That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 16

The First Date

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

Point Place, Wisconson; February 13th, 1977; Sunday Afternoon; Eric Forman's Basement. Eric sits alone watching tv. Donna comes in and sits on top of him, telling him that she didn't even see him and he needs to bulk up. The two of them start play-wrestling, ending up on the floor. Fez, Hyde and Kelso come in and tell Donna and Eric to get a room. Eric points out that they have one already; his basement. They all sit down to watch tv; Donna decides to go home. As she's leaving, Hyde reminds her of their date to study at the library tomorrow night. Eric follows her out the door and stops her part-way up the stairs. He asks her to go to dinner with him tomorrow night for Valentine's Day and she initially hesitates because of her study-date with Hyde, but Eric points out that she can do that any time, so she says yes. Just as they are about to kiss, Jackie comes down the stairs, interrupting them. Donna leaves; Jackie and Eric go into the basement where Eric tells the guys that he and Donna have a date tomorrow. Hyde can't believe that Donna agreed to that since she'd already agreed to study with him. Eric tells them that he's going to give Donna his class ring on the date. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: flower-power flower revs it's engine like a car and races to the front of the screen.] In the Forman basement, Hyde, Fez, Kelso and Jackie discuss what they're going to do since Eric and Donna's date means that they'll be without a car. Jackie says that she can get her father's car. Kelso likes that idea because the car is a Lincoln which has a big back seat. He suggests to Jackie that they ditch Hyde and Fez and make out; Fez points out that he said that out loud, but Kelso doesn't care. Jackie says that she wants to go shoe shopping, tells Kelso to pick her up at 7 p.m. and leaves. After she's gone, Kelso tells the guys that he and Jackie won't be shoe shopping, they'll be doing it....again. He leaves, and Hyde complains to Fez about Donna and Eric's date. Fez asks him, "who would have thought that she would rather go to a nice restaurant than a smelly old library?" In the Forman kitchen, Red holds the door open while Kitty waits expectantly. Eric comes in, modelling his new jacket that he'll be wearing on his date. Kitty approves, calling it snazzy. Red says that it's a good thing that he went shopping with Eric for the jacket, as Eric wanted to buy a leisure suit. Eric says that leisure suits are cool; Red says they're for dumbasses. Midge and Bob come in the kitchen door; Bob is wearing a leisure suit. The parents start discussing the upcoming date, with Midge and Kitty jokingly talking about planning a wedding, which makes Eric uncomfortable, even though he knows they're kidding. Kitty suggests that Bob and Midge join her and Red for dinner tomorrow night. [Scene change: different colored flower-power flowers fill the screen.] Jackie and Kelso are in her dad's car, driving down the road. Jackie tries to talk to Kelso about their relationship, telling him that they have a problem, but she doesn't get very far. She tells Kelso to just take her to the mall. In the Forman driveway, Red gives Eric some last-minute advice on how to behave in a fancy restaurant with a date; he also gives him some money. Kitty comes out with her camera, but Eric won't let her take any pictures. Donna comes over with Midge and Bob; Midge starts taking pictures, so Kitty does too. Eric and Donna escape into the car. They talk about the pressure that their parents are putting on them; as Eric starts the car, the song on the radio [Disco Lady, 1976, Johnnie Taylor], with its highly suggestive lyrics, puts even more pressure on them. [Scene change: Fez dancing with a disco ball in the background.] In the Forman's driveway, Fez and Hyde play basketball. Fez suggests that they go to The Hub, but Hyde says no. Fez tells Hyde that if he doesn't tell Donna how he feels, he'll regret it, so Hyde heads off to the restaurant. [Scene change: two flower-power flowers drift down from the top of the screen, disolving like Alka-Seltzer tablets.] At the restaurant, Eric and Donna study their menus. Both decide to have the chicken -- the cheapest thing available. Just as Eric is about to start a serious conversation, the waiter comes over to take their drink orders. Using a fake deep voice, Eric orders beer. Donna orders iced tea, pointing at a woman's drink on a nearby table. Eric is amazed that the waiter didn't even ask for proof of age. In the Forman diningroom, Kitty brings out a fondue pot, and begins explaining how to use the fondue set. Bob asks how hot the oil is, and is about to stick his finger in it; Kitty tells him, "That is a fon-don't." They all begin to dip chunks of meat into the fondue pots. At the restaurant, Donna has finished her drink and is quite relaxed....and loud. Eric tells her that he thinks she's drunk and she agrees, but asks how she could be drunk. The waiter, who has brought their food, tells her that there's about five shots of alcohol in a Long Island Iced Tea. He leaves and Donna starts telling Eric that she loves his little butt; then demands that he sing to her or else she'll scream. Jackie and Kelso get into her father's car, their shopping finished. Kelso asks what she wants to do now, then he suggests that they could prove their love to each other again. She tells him that they're not going to do that every time they have a chance, and just because they did it once doesn't mean that they'll ever do it again. Kelso reluctantly says that he's ok with that; Jackie then says that they can do it. In the Forman diningroom, we have a montage scene of fondue mishaps, with everyone burning themselves on the hot oil and hot food. At the restaurant, Donna decides it's too crowded and wants to meet Eric under the table. She disappears from view and Eric has to pull her back up onto the chair. He decides it's time for her to have some coffee and goes off to get some. Hyde comes in and sits down with Donna; he tells her that he has feelings with her, but she's too drunk to really pay attention to what he's saying. Eric comes back; he angrily tells Hyde that they're on a date and Hyde says that Donna's supposed to be at the library with him. Donna runs off to the ladies' room to be sick; Eric follows her, but tells Hyde that when he gets back, Hyde had better be gone. Hyde sits down, drinks Eric's beer and asks for the chicken to be put in a doggy bag. In the car, Jackie starts telling Kelso how close she feels to him now, and that their love will last forever. She starts to go on about marriage, houses, babies....and what Kelso starts hearing is prison, shackles and death. In the Forman livingroom, Midge is doing a dramatic reading of a poem while acting it out. When she finishes, Bob hugs and kisses her, then throws her over his shoulder and heads for the door, saying, "To the love-making!" After they've gone, Red and Kitty talk about how strange Bob and Midge have become, and how normal they used to be. Red comments that people change. When Kitty says, "We don't," Red tells her that they're classic. They kiss and the scene changes to a comic-book picture of the two of them kissing. Red is thinking that Midge wasn't wearing a bra tonight; Kitty replies that Bob wasn't wearing any underwear. At The Hub, Eric and Donna sit at a table; Donna has a cup of coffee in front of her. She apologizes for messing up their first date, but Eric tells her it's ok. He then tells her that he wants to be her boyfriend and asks if she'll wear his class ring. She says yes and Eric leans forward to kiss her, but she stops him because she'd thrown up earlier. Eric decides that he doesn't care about that; she's his girlfriend and he's going to kiss her, so he does. In the Forman basement, in the circle, Hyde apologizes to Eric for barging in on his date. Eric forgives him. Kelso moans about the fact that Jackie said "forever". Hyde tells him that women are like muffins, and once you've had one muffin, you'll do anything to have another. Fez asks how much masterbation is too much. [End credits: In the Forman livingroom, Red sits and reads the paper; Eric comes in from the kitchen. Red asks how the date went, Eric tells him it was great. Kitty comes out and snaps a picture. Red points out that Eric has a chunk of carrot on his shoe.] Of note in this episode: Eric and Hyde have known each other since kindergarten.