That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 3

The Velvet Rope

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 1999 on FOX

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  • the velvet rope

    An episode that airs all the time in syndication, and on off-net cable on F/X and Teen Nick, but definitely one that is worth watching whenever it is on. The episode is quotable and definitely has a lot of laughs along the way, and not a whole lot of boring scenes that purely feature the female characters of the show (no one wants to see a scene with just Donna and Jackie!)

    A good story, and one of the few times that everything does not go completely wrong for Eric Forman; so it is worth watching purely for that feel good moment.
  • Eric, Donna, Hyde, and Fez go to club in Chicago where the guys struggle to get in. Kelso is Jackie's doll for the night while her parents are out of town.

    I'm wasn't too crazy about this episode. Eric gets downed by the system and Kelso gets bossed around by the demanding, annoying Jackie. Eric, Donna, Hyde, and Fez go to a club in Chicago. Donna gets in immediately, for her beauty. Fez gets in soon later after showing off his dance skills to the guy in charge of "the velvet rope". Hyde gets let in to the club once he gets mad and starts shouting a speech about the underdog coming to take over the government. The guy is inspired and lets Hyde in. He finally lets Eric in at the end after he uses, "what if it were you that didn't get let in" speech. So apparently, they all have a great time. Meanwhile, back in Point Place, Jackie's parents are out of the house for most of the night, so Kelso comes over, and their original plan is to have sex and make love, and blah blah blah. They do have sex, but most of the night is spent with Jackie dressing Kelso up like a doll. Some of it doesn't even come off by the next day, so he looks like a fool, as usual, in front of the guys. All-in-all, the episode really wasn't my favorite. Wouldn't even fall in the Top 50 or Top 75 personal favorite episodes of That '70s Show. The episode was unimportant to the series, in my opinion, and really kind of boring.
  • Filler.

    Well, this episode has been done on many shows. One of the main characters can't get into a club and / or event, and they try to convince the bouncer to let them in, but they can't until the very end of the episode. It's just typical. So, it wasn't exactly my favorite episode of That '70s Show. Bob and Midge are funny (in the [few] scenes that they were in) though. So, they made "The Velvet Rope" a little better. There was a little Kelso / Laurie action, not too much though. I actually like them as a couple, they're pretty good together.

  • The gang goes clubbing!

    This episode was really good of That 70's Show, it really had some developing plots, The A plot started with Donna being mad at her parents, then she wanted to get out of town, Kelso suggests Club 48, but he can't cause he has to go "study" He's so stupid, he would know by now that studying means doing it! Anyways I like how Donna was the only one who got, in then later, Fez then Hyde. Eric still couldn't get n. I love his outrage about Duck Duck Goose! Kelso dresses like a girl is hilarious, I like how "doing it" only took 2 minutes!
  • The guys discover they are geeks! At least, Fez does.

    This episode is hilarious, Neil Flynn being a teriffic guest star as he is one of my favourite characters from Scrubs in which he plays a Janitor bent on destroying JD's life.

    This episode has so many great moments such as how each of the guys gets through the rope and Jackie dressing Kelso up like Bowie only to have her father walk in while he is dancing in a dress with make-up on.

    Red's plot was humerous but not as good as the othertwo which have unlimited laughs such as Kelso not realising what Jackie meant by "study".

    Overall, the episode is very funny and has no dull moments whatsoever.
  • My first review of this great show, and it's all because of the The Bouncer I'm writing it. And then there is Kelso the doll, who would wanted the father of his girlfriend to see you in a girl's dress with makeup all over the face and dancing around?

    First to the Bouncer, or Neil Flynn as his real name is. He is an absolute genius actor. I know him very well from Scrubs as the Janitor. And seeing him here was absolutely hilarious. With That '70s Hairdo, and the same faces as in Scrubs. He must be of the funniest actors in comedy series.

    And then there is Kelso, Michael Kelso. I know he is stupid, but getting dressed all up like a girl with makeup the those clothes! It's something you just have to see.

    Another great black and white movie is also showing; Red Foreman presents My American Dream. With the classic narrator speaking instead of the actors. I love those movies, and this one is a little more, since it's Red's way of thinking!

    I think I've commented the most of this episode now, just the yoga thing back. I am SO glad my parents aren't doing the yoga thing like Donna's. No wonder she is waiting with the sex thing, when Bob is talking about tantra.