That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 6

The Keg

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1998 on FOX

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  • the keg

    The sixth episode in That 70's Show history and it is difficult to foresee what a success this show would become, one of the only successful FOX sitcoms (along with Malcolm in the Middle and Married with Children.) The jokes were a bit off and while it is better than season eight, and probably most of the later seasons, it really was not that entertaining.

    It did feature one of Topher Grace's better performances as he was actually funny here. Grace was a bad actor from the beginning to the end of this series, and while he got a little better circa season four, this was one of his funnier episodes.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of that 70s show erik and donna are in class and she decides to ask erik to skip class and erik goes for it. and so they go in car and are on the road when they realize kelso and hyde are in the back sleeping and they end up finding a keg in the midddle of the road. so they bring it back to erikis house and so they get the tub and get ice thing is they need to bring it to a good location so they bring it to a house that is abandond and they have a big party and charge 2 dollars each per person thing is they need a tap so hyde goes and gets a tap but as he comeso out with it they bullys break it in half and he comes back with nothing and the bullys are there and erik tells them off and they get mad and wnat there money back except erik rips there money in half which was hilrious and i was laughing alot and then as erik comes back with his dad tap and swings down from the pool with hose the dads of erik and donna are waiting this was funny. such a good ep they all go home and he gets akiss from donna and the dads and the police are drinking the keg and police wont let them take it and the just take the tap.
  • Eric foreman becomes a

    Eric has always been a wimp who doesnt take risks but he finally ditches school and spots a keg of beer on the road which means one thing..throw a party.The gang goes to a vacant house which is jackie and kelsos secret makeout place and decide to throw it there which annoys jackie.Red and bob find out about the party and try to find them.Meanwhile eric becomes more of a man and even stands up to jocks.When eric goes to steal his dads tap (because the keg didnt have one)he comes back to find that the party stopped and the gang gets busted.Despite this donna believes erics more dangerous then she thinks.
  • Eric Forman becomes a man when he skips school, finds a beer keg, throws a party, takes on the school bullies and steals his father's beer tap all in one day.

    This was probably the funniest episode of That '70s Show so far. Eric became the 'warrior' of the gang in this episode: he was untouchable! It all starts when Donna talks him into ditching school. Not just that, he also lies to the teacher! Oh well, he lies to everybody, already. Meanwhile, while Eric and Donna are escaping in the Vista Cruiser, Hyde and Kelso wake up from their naps in the back seat of the Vista Cruiser. So obviously, they're ditching school too. It it then when the gang of four spots the magnificent beer keg magically lying in the middle of the road. They capture it, and bring it back to the basement. Eric plans a party in the empty swimming pool of a house Jackie's mom is selling on Sherman Street. Hyde and Kelso do the most math they've done in their lives when they figure out how much money that will make. Over $200! Which is, of course, DECENT. That's not all for Eric! No siree! Kelso goes off to buy a beer tap, which is missing from the keg. He runs into the school bullies. They break the tap, and return it to Kelso, who comes back disappointed. The bullies are at the party, too. Eric faces them, and rips up their money, and returns it to them, in mocking fashion. And in Eric's final brave act of the night, Eric steals his dad's tap, but by the time he returns, his father, Bob, and the police are at the scene of the party; Eric gets in a trouble. But hey, who cares? Eric was brave and showed the gang that he CAN be mischievious and brave. This was a great episode, and like always, improved the relationship of Donna and Eric just a little bit more, as she expierenced his wild and adventurious side.
  • Woah a crapload of things happen in this episode.

    I think this was a head to head race with "Classic" & "Adventurous" but the second one beat "Classic" cause first they ditch school which was hilarious when Eric & Donna were passing notes & Eric almost wrote B****. Then they find the keg. Go to Jackie & Kelso's make out place. They need a tap, Kelso goes to get one but bullies break it. He comes back with no tap. Then the bullies come to the party (favorite part of the episode) and Eric totally tells of those jerks. Then Eric gets his dad's tap, comes back only to find out they have been caught. Awesome eppie :)!
  • By far best episode.

    HA ah aha when i first watched this episode i couldnt stop laughing i found it to be a that 70 s show classic it had teachers laughing at eric them finding a keg in the middle of the road which almost never happens then having a party in a house thats for sale and i know that alot of people have always thought of doing that, One thing i found the funnyiest was when they were looking for a place for the party and kelso was going on about how the make out place was quiet and undercover for him and jackie , so in my opinion its a classic
  • 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down get caught by Red Forman...

    In every young man's life, he ditches class, runs into a Keg, has a friend with a secret make out spot, uses it for a party, charges everyone two dollars, asks his friend to buy a Keg, have the same friend get bullied by morons and get the keg borken, steal your dad's keg, run into you mother and your neighbor talking about sex costumes, use a watering hose to get down into an empty pool, let your dad, neighbor and the cops catch you with underaged drinking, become a man, have your dad, neighbor and the cops drink off the keg you found.

    This is Eric Rorman's life for The Keg episode.
  • Watchable episode with solid character development.

    This episode marks the first truly rebelious thing that Eric has done thus far, ditching school and heading out with his friends. On the drive, they stumble upon an abandoned beer keg, and decide to throw a party in the empty pool at one of the "for sale" houses in Sherwood.

    The secondary storyline shows the parents hanging out and watching "rich man, poor man" but once Bob and Red leave to go find the kids kegger, it kind of tapers out.

    After the team of "Destroy and Give-It-Back" break their tap, Eric sets out to steal Red's, but not before giving the beefy destruction duo a bit of their own medicine with their four bucks, but they get caught in the end.

    Okayish episode with a solid character developing storyline, but the secondary storyline is a bit dull and drags the overall episode, also, Fez is sorely underused.
  • Eric and Donna r passing letters during class & Donna wanted to skip class & eric didn't want to & then he does it anyway & people dont think eric's dangerous and the gang finds a keg and they want to do a blow out party at a empty pool and red finds out

    I like this episode because eric is very mysterious and dangerous and donna looks very sexy in this episode.And it was funny when they were on the road and they found the keg and the keg was shining and all there faces looked funny also it was very funny when they lost there tap and kelso went to go buy it and he tried to act over 21 years old and they finally got it and two joks broke it in half and they didn't have enough money. And i also like the part when the jocks wanted to have there money back and eric ripped there money it was funny.
  • "It's a sign...of beer!"

    This episode is one of my favourites from season 1, because of the unmissable plot, the hilarious gags and Destroy and Giveback.

    This episode was hilarious from Eric's rebellion by cuting class (Hyde: what, was there a fire drill or something?), to Kelso being a mathematic genius when it comes to beer.

    A keg in the middle of the road was a terrific idea for a plot and the episode continued to go strong all the way through with great scenes with Bob and Red and Destroy and Giveback.

    This episode is a must see for any 70s Show fan because this episode is one of the best.
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