That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 18

The Trials Of M. Kelso

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2001 on FOX

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  • I just love the tention between Jackie and Kelso.

    Jackie has finally think Kelso is shaping out! So, with the help of Donna, she exsicutes 5 tests. Kelso must face jobs, sacrifice, parenthood, compassionet, and telling the truth. I just love the choise he picks. He wants Jackie? She's yours, my friend! And, I love the kiss at the end.

    Next part, Fez got beatened up from the snapping (or, as he says, the sucking) turtles. So, he, Eric, and Hyde go to (forgot the name) And graffiti over it. But, the janitor closes them in! With a cherry bomb!

    The other part; Kitty is not invited to the Pinciottes, and she drags Red in (kinda familiar?) So, when they do get there, they find out...

    Bob and Midge are... nudists.

    Anyways, it was a great episode!
  • Bob & Midge are nudists!?

    This episode was surprising, I can imagine Bob & Midge being nudists but they're never shown naked in the house until now so it's kind of weird. Anyways the A plot is nerve-wracking cause your wondering if he'll pass the test, he fails the first one & I think Hyde got jealous when he found out it was a test & just cracked the egg on purpose. I like the tests also, the egg, her frequently asking him questions, and finally the cheating test, I like how she's like "Yeah Yeah, whatever Tiffany" really mad & pushes her when she's talking to Kelso, that was hilarious. Then they get back together *Crowd Cheers*!
  • This is one of the funniest ever. Kelso is tested by Jackie in secret, Eric, Hyde and Fez sneak in a locker room to wreck it but get locked in. Bob and his wife turn out to be nudists

    Seriously. If it wasn't for Donna Kelso wouldn't have passed 3 tests. Hyde, of course, broke the egg on purpouse. This is one of the funniest episodes in the series and the thought of Fez going to second base with a jock is absolutely disgusting. This is described in the end when they return from the girl's locker room and the beating they recieved. The only problem is that there are no effects of the cherry bomb Fez planted and it was supposed to explode in 2 seconds. Those girls really are strong for hockey players in skirts. One of them actually hit Hyde with a trash can and he enjoyed it.
  • Kelso's tests

    This episode is one of the great episodes of season three, Kelso being put through a series of tests by Jackie to see if he was worthy of being her boyfriend again. Kelso’s “attachment” to the egg is a hilarious scene, as is Hyde throwing the egg at the wall (poor eggy…).

    This episode also reveals that Bob and Midge became nudists, a very amusing plot aswell as Kelso’s and the locker room. The end of this plot is great, Red pointing out that Kitty should join them since she wanted to attend the party.

    Fez, Hyde and Eric being locked in the locker room was another classic plot, Fez putting the cherry bomb in the toilet and changing his grafitied work to “Not Sucking Turtles” wen he realised they were trapped.

    Michael Kelso’s tests is obviously the main plot and is very amusing along with the two B stories and this is definitely a 70s Show classic.
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