That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 25

The Good Son

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 26, 1999 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show its final of the first season and hyde is becoming the new favorite around the house and erik is not liking that even though he is doing all of his chores for him also in this ep reds old friend comes back and there spending time togeather thing is they get invited to a party and turns out that there all swingers and so red and kitty and bob leave this was a funny ep also erik decides that hyde and him should do something stupid and they drop the bowling ball through the tv and they have to pay for it .
  • Eric likes it when Hyde starts doing all of his chores, but when Hyde becomes the "new favorite", Eric decides Hyde needs to do something stupid to knock him out of his new habit.

    This season finale was meh. No hanging storylines. You probably wouldn't be able to tell that this was the season finale by just watching it in general. But it was okay; but in the episode, Hyde dropped his "bad-boy" attitude, started doing Eric's chores, and became the "new favorite" of the house. He even started to study for tests! (How lame is that?) In the long run, Hyde gets paid for doing Eric's work, and what starts to annoy me more than Hyde is that Eric wants money, too, for doing nothing. And Hyde, another thing I like about him is that he just blurts the truth out. (in some cases, at least) In this episode, he's completely honest: "You know, Eric, before I moved in, I used to think Red was a real hardass. But now, after doing your chores for five days, I've just come to the conclusion that you're lazy." Eric has somewhat of a point by saying he's been doing chores for sixteen years, compared to five days for Hyde. But Hyde doesn't complain about the chores, and it seems as if he wants to help around the house. Eventually, Eric says that Hyde needs to do something stupid to break him out of this "goodie-goodie" habit. And Kelso has a great idea! All we need is a bowling ball. When Hyde refuses to do it, Eric volunteers. He takes the bowling ball, drops it on the couch, and the ball bounces from the cushion to the television, and breaks it. So the conclusion to this episode? Eric and Hyde searching in the newspaper for a new, fancy television for Red.
  • Swingers.

    This episode didn't seem like a season finale but it was a very funny, somewhat serious, you could say, Hyde a new person in the family. I feel that the episode "Hyde Moves In" was more serious a season finale, and this could be the season 2 premiere, I also like how a bowling ball ends up in the TV, Eric was being a total ass! I like How Hyde took the blame and ruined his good son streak, meanwhile Swingers, a big thing in the 70s, Red & Kitty fall in victim too. A very good season finale, could be funny too!
  • Eric -spoiled brat

    The drama between Hyde and the Foreman family continues in the season finale of the first season finale of That '70s Show! Bad blood begins between Eric and Hyde, especially towards the middle of the episode. I really like the story of, the favorite kid. I especially loved how Eric reacted to Red and Kitty treating Hyde so well. So classic, this story line is.

    Meanwhile, we see Red meet with his old friend from the war. It was hilarious when they got to the party and found out it was a swing. Bob was the most hilarious from them all!

    Overall, good finale.
  • Foreman think, you are listening to Kelso!

    Come on Eric, think! Think! You are listening to an idea that Kelso had. That was his first mistake. His second was thinking that nothing bad could come of bouncing a bowling ball around in his house. I mean come on, if that doesn't scream giant mistake then I don't know what does. And the second Eric drops that ball all I can think is oh no the tv! Boom, crash! And they all just stand around gawking like morons. So freaking hilarious.
  • This episode shows what a real friendship is like, although they did this one already in the previous episode "Hyde Moves In." However, I don't care! I still like this episode very much!

    This episode doesn't revolve that much around the kids, but rathre more around the parents, such as Kitty and Red + Bob and Midget. Kitty and Red make a wonderful couple. I really admire them. They are both very good people, who committ good deeds. Midget is very silly, but I am a feminist myself, so I will get her some props. Her husband, however, is such a jerk and kinda disgusts me. How dare he makes fun of feminists? Psh! The story among the kids takes a focus on the relationship between Eric and Hyde. Eric is jealous and decides to do something very stupid just out of jealousy. Bam! Red gets a bowling ball in his TV. Hyde, who is indeed a true friend, stands up and covers for Eric. Eric, who actually has morals, admits that Hyde is covering for him. There you go! That's another example of a true friendship.
  • Season 1 finale

    If you've always wanted to see a bowling ball slam into a TV then this is the episode for you!

    This episode is non-stop entertainment with terrific gags the whole way through, leading up to the end where Eric stupidly goes along with one of Kelso's plans.

    It was great to see that Kitty and Red actually enjoyed their newly "adopted" son more than Eric and many laughs come out of this.

    And that's just one funny plot...wait until you see what Red's old army buddy and his wife have been doing and you won't have to wait too long when Bob, Midge, Red and Kitty turn up at their party!

    Overall, the episode is very enjoyable and a great way to end the first season.
  • Hyde the Good Son, Eric the slacker and Red's friends swing!

    Hyde is grateful for his new home, so he starts doing Eric's chores, and then actually starts to study. This suits Eric just fine until Hyde gets Eric's allowance. The new angelic Hyde wears on the gang's nerves, even Laurie's. Eric decides to do something stupid, and stupidly follows Kelso's plan to bounce a bowling ball off the couch to see how high it will bounce. It bounces...right into the TV, which were not cheap at all in the 70's.
    Red's old pal comes back to town. He owns a line of hot tub stores. Red and Kitty go to their house and hang out in the hot tub. The wood tub is a 70's classic. Red mentions the corvette he has always wanted. Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge go to a party at his pal's house. Kitty soon discovers that it is a Key party and Red's friends are swingers. They leave immediately with Bob and Midge, although Bob and Midge sound intrigued.
    Red gets home to find his TV destroyed, and Hyde takes the blame. Red orders both of them to buy him a new TV, even if they have to get a job digging ditches.

    There's no 360 in this episode, so only a 9.9.
  • Good episode, but the weakest of the finales.

    The three main stories here are as follows, Red gets visited by an old army buddy (played by Mitch pillegi, one of my favorite X-files actors) and he offers Red a job. Later, during a party, Red discovers that he and his wife are swingers, with everything they could ever want while Red struggles with a wholesome lifestyle with very little.

    Eric gets jealous of the attention Hyde recieves from his parents, so he resolves to do something stupid since Hyde is being the "responsible one", the result, a bowling ball through Red's TV, well, that's certainly stupid.

    This also begins the Bob and Midge marital problems, but they eventually resolve them next season.

    Funny episode overall, but it just didn't have that "finale" feeling to it. The show wouldn't hit that stride until the third season.
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