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That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 11

The Girl I Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Girl I Love
When Fez decides to introduce his new girlfriend, Nina, to the gang, Kitty offers to throw a dinner party for the event. The guys resent being dragged to a dinner party, while the girls are excited at the thought of a grown-up night.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Battle of the genders.

    This episode was just okay I think because it really had no plot development. But I marked this character development because finally Fez has a girlfriend. He gets Nina in the end, also a new mark inn the whole Donna/Eric marriage plot develops with both of them agreeing they could do the things they want to do. The fantasy is amazingly funny. :This weekend were going antique shopping" "The hell we are" Then Fez throws Nina in the mud, I like how Jamie Farr made an appearance. I was a fan of him for quite a while. My favorite part is when Red pulls out the parking ticket when they are playing the cards. That was also funny.moreless
  • Battle of the sexes!

    Fez’s unimaginary girlfriend, Nina has a dinner party thrown for her and Fez and things get out of hand fast, with all the couples mad at each other in incredibly hilarious ways. Jackie trying to boss Hyde around, Fez wanting to take care of Red’s ticket which violates Nina’s DMV ethics, Eric being controlled by Donna, Red wanting to watch TV and Kelso simply wanting to join in the fun, all being great arguments and the ends were quite well written. The after dinner conversations were great, as were Fez’s list of things not to discuss and his hatred of antiquing pushing him into standing up to Nina, with his love of candy distracting him. Overall, this was a pretty good episode, but it could have been funnier.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Eric: I sure told Donna.
      Hyde: No you didn't! All I heard was something about lasers and naughty places. I thought you were having a stroke.

    • Eric: Laser Floyd is Pink Floyd music, with lasers. Lasers, like in Star Wars!

    • Jackie: So do you want to go to a Girl Scout Alumni pancake breakfast with me?
      Hyde: I would rather put on a dress and dance with Kelso on Soul Train.

    • Red: If I were a bird, I'd fly straight into a ceiling fan.

    • Eric: I hate trees, they're tall and arrogant.

    • Donna: Oh, look, you bake a brownie and the bastards come running!
      Eric: Ladies, Fez has something to say! Fez?
      Fez: Can I have a brownie?
      Eric: Fez!
      Fez: (sadly) Aww... Okay, Nina. I will go ahead and tell you that in our relationship, I am in charge.
      Nina: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
      Fez: Okay.
      Eric: Fez!
      Fez: Nina, if I do what you want, will you be my girlfriend?
      Nina: Can't say no to that!
      Fez (happily shocked): I cannot believe it! I have a girlfriend! (they walk out the door) So when do we do it?

    • Kitty: These are called "after dinner conversation cards." Let's try one: If you were a bird, where would you fly? (quickly) Donna!
      Donna: Ummm...south? I don't know, I'm nervous!
      Eric: If I were a bird, I'd fly to Laser Floyd.
      Kelso: If I were a bird, I'd fly to Tahiti, because the girls there don't wear tops! Oh, but then I'd want to change back, because no girl wants to make it with a bird. Hey, could I be a monkey?

    • Kelso: I still have my cajones. My lonely, lonely cajones.

    • Kitty: You want a definition of Hell? Try opening a 400 degree oven while you're having a hot flash.

    • Kitty: Let's try another card. If you could be anyone's shoe, whose shoe would you be?
      Donna: I wouldn't want to be Red's shoe, because I think it's about to go in someone's ass.

    • Hyde: Act tough, Foreman.
      Eric: I'm not tough.
      Hyde: That's why I said 'act'.

    • Hyde: You're engaged. That's Latin for 'you're screwed for life'.

    • Jackie: Steven, I am your girlfriend now. I speak for you.
      Hyde: Then tell yourself to 'bite me,' because I'm not going.

    • Kelso: There's a lot more going on up here then you know about.
      Hyde: I think there's some stuff in there that you don't know about.

    • Hyde: Why would Sports Illustrated even publish an issue that's not a swimsuit issue?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Jamie Farr: I'm switching over to the girls' team! I can do that, because I wore a dress on "M*A*S*H!"

      A reference to Jamie Farr's famous role as Corporal Maxwell Klinger on the hit TV show "M*A*S*H." Klinger practiced cross-dressing in an attempt to get out of military service.

    • Donna: I feel like I'm on Jeopardy!

      Jeopardy is a long-running quiz show; according to the Jeopardy official website, the show debuted in syndication in 1984, however, Art Fleming hosted a version of the show which began in 1964.

    • The title for this episode comes from a Led Zeppelin song; "The Girl I Love" is paraphrased from a Led Zeppelin song entitled "The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair" which can be heard on the BBC Sessions release. It's actually a cover/amalgam of a blues song by Sleepy John Estes, who wrote the lyrics.