That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 1

The Kids Are Alright

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on FOX

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  • Jackie's choise; Steven or Michael Jonas?

    Rather, this episode wasen't at really, a good start to state Season 6, but, rather, I gave it an 8.0. For me, I thought Kelso's shut eyes ere funny, and so was Jackie's Grease dream.

    Still, I seem really skeptic of this. I mean, Laurie is... not Laurie anymore. And, I finally wanna know what I don't wanna do for Eric;
    Never let him leave the house.

    That's a rule. And it's a pretty simple one. Still, this episode gave me some chuckles, but I didn't like who Jackie picked. I wanted her to be with Kelso, but, hey, that's my opinion.

    Final score;