That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 1

The Kids Are Alright

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on FOX

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  • Season 6 Premiere

    After the amazing season finale last season, this premiere was sort of a disappointment. The aftermath of Red's heart attack. He has to give up bacon. That was a classic scene: "Mmm, Bacon" *With an accent* Jackie chooses Hyde instead of Kelso, only to find out Hyde wasn't waiting for an answer, since he is already dating someone else. By the end, she is set on trying to get him back. The "Grease" dream was entertaining but kind of random. The emotional part of this episode would have to be Eric still planning to leave to college with Donna, while Kitty is working double shifts to help out Red. Eric realizes he needs to stay, which is an emotional scene between Eric & Donna, since Donna is still set on leaving. The downside of this episode would definitely have to be Lisa Robin Kelly's replacement as Laurie. Christina Moore replaced LRK, and she is so annoying. Last season, Laurie seemed to have redeemed herself, now she's back to her old slutty ways? It makes no sense! I didn't laugh at one scene in which Kelso had to get sent to the hospital because he was allergic to eggs. His head getting swollen wasn't that funny in my opinion and it was completely unrelated to the other things that we're going on. Lastly, overall this episode had it's ups and downs. A season premiere shouldn't have that. It should keep you enticed so you can stick around for the rest of the season. Those are just my two cents on the matter. Fair episode.
  • season 6 starts

    A funny thing in this episode is that Fez trys to watch Eric and Donna have sex and Fez is so randon hiding in the closet and kelso and Hyde fight over for the sexy jackie burthart. and Red recovers from his heart attack a heart attack can kill a person but red made it out and Eric believes the parents try guilt him into not going to Madison with Donna and not red trys to break up Fez and Laurie since they don't really love each other to get marry but they didn't to keep Fez in the U.s
  • Jackie's choise; Steven or Michael Jonas?

    Rather, this episode wasen't at really, a good start to state Season 6, but, rather, I gave it an 8.0. For me, I thought Kelso's shut eyes ere funny, and so was Jackie's Grease dream.

    Still, I seem really skeptic of this. I mean, Laurie is... not Laurie anymore. And, I finally wanna know what I don't wanna do for Eric;
    Never let him leave the house.

    That's a rule. And it's a pretty simple one. Still, this episode gave me some chuckles, but I didn't like who Jackie picked. I wanted her to be with Kelso, but, hey, that's my opinion.

    Final score;
  • My favorite scene in that episode

    I love it when Eric goes, "Mmmm. Bacon" and pronounced it like bay-cawn. So hilarious. I made a comic of that with Pokemon. Flareon as Kitty, Jolteon as Red and Umbreon as Eric. When I saw this episode, I drew that comic and showed it to Mom. She laughed. It's not colored, though.
  • Fez's wife gets a new look

    Season six starts with decision making, Jackie deciding Hyde over Kelso, Hyde deciding he doesn’t like being played, Eric deciding to stay, Donna deciding to still leave, Fez deciding to hide in closets and spy, and Laurie deciding to get a face lift before she came back from her honeymoon.

    This episode was pretty funny such as Kelso’s allergy to eggs and Red holding things back, but it’s not as much comedy in this episode as it is Eric doing what he doesn’t want to, for his family.

    Overall, this episode is a pretty good start to the sixth season and resolves the fifth season finale quite well.
  • Like the episode, but how could you replace Laurie?

    As Red returns from his recovered heart attack, Kitty attempts to convince Eric to stay, he keeps forcing himself ahead saying that he's going no matter what.

    Laurie (now played by Christina Moore) is now married to Fez, but consistantly cheats on him, including on their honeymoon, when he doesn't even go!

    Jackie chooses Hyde over Kelso, but apparently he has found someone new as well, and she gets all jealous over it.

    Eric finally decides to stay after seeing just how much his mother has to work in order to support the household with Red on leave from work due to his condition, but Donna still decides to go.

    Overall, great opener, with Kelso's allergic reaction, the Grease tribute, and Eric's frantic outburst carrying this show to a big thumbs up territory.

    But the loss of Lisa Robin Kelly still saddens me, no offense to Christina Moore, but she's no Laurie.