That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 16

The First Time

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2000 on FOX

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  • Bob and Midge renew their wedding vows

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show". It was a freakin' funny episode that made me laugh very hard. One thing ruined my score but I'll get to that part towards the end of this review. Bob asking Red to be his "Best Man" for the wedding was hilarious. Tommy Chong knows how to make fans like us laugh so freakin' hard and he made me laugh super duper hard as Leo the hippie. The party for Bob and Midge's wedding at the Foreman's house was very funny especially when Red was trying to get everyone's attention. Hyde getting paid $20 and a 1/2 meatball sub sandwich from Bob was very funny. The wedding scene with Bob and Midge's renewing their vows were good (Donna actually wrote the vows for them though but Bob and Midge love each other). After the wedding, Donna and Eric take their relationship to the next level when both Eric and Donna lose their virginity. The only thing that ruined this episode was the Jackie/Kelso plot. We all know that Jackie was furious with Kelso in the previous episode "Burning Down The House" and Kelso gives her an apology bu giving her some unicorn as a present. Come on, you know relationships will have ups and downs but it's not right to buy something just to prove you're sorry... it should be from the heart. Kitty being the bridesmaid like she dreamed of was also good. Overall, an superb episode of "That 70s Show". 9/10
  • While Bob and Midge are set to renew their wedding vows, Eric and Donna take their relationship to another level.

    Bob and Midge are renewing their wedding vows now since they have gotten back together, and want Donna to rewrite their vows for them. Meanwhile Donna thinks that the requests made by her father are ridiculous, and has to think about her relationship and how she feels about Eric to make better, more sensible vows. Bob gets sort of upset about this at first, because he still wants Donna to write vows according to what he saids. But she still goes off on her own and writes some of the most wonderful vows most people have ever heard. Meanwhile, Kitty gets upset that Midge has three different maid of honor's, but neither of them are her. So she makes sure that one of the maid of honors, doesn't make it to the wedding. She also wisely steals her uniform (Bob had a Green Bay Packer-themed wedding) and she is the third and shorted maid of honor. Red on the other hand, is unanimous best man. While Bob is repeating the vows Donna wrote for him at the wedding, she really starts to think about Eric and their relationship. She finally decides that it's the time, and as the title of the episode suggests, Eric and Donna have sex for the first time. Eric becomes a man, but we don't get to see reactions because the sex ends the episode. What a great feeling inside Eric must have. He just did it with the hot neighbor girl!
  • Season 2, Episode 16.

    Wow, a lot of important things happened in this episode. I enjoyed Fez playing Twister by himself. If only someone would have helped him take his pants off and Kelso joined him. ;) Rawr. Haha. Bob and Midge are renewing their vows! That's awesome, and Donna's happy, which is cool. Also, a classic moment in the series: Eric finally loses his virginity! He loses his virginity to Donna, which is cute because it's just like they're the golden couple of the series. Kelso wants a trampoline at his wedding. Haha. Jackie even knows the China pattern she wants? Wow. Anyway, good, classic episode of the series.
  • Well, finally!

    Eric finally loses his virginity. It's during Bob an d Midge's wedding vow renewals. It was extremely romantic, and Donna says it made her think about love, and when it made her think about love, it made her think about Eric, so, that made her ready, extremely ready, they were ready to have sex, and Donna said seeing that her parents were together, and, they went and had sex. It makes Eric extremely happy.

    Donna is unhappy with the wedding vows that her parents want her to write for each other, so she decides to re-write their vows in her own version.

  • Eric loses his virginity. A highlight in the series.

    A very funny episode I would say but it subtle importance. Donna writes Bob's vows & makes her think of love. Which turns her on & is ready for Eric. Michael & Jackie's storyline was hilarious, Michael wanting her bad & jackie avoiding him. My favorite line: "Jackie's been acting weird ever since I set her house on fire." - Michael. `It was also funny how Kitty wanted to be a bridesmate. i just didn't get Hyde's storyline, the whole glass eye thing. I just love ranting about this episode. It warmed my heart when Eric & Donna had their first time. :)
  • Eric finally becomes a man

    This episode is a pivotal moment in that 70s show for two of the main characters lose their virginity... to each other.

    Bob and Midge not being able to come up with normal wedding vows, instead coming up with things like "You're as thin today as the day I married you" was a hilarious plot but my favourite would have to be Hyde and Leo's.

    This plot was brilliant with classic Hyde lines such as the glass eye conversation and the 10 dollars and half a meatball sub deal and great Leo lines such as not having a camera.

    Overall, this was an important moment in the show and is very entertaining.