That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 6

The Relapse (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2001 on FOX

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  • Midge leaves Bob and Donna

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show" and I literally couldn't stop laughing watching this episode. Kitty's line "Will I didn't leave you, eat a Pop Tart" in the beginning of the episode was absolutely hilarious. It was so hilarious when Bob was looking at the refrigerator depressed saying "Oh no, she took the El Dorado" and hugs Kitty crying was absolutely hilarious. It was absolutely hilarious when Fez said "My god, those are some nice kittens" referring that Midge had nice boobs. It was hilarious when the guys were gonna miss Midge because she was a hotter older lady and now they're trying to find one now that she is gone. Fez's line "I want to make love with an 80-year-old woman" was absolutely hilarious... Fez may be dirty but he is hilarious. Eric and Donna doing "it" making Eric think that he and Donna are back together was very funny. It was hilarious when Eric was telling Hyde about him having sex with Donna and Kitty was standing behind him. It was absolutely hilarious when Fez and Kelso were at the supermarket and Kelso smacks Kitty's butt (not knowing that it was Kitty and Kitty thinks that Fez hit her butt). It was hilarious when Kitty was talking about how you shouldn't smack women's butt and you can see Kelso laughing in the background was very funny. The ending was also hilarious. Overall, this episode cracked me up non-stop from start to finish and I couldn't stop laughing at all. 10/10
  • Looks like Donna couldn't get enough of Eric.

    This episode was so funny & yet another episode when you think they're back together but they're not. It's so that Midge left, she was such a funny character, my favorite part is when Eric removes everything from the table & Donna says the bedroom. My other favorite part is in which Eric thinks their back together when he is talking to Hyde but when Donna is talking to Jackie it's the complete opposite. I also like the B plot in which Fez grabs Kitty's but trying to look for older ladies. Out of all the people it has to be Kitty, A good episode if you want to see Donna & Eric doing it again.
  • Midge leaves Bob... and the gang lose their hot older lady

    This episode is one of my favourites, with Fez and Kelso trying to find a replacement older lady, Eric and Donna hooking up and Bob crying, all because of the one event that would change the series forever, Midge running away to California to be on Broadway.

    My favourite moment in the episode is the joke that all shows use but never get old, with Eric saying he had sex good enough to be written in to Playboy with his mother standing behind him, and that plot is also the funniest, with scenes such as the separate conversations and Hyde chipping in smart aleck remarks.

    Overall, this episode is hilarious, with memorable moments from all the plots and several quotable quotes.
  • Donna's desperate for comfort-and she seeks it in the spindly arms of Eric . . .

    Midge leaves Bob (we later find out to head to California) leaving Bob and a grief stricken Donna behind. Eric's mother gives him a casserole to take to the family, and Donna jumps his bones out of loneliness and desperation. Eric thinks they're getting back together, but Donna was simply trying to get some comfort. They end up still broken up at the end of the epi. There are a few hilarious scenes with Fez and Kelso as they cruise the supermarket for older women. Fez grabs Kitty's butt as she's bending over the freezer-great scene. After the initial shock, she says 'she was flattered'. Pretty good episode.