That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 1

The Kids Are Alright

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In Donna's bedroom, she's asleep, Eric is beside her but has no covers and is shivering. He's talking in his sleep about Star Wars. Donna wakes him up; he comments that when they get to Madison next week, they have to get a bigger bed. Bob knocks on Donna's door and Eric hides in the closet. Bob asks about the voices he heard, and doesn't believe Donna when she says it was just her, greeting the morning. He finds Eric in the closet, and then pulls Fez out too. Donna and Eric are horrified, and ask if Fez saw anything. He tells them that he didn't, and she should think about getting a night light.

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Kelso on a swing.]

In the Forman kitchen, Kelso is cracking eggs into a glass; Hyde eats breakfast and asks what Kelso's doing. Kelso says he's getting in shape because the police academy starts in a week, and drinking eggs is how Rocky got in shape. Eric and Fez come in; Hyde and Kelso make fun of Eric for wearing Donna's blouse and no pants. Eric says that he doesn't care because in a week he'll be in Madison. Fez comments that his marriage to Laurie isn't going so well, but when she gets back from their honeymoon, he's sure things will pick up...and she didn't go alone, she took her friend Carlos with her. Jackie comes in; Hyde asks if she's decided between him and Kelso yet; she hasn't, and says that she'll think about it while she tans by the pool. Kelso drinks his eggs; Jackie tries to stop him, but he won't listen. After he drinks them, she tells him that he's allergic to eggs. Eric offers to drive him to the hospital since he has to pick up his parents anyway.

[Scene change: Fez dances towards the camera.]

In the car, Kelso is swollen up because of the eggs; Eric and Hyde are freaked out by his appearance.

[Scene change: Hyde's face in a close up shot.]

At the hospital, Red wants to leave, saying that he thinks the nurses are stealing drugs. The doctor tells him that he can't work or drive for three months; and not to forget the root cause of his heart attack - he was holding his emotions in. Eric can't believe that Red's been holding his feelings in; Kitty tries to pass everything off as all happy at their house. Hyde brings Kelso out in a wheelchair, still swollen from the eggs.

At the pool, Jackie tells Donna that she's already made her choice between Kelso and Hyde - she's chosen Hyde and is excited about how he'll look when she tells him. While they're there, little boys keep having Donna pick up their ball and looking down her bathing suit when she leans over.

In the Forman kitchen, Red, Kitty and Eric come in; Kitty says Red needs a nap so Eric should be quiet. They go to the livingroom; Fez is there with flowers and a balloon, and welcomes Red home, calling him dad. Red is unhappy that Fez is there. Kitty tells Eric that Red has a check-up next week and he'll have to take Red; Eric points out that he's going to Madison next week and won't be there. Kitty seems upset that he's still planning on going. In order to stop the argument that they're about to have, Red fakes having another heart-attack, which Kitty doesn't find funny. Laurie comes in and gives Fez a shot glass as a souvenir from her honeymoon in Cancun.

In the Forman basement, Jackie tells Hyde that she chooses him, they kiss and Jackie tells him that she missed him. A girl comes in and asks Hyde if he's ready; she's Hyde's date and he tells Jackie that she couldn't expect him to wait around all summer for her to make up her mind. The two girls start to argue; Hyde stops them. Jackie asks him to stay with her but Hyde just tells her that he has plans and she should go work on her tan.

[Scene change: Eric does push ups, and Red looms over him.]

In the Forman kitchen, Kitty gives Red an egg white only omelet, and tells him that he can't have bacon either, just heart-healthy ham. Eric eats his bacon and says how good it is. Kitty gives Eric special pancakes; he tells her that she's not going to bribe him into staying home from school with special breakfasts. She says it's an apology, not a bribe. Red suggests they celebrate... with bacon!

At The Hub, Jackie comes in and asks Hyde how he could go out with someone else. He tells her that when he said 'choose', he meant 'choose me now' not make him wait. Kelso says she's having a worse day than him, and his head swelled up five times its regular size.

In the Forman basement, Eric and Donna are looking through the course catalogue for school; Kitty comes down doing laundry at midnight; Eric tells her that she's making him feel guilty and he deserves a chance, and he has to go to school. Kitty says she's too busy to make him feel guilty, and goes back upstairs. Donna suggests they could talk about staying, but he says no. Red comes in the back door, eating bacon, saying that Kitty doesn't scare him.

At The Hub, Jackie asks Kelso how Hyde could refuse her. Kelso says that he's not going to chase after her any more, because she's become too complicated, and he doesn't want any of that. She asks him if he thinks she's immature, saying that Hyde thinks so. Jackie says that people can change, citing the movie Grease as her example of realism. She imagines she's in black leather, with Donna; they see Hyde and the guys at The Hub, Jackie and Hyde start to sing "You're the One That I Want" from Grease, and Hyde tells her that she's cool and they belong together; they kiss and the gang is happy. Kelso asks her if she's going to sing, and adds that she's not a good singer; she says she's going to get Hyde back.

In the Forman basement, Eric and Donna come in and find Kitty asleep on the sofa; she's late for work, so piles up the laundry and runs upstairs. Eric feels guilty, but tells Donna that he has to get out of Point Place, but knows that he has to stay. He apologizes to Donna but she's impressed that he'd stay for his parents, telling him that they'll see each other on weekends. He's shocked that she's still going. He just wants to sit and hold her for a while; Fez comes out from behind the shower curtain, and tells them that he's disappointed in them.

[End credits: At The Hub, Hyde's date tells Donna that just because she doesn't wear dresses, doesn't mean that she doesn't like to be told that she's pretty. Donna says it's like she's reading her own journal, and the two of them giggle together and tell each other that they're pretty. Eric and Hyde watch them, and Eric asks if this is really happening. Hyde tells him to be quiet, or else he'll break the spell.]