That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 25

The Seeker

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 19, 2004 on FOX

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  • Midge returns to console Donna but things get awkward when she sees Bob with Pam

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "That 70s Show" and it was very funny. Both of the plots were interesting. The Donna/Midge/Bob/Pam plot was hilarious when Midge returns to console Donna when she is heartbroken that Eric never showed up to the wedding and things get awkward when Midge sees Bob with Pam. Bob getting awkward between Midge and Pam was hilarious. The other plot was interesting when Kitty finds out that the man who happens to be Hyde's father isn't actually his father... it was very interesting when Hyde found out about who is real father was. It was hilarious Hyde ended up in the hospital after Donna accidentally pushed Hyde off the water tower. Fez was also very funny as always... all of his lines in this episode were either clever or hilarious. Everything in this episode was pretty much funny especially the Donna/Midge/Bob/Pam plot. The only person who lowered my score a little low was Jackie. Jackie was just being a little annoying in this episode and didn't try to comfort Hyde when he was sad to hear about him who is real father was. Overall, a superb episode of "That 70s Show"... it would've been excellent but Jackie was being pretty annoying. 9/10
  • This should of been the Season 7 premiere.

    Like last time this had a lot of potential for a season premiere, Midge returns which pretty much had nothing to do with Season 6, she could of opened up season 7. Also this is pretty much the aftermath of Eric not showing up for the wedding. Which is also season premiere material. My favorite part is when Midge wants Bob to pass the syrup & Bob doesn't let him. Also when Eric comes to Donna's house to hug her in bed, that was so heart-warming. I also like how Hyde has a different father which could of also opened up the season as a new character in the show. An okay season finale.
  • The sixth season comes to a close.

    This is a great end to the sixth season, with the aftermath of the wedding gone wrong which leads to a lot of different storylines, such as Midge coming back to comfort Donna and Bob going back to her so he has two ladies, Hyde trying to cheer Donna up and getting pushed off the water tower, leading straight to an even bigger plot, and Eric having to swallow his shame and come crawling back.

    Hyde breaking the tradition of Kelso falling off the water tower every year, now that they are out of high school, is a hilarious twist on an old idea, and the fact that he now has a new father to meet opens up a whole lot of space for both humour and drama.

    Overall, this episode is hilarious and the endings are great, with futures uncertain for Hyde and Eric, ending the season on a brilliant note.
  • Well this could have been a little more reallistic

    I knew from when Season six started that they were going to try and get married and then I knew either Donna or Eric would run away. The only thing wrong with this is that they should have had Eric run away and never come back until season seven. Wouldn't that bring tention. I would be so mad if they did that though. Instead Eric climbs into Donna's room and talks to her. After that she forgives him which I liked because she rarely does that and Eric climbs into bed with her only to wake up with Bob squirting water bottle at his head...
  • A great seson finale. A little mystery and some closure.

    As any good season finale should, this episode tied up old plots and opened up new ones.

    Steven fell off the water tower (continuing a long running gag) and Kitty found out he has a new father. This was a great plot point and allowed Red to show he actually cared about Steven (by letting him leave his father's place without telling Jackie and Kitty and by making speeches about being a man).

    And of course, there was the Eric and Donna turmoil. They finally realized that they shouldn't be married, but she forgives him for leaving and they begin to work things out. A nice season finale. Two thumbs up.
  • Hyde has a rich, unknown father and Midge is back! Quite the finale.

    When Donna is devastated by Eric's abandonment on their wedding rehearsal, she recieves a visit from her mom Midge, after being out of sight for a good three seasons, and she meets Pam for the first time as well, resulting in an awkward situation when old feelings emerge and jealousy starts to rear its ugly head.

    Also, a major plot twist develops when it is discovered that Hyde has a biological father who is not the one who abandoned him years ago, and apparently he's a multi-millionaire, but his identity is saved for next season.

    In the end, Eric comes back and he and Donna settle things out in their own way.

    Heck of a way to set up season 7, the identity of Hyde's father and Bob's love triangle are good cliffhangers, and people want to see what will become of Eric and Donna next season after the wedding fallout.

    Good stuff overall.
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