ask Donna out on their official first date and give her his class ring. She breaks her study date with Hyde in order to go, leading Hyde to realize he only has one last chance with her. Red and Kitty discover they don't have that much in common with Bob and Midge anymore. And Jackie explains to Kelso how things are going to work now that they’ve “proven their love to each other.”moreless

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  • Primera

  • superb

    Eric and Donna go on their first official date, which makes Hyde mad because he had invited Donna to the library for a study date. But things go wrong when Donna gets drunk (She asked for an ice tea but got a Long Island Ice Tea).

    Red and Kitty have a game night with Bob and Midge, but Red and Kitty realize they have very little in common with their friends anymore.

    Good episode. Donna getting drunk was pretty funny, as was the ending of the episode. Not one of the best episodes ever but not terrible either. Fairly good, my final grade would be in the B+/A- range, methinks is fairmoreless
  • 116

    Can you say "Series Classic"? That is what this episode was, an amazing epsiode of season one, that was just classic in every sense. Season 1 had the most emphasis on the 70s, and every scene, you're reminded that this show was set in the 70s which is what made this show so original and hysterical.

    From Donna accidentally getting drunk on her & Eric's first date to Michael insisting on having sex again with Jackie. The Fondue plot was absolutely hysterical. Kitty & Red realize that Pam & Bob aren't fun people anymore while Eric & Donna are on their date. Hyde interrupting Eric & Donna's date was definitely the climax of the whole Eric/Donna/Hyde triangle. Eric & Donna become official in the end, Jackie ends up making a long life commitment with Michael after having sex with him, all the jokes were funny, and this episode was just eventful and wildly entertaining. Amazing episode, classic That 70s Show.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show its valentines day and erik decides to take donna on a date and its there first thing is hyde thinks its going to be the last time to say how he feels about donna and then they go on the date donna ends up getting drunk really quickly from the drinks and she sorta ruins it and hyde goes there to make a last effort and turns out to be a bad idea and hyde leaves with there food and the formans learn that they have nothing in common with them anymore at all. this was a good epmoreless
  • Donna cancels her Valentine's Day study date with Hyde so she can go to dinner with Eric, for their first official date.

    It's the day before Valentine's Day of 1977. Hyde and Donna originally have plans to go study at the library for February 14. That is, until Eric comes in between them and asks Donna to dinner for Valentine's Day. She can't give that up! First date on Valentine's Day! So she accepts and thinks that she can go to study at the library any day, although Hyde clearly made it into a 'date' instead of more of an opportunity to study. So Hyde is pissed, especially when Eric says he's going to give Donna his class ring on the date. Hyde tries to come in between the date, but when he arrives, Donna is drunk. Eric comes back and tells Hyde to leave. He does, but he takes their dinner with him. At least he could have one good thing happen to possibly remember on Valentine's Day 1977. Eric eventually gives Donna her class ring, and after Donna throws up, they leave the fancy restaurant and go to The Hub, where Donna's recovering. Eric makes out with her, as they are now official boyfriend and girlfriend. Finally!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Jungle Boogie (1973) by Kool & the Gang;
      Disco Lady (1976) by Johnnie Taylor;
      Popcorn (1972) by Hot Butter;
      Bennie And The Jets (1973) by Elton John.

    • Kelso mentions that Eric and Donna's Valentine's Day date is on Saturday. February 14th, 1977 was actually a Monday. While the caption at the beginning of the episode says "February 13th, 1977," the following caption reads "Sunday Afternoon," thus contradicting themselves.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Fez: How much masturbation is too much?
      Hyde: No such thing as too much, Fez.

    • Red: Damn good thing I went with him. He wanted to buy a leisure suit.
      Eric: Come on, Dad. Leisure suits are cool. Everybody wears them.
      Red: Leisure suits are for dumbasses. Believe me.
      (Bob walks in wearing a leisure suit)

    • Jackie: I can't believe you, Michael.
      Kelso: What?
      Jackie: You can't just maul me in front of my father!
      Kelso: I bet he didn't even notice.
      Jackie: He yelled at you to stop it.
      Kelso: I thought he was yelling at you.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Midge: Jonathan Seagull discovered that boredom, fear, and anger are the reasons a gull's life is so short.

      The book that Midge is reading from is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach.

    • Fez: Oh, Gilligan is on.

      The show Eric is watching is Gilligan's Island, a half-hour weekly sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1967, and then ran in syndication.