That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 16

The First Time

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2000 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman basement, Fez plays Twister by himself while the guys watch him; Eric comments that you can't play it by yourself and Fez says that he's wrong and continues playing. Donna comes in with the news that her parents are renewing their wedding vows; she looks at Fez behind the couch and wonders how he's doing that? Eric asks her if sleazy bar hags are losing their appeal for her parents, and Hyde comments that that happens pretty quickly. Donna says that the second wedding is great, then apologizes if she's been moody recently. Eric tells her that she hasn't been, but then turns and mouths to Hyde that she has been. Kelso comments that Jackie is going to get wedding fever now, and will start bugging him about their wedding; he tells them that she already has their china pattern picked out - pink and purple with unicorns. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Donna peers at the camera.] In the Pinciotti living room, Donna is writing vows for her parents; Eric is trying to fool around with her. He tells her that he vows to kiss her so hard that her pretty red head pops off; he starts to kiss her and says that he could make it happen so she starts to wrestle him and pins him on the sofa. They kiss some more; Bob and Midge come in and tells Donna that he has a few ideas for the vows: that a wedding is a nice way to spend a day, and it's nice to spend time with Midge; Donna asks Midge why she wants to get re-married, and Midge says that she and Bob were in the attic and discovered that she still fits into her dress. [Scene change: Hyde jumps up towards the camera.] In the Forman living room, Bob tells Red and Kitty that it's a green and gold wedding theme in honor of the Packers, then asks Red to be Best Man. Red laughs but Kitty says that she thinks it's lovely. Bob tells Kitty that Midge has a special favor to ask of her; Kitty thinks that she's going to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but Bob tells her that Midge would like her to bring chairs. Hyde comes in; Bob asks him to be the photographer for the wedding, and they agree on the price of 20 dollars plus a meatball sub. Bob leaves to pick up his green and gold tux; Kitty is upset that she's not going to be a bridesmaid; she tells Red that she's never been one. Red tells her that it's because she's too pretty, but Kitty doesn't buy that and tells him that she ~is~ going to be a bridesmaid. At the Fotohut, Leo tells a customer that he must have lost the film; the customer drives off. Hyde tells Leo that he's supposed to be the photographer for the Pinciotti wedding; Leo remembers his wedding, all the chicks and booze. Hyde says that he'd love to be around all the chicks and booze at this wedding but he has a problem: he has a glass eye. Leo believes him, and Hyde tells him that he'll pay 10 dollars and half a meatball sub if Leo will do it. Leo says he'd love to, but doesn't have a camera; Hyde pulls one down off the shelf and hands it to him. [Scene change: Hyde jumps up in the air.] In the Forman basement, the guys are getting dressed up for rehearsal dinner. Kelso says that Jackie's been acting weird since he set her house on fire. Laurie comes in and gives Eric his tie; she asks Kelso where he's been; he starts to answer by saying that Jackie... but Laurie cuts him off and says that she's told him not to say that name around her. [Scene change: Jackie and Kelso jump in the air.] In the Forman lliving room, Kelso tells Jackie that he's not helping with any wedding stuff, she says fine and leaves; Kelso follows her. Bob introduces the bridesmaids to Kitty; she goes over to Red and tells him to make a toast. He toasts Bob and Midge, but really doesn't have anything to say about them other than "Here's to Bob and Midge." Midge asks Kitty for another favor; she wants something borrowed, so Kitty offers something sharp and rusty. Donna tells Bob she's having trouble with the vows, but he doesn't see the problem. Eric comes over and Donna leaves; he's confused. In the Forman basement, Donna asks Eric if he can believe it, but he doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him that wedding vows should mean something; she asks what his drink is, and he says that it's scotch and soda. She drinks it and comments that it's not; he admits that it's a Shirley Temple, but didn't want to say that because it sounds like something that Kristy McNichol would drink. Donna asks how she's supposed to write about love when her parents are the worst example in the world; Eric tells her that Bob and Midge really do love each other, but just don't know how to express it properly, and that's why they need her to do it for them, because they know that she's smarter than they are. He tells her to write the vows that she feels and he knows that they'll be great. Donna kisses him, and says thanks. [Scene change: Fez jumps in the air.] In the Pinciotti living room, Leo comes in; Hyde whispers to Fez that if anyone asks, he (Hyde) has a glass eye. Leo tells Hyde that he's all set, except that he forgot to bring a camera... or film... or flash cubes. Hyde comments that the Fotohut is filled with those things, then pulls a camera out of his pocket and hands it to Leo. Leo goes over and introduces himself to Holly, one of the bridesmaids, telling her that he's Leo and he's also a Leo. Kelso tells Jackie that the wedding will be lame without a trampoline; she just says, "Whatever." He asks if she's mad, and she says that she's not. In the upstairs hall, Midge says tells Kitty that she can't find Holly; Kitty comments that she must be somewhere and that she'll help look for her. She opens a closet door and sees Leo taking pictures of Holly; she calls to Midge and tells her that she doesn't have a good feeling about this, then sends Midge back into the bedroom to finish getting ready. She opens the door a crack and reaches in, grabs the bridesmaid dress and pulls it out, saying, "I win!" In the Pinciotti living room, Kelso gives Jackie a present, she opens it and it's a pink and purple plate with a unicorn statue on it. She's amazed that he remembered the plates that she liked; he tells her that he remembers everything about her even when she thinks that he doesn't. She quizzes him on herself and he answers all the questions correctly; Jackie tells him that it proves that he's grown up. [Scene change: Jackie jumps up towards the camera.] In the Pinciotti living room, the music starts, the bridesmaids come in with Kitty as the Maid of Honor; Midge takes her place by Bob. Bob thanks everyone for coming and tells them that Donna wrote the vows for himself and Midge. As they read their vows to each other, Donna smiles at Eric; he gives her an okay sign, and as they continue to look at each other, Donna mouths the words that Bob and Midge are saying to each other, ending with "I will always love you." They continue looking at each other. In Eric's bedroom, Donna and Eric tumble into the room, kissing. Eric stops her, telling her that he's not clear on what she wants. Donna turns off the light and continues kissing him; Eric stops her again, and points out that every time she starts this, she's the one to stop it and then she just skips off home, leaving him hanging. She tells him that she's sorry about that, but she wasn't ready before this. Eric tells her that he understands, then asks when she said "before now" if she meant "right now"? Donna tells him that she had to think about love to write the wedding vows for her parents, and to do that she thought of him; she loves him and wants to be with him. She kisses him again; Eric stops her again and asks if she's sure sure; Donna says "yes yes," and kisses him again as Dream Weaver plays. [End credits: Wedding pictures of the Bridesmaids, Kelso and Jackie, Red and Bob smiling and wrestling, Holly in the closet, Kitty seeing Holly, Leo and Hyde.]