That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 17

The Pill

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1999 on FOX

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    This show isn't afraid to deal with real issues of the 70s. Such as sex & drugs, which is why I am a huge fan of this show. It's realistic, like life in the 70s. In this episode Jackie tells Eric she might be pregnant. Everyone starts to find out, even Kelso, who is freaking out about the whole situation. Her pregnancy scare is starting affect other people. Donna goes on the pill, after talking to Midge. Once Bob finds out, Red & Kitty want to have "the talk" with Eric. A hilarious scene indeed. In the end, Jackie finds out she isn't pregnant, and breaks up with Kelso. Meanwhile Laurie tries to guard the mail so Kitty & Red don't find out that she's flunking out of college. A hilarious episode, that definitely is a big step in Eric & Donna's relationship. Great episode.
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