That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 16

The First Date

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1999 on FOX

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  • Donna cancels her Valentine's Day study date with Hyde so she can go to dinner with Eric, for their first official date.

    It's the day before Valentine's Day of 1977. Hyde and Donna originally have plans to go study at the library for February 14. That is, until Eric comes in between them and asks Donna to dinner for Valentine's Day. She can't give that up! First date on Valentine's Day! So she accepts and thinks that she can go to study at the library any day, although Hyde clearly made it into a 'date' instead of more of an opportunity to study. So Hyde is pissed, especially when Eric says he's going to give Donna his class ring on the date. Hyde tries to come in between the date, but when he arrives, Donna is drunk. Eric comes back and tells Hyde to leave. He does, but he takes their dinner with him. At least he could have one good thing happen to possibly remember on Valentine's Day 1977. Eric eventually gives Donna her class ring, and after Donna throws up, they leave the fancy restaurant and go to The Hub, where Donna's recovering. Eric makes out with her, as they are now official boyfriend and girlfriend. Finally!