That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 17

The Pill

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1999 on FOX

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  • superb

    Jackie learns she may be pregnant, and she does not know what to do. Kelso freaks out about the prospect of being a dad. In the end it turns out Jackie is not pregnant, and she breaks up with Kelso, so something like this does not happen again.

    Donna meanwhile thinks about going on the pill, and things go awry when Red and Kitty find out and talk to Eric about sex.

    Good episode. I liked it. It was pretty funny, Eric running out of the pharmacy so fast, the black and white sequence, etc. Pretty good episode. Kind of boring in parts but overall I was entertained for the most part. Final grade, somewhere in the "B" Range
  • 117

    This show isn't afraid to deal with real issues of the 70s. Such as sex & drugs, which is why I am a huge fan of this show. It's realistic, like life in the 70s. In this episode Jackie tells Eric she might be pregnant. Everyone starts to find out, even Kelso, who is freaking out about the whole situation. Her pregnancy scare is starting affect other people. Donna goes on the pill, after talking to Midge. Once Bob finds out, Red & Kitty want to have "the talk" with Eric. A hilarious scene indeed. In the end, Jackie finds out she isn't pregnant, and breaks up with Kelso. Meanwhile Laurie tries to guard the mail so Kitty & Red don't find out that she's flunking out of college. A hilarious episode, that definitely is a big step in Eric & Donna's relationship. Great episode.
  • The kids just grow up so fast

    Basically, this episode featured common things among teens. First, the false pregnancy. Second, the birth control pill. Third, the break-up. I think it was really nice how they made an episode that was both funny and sent out a message to the young people of today. In my opinion, the best way to deliver a message to teens is by not making it obvious that you are really sending them the message. Like through a fun way, something like this episode did.

    The reaction of the parents were really hilarious, especially Bob. His facial expressions were really, really funny.

    Overall, one of the best episodes this season.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik gets told by jackie in confidence that she is pregant and then erik is so shocked that it happned and that he goes and tells donna and donna is like upset and thinks jakie did a stupid move by not using protection or something to stop it from happing since she is only sophmore and then donna goes and asks her mother questions and then while erik is in the store donnas dad finds out she is on the pill and donnas dad is angrey erik runs out of the store and donna family and erik having discussions about it and turns out jacki is not pregant .
  • After having sex with Kelso, Jackie is worried that she may be pregnant.

    This was another funny episode. Jackie gets worried because she thinks she is pregnant, and when Kelso finds out - well, he passes out. To me, they were stupid. Jackie should of known better and "got informed more" before having sex. Lucky for her, she turns out that he's not pregnant. But while Jackie is still stressing over being pregnant, Donna prescribes to herself birth control pills. Bob picks them up at the pharmacy ironically at the same time Eric is there, and once Eric finds out, he gets in trouble with Bob, Red, and Kitty, as they think he and Donna have either had or are planning on having sex. We all know they haven't had sex yet, but of course, at least Eric, is trying to plan it. Anyways, Eric gets in trouble, and for Donna, she has to deal with the embarassment that her dad, and the parents of her boyfriend knows about the pills. Jackie, though, gets the news that she isn't pregnant, and when she tells Donna, Donna makes Jackie NOT forget about the experience, and encourages her to go on The Pill, but I don't think she does. After this whole experience, she breaks up with Kelso. I don't know why she does this, but she was the one who was on the pill! And she decided to have sex with him. So who's to blame for all this in my opinion? Jackie.
  • Jackie thought she was pregnant with Michael's child but only to found out that she was mistaken. Donna then decided to go on the pill to prevent any potential tragic, but her dad found out about it when he bumped into Eric at the Pharmacy!

    This episode made me laugh so hard from the first second to the last. I forgot to mention in the summary above that Hyde had sex with this weird, punk chick named Chrissy. I think the boys were high when they were talking and the camera was going around in a circle. I loved the part where Kelso said computer was the future, and Red disagreed. Now that we live in a computer dominated society, I can't help it but think it was hilarious that in the 70s, there was no computer! Poor them, I must say. Games must have sucked without computer, fine, besides Mario, which rocked! I liked this episode very much. Very funny and witty. All jokes make perfect sense. Fez once again cracked me up when he whined about how alone he always was. He just wanted a threesome with Eric and Donna! Ha!
  • SO GOOD!! It was just a classic episode.

    Eric dancing in front of his TV. Jackie comes in and sees him. This has happened to me before, seriously. Anyways, she tells Eric she's pregnant. Then Eric tells Donna that Jackie's pregnant. Moment of shock. Kelso later finds out, and faints. Donna tells Midge, and Midge thinks Donna's pregnant, so she prescribes a pill for Donna. Eric is at the store with Bob, where Bob finds out about the pill in front of Eric. Eric, by the way, finds out that Laurie is flunking out of college. All meets at a dinner conversation where everyone is slightly mad. Kelso later is told by Jackie that she isn't pregnant. They breath a sigh of relief. This has got to be one of the greatest episodes of That 70's Show ever made. Period.
  • One of the best shows of the series. An original.

    "The Pill" is one of the best episodes of "That 70's Show."

    From Kitty and Red discussing (and arguing) about foreplay and sex in front of Eric, and his sister trying to change her college grades, this is a classic. Bob and Eric's reaction to the birth control is probably the most hilarious moment of the episode.

    Donna and Jackie start to show a friendship. Donna tries to help Jackie, even when she finds out that she's not pregnant. The "Open for Business" film, which is just like one of the films shown in school, is also pretty funny. Red shooting Eric with water is also a great moment.
  • Jackie breaks up with Kelso

    This episode marks the second time that Jackie has broken up with Kelso in the first season, the other time being when he kissed Pam Macy.

    This was a very good episode because it explored both Eric and Donna's and Kelso and Jackie's relationship, both having classic scenes such as Bob finding out Donna's on the pill right in front of Eric upon which Eric runs for his life only to have an uncomfortable discussion about foreplay with Red and Kitty.

    Kelso fainting when he finds out Jackie's pregnant and Jackie getting excited about Donna asking her to the bathroom were classic scenes in that plot.

    This episode is too funny to just describe and I urge all fans to watch it immediately.
  • Very funny episode.

    This episode features two main story lines that tie into each other. The episode starts out with us finding out that Jackie thinks she's pregnant. This causes Donna to think about her relationship with Eric and where it will lead them, and she decided to go on the pill.

    Unfortunately for all, Bob goes down to the drugstore to pick up his cough medicine, and he finds out about the pill. More bad luck, Eric happens to be there with Laurie to pick up some pictures. Eric and Bob's reaction to the word "pill" are classic. Both are scared out of their gord. Eric is scared of Bob, and Bob is scared of Donna having sex. Laurie is loving it because she has new dirt on her brother.

    We then see a fantasy sequence called "Open for Business". The editing and graphics for which are top notch. It looks just like the old education films we were all forced to see in school.

    Of course Laurie can't help but to tell Red and Kitty that Donna is on the pill. Eric then has to deal with the humiliation of Kitty and Red talk about sex, and argue about foreplay. Fabulous!

    Jackie finds out she is not pregnant, and then decides to break up with Kelso. This is a very pivotal point in the season.

    One last great laugh, Red hosing down Eric with a hose. There was snow on the ground during some of the scenes, so it HAD to be cold!! I love the look on Eric's face. He looks so mad!

    This episode has lots of great laughs. It is among the better of the series.
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