That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 25

Til The Next Goodbye

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 18, 2005 on FOX

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  • superb

    Eric is getting ready to leave for Africa, but will things change when Red and Kitty find out what exactly it is him and his friends do in their basement? Hyde wants to go to Chicago to find Jackie, but a surprise is there- Kelso. On this cliffhanger, the episode, and the 7th season, end.

    Good episode. It was emotional, and funny. The only thing I would have wanted different was have Hyde find Kelso be somewhere NEAR the end. I felt the episode should've ended with Eric leaving. But otherwise this was a pretty good episode, I felt anyway. Final grade is an A-
  • after this season things go wrong

    in the season 7 finale eric is ready to go to Africa and it seens that Kelso and jackie are starting to be back togeter and hyde and be acting werid and after years of doing the circle Red finally catches them and he was going to punish eric but he is alright out of the house and hyde so going back to jackie and he leaves the record store to leo to watch it over and he see kelso and jackie about to have some sex and Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher are no longer main characters of that 70's show
  • season 7 finale

    This should have been how the show ended. Eric, the biggest screwup of them all, finally gets out of Point Place and with a few slight changes you could have had Kelso and Jackie end up together. But instead they tried for an 8th season and failed horribly.

    The show was already reaching during this episode so much, but it was not that bad. It would have been a fitting goodbye to these characters and while I would have liked a stronger finale, this would not have left as sour a taste in the viewer's mouth as the season 8 finale did.
  • This marks the end of Eric Forman

    Overall Score;

    This episode was one of my favorites; finale season, to be exact. Jackie and Eric leaves and fleds. But, actually, Jackie returns. eric does not.

    My favorite part - and I'm sure this is yours - is when the gang gets high, with all these fnny emations! Like moving background, fish eye, twinkie, and - of course - the face float!

    But, this episode didn't make me laugh much. It made me cry. Donna starts worring about Eric and Red starts saying I love you to him. So sweet. I feel SO sorry for Eric leaving. It's hard to say goodbye to a lovable character that we all love as the "Skinny, flem"

    And, I LOVE the Benny Hill credits.
  • So sad to see Eric go.

    Wow, Eric is gone for good you think to yourself, it is finally over, how can they continue the series without him. But anyways besides the point. Hyde goes to propose to Jackie only to find Kelso almost nailing Jackie which is also painful to watch because it is the end of a great relationship but this time for good. The whole goodbye sequence was amazing except Fez's part cause Eric never really talks to Fez, & Charlie stays with the gang, Kitty finally letting go, just amazing. Donna & Eric's last kiss, the final shot with Eric in in until the series finale, everything was just perfect!
  • Eric leaves for good.

    A fitting conclusion to the seventh season, this episode is hilarious as well as emotional, in a way that makes you laugh whatever the scene.

    With Eric leaving, the goodbyes from all the characters were very well written, whether it's with butts in the air, with hugs and tears, with a paper bag that says everything, or even a pocket knife from Red. The plot was very funny and had some great moments, especially Red finding out what Eric's been doing days before he leaves.

    As for the Jackie plot, the Hyde chasing Jackie to Chicago idea seemed a bit off, and I think the relationship's been played out enough, which is what makes the last scene so hilarious, when she's hooked up with Kelso, and Kelso running around naked.

    With Eric away from the show now, I can't predict how well it will go, but this episode is entertaining as always.
  • Eric leaves Point Place for Africa, and Hyde discovers his feelings for Jackie as she returns to Michael.

    For me, this was the end of the series. I had tapered off watching the show by this point, and I knew with Eric gone there was no reason to watch. If Bret Harrison of "Grounded for Life" had replaced Topher Grace, I might have watched, but the other guy was worse. He just never fit in the show past this point. The good bye scene to Eric was okay, but could have been better. I liked the ending homage to the Benny Hill Show (watching Jackie in one of Benny's exploding bras would have fit in there), but all in all, this was a lukewarm end to a once great show.
  • One of my favorite That 70s Show episodes of all time....

    This was a great episode, full of lots of comedy, and even a few touching moments here and there.

    Of course the last circle was just hilarious, with Red finally catching the boys in the act. I was laughing so hard my eyes started watering during the Red/Kitty lecture scene. Hyde's twinkie, Kelso's floating head....funny funny funny.

    I liked Eric and Kelso's last scene together. It was very funny, both had a few great lines and it was funny to see Donna give Kelso a wedgie one last time.

    Red and Eric's goodbye scene was emotional for both the characters, and the audience. I think it might be the only time Red ever tells Eric he loves him (not counting that time he was all hopped-up on medication lol). I didn't see the pocket knife thing coming, but it added a lot to the scene, really showing how proud of him Red was.

    And, my personal favorite scene, the Eric /Donna car scene. It was also quite emotional, and kind of set in the realization that after this episode, there really would be no more Eric. Of course, their grand exit to the airport falls apart in a typical That 70's Show fashion when the Vista Cruiser won't start, and though it was a little cheesy, I loved the ending.

    We've got to remember though, at the same time Jackie and Hyde are right in the middle of their breakup, and the final scenes show Hyde walking in on Jackie and Kelso in the motel room, so the season actually ends on a very dramatic note.
  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! possibly the best episode ever, it seemed more like a series finale than a season finale.

    Kelso decides to accompany Jackie in Chicago. Eric, making last minute preparations for Africa, realizes he has not yet gotten his vaccinations. Kelso goes with him to get his vaccinations. Charlie comforts Fez because he is very emotional about eric leaving. During one last 360 with the guys, Red discovers what they have been doing in the basement for all these years. Then gives them all a good yelling at. Donnas' gift to Eric was getting dressed up as Princess Leah, she tells him he could do whatever he wanted to her. So he touched her " buns " ( the buns in her hair ). Red tells Eric he is proud of him and he loves him , then gives him his pocketknife from Korea. Everyone throws Eric a going away party and as he's leaving the Vista Cruiser won't start. Hyde goes to Chicago to see Jackie only to discover that Kelso is there and they're about to do it.
  • The end of teriffic episodes.

    This is the last very good episode, because Topher and Ashton are no longer going to be on the show. I'm going to miss those guys. Even though Ashton is on four more episodes. It makes me sad. There are many funny parts, like with Eric and Kelso getting shots, with their last moment together with their naked butts in the air, as like Eric said. A touching moment...ha ha. The scene before the last scene with Eric about to leave was very funny and sad. I'll miss these moments. It's okay in the eigth season, but it just won't be the same without those two.

    Anyways, I recommend this episode and I like to call it the series finale, because it just feels like one. Thanks for reading my review!
  • Very, very nice way to end of the season.

    This is probably one of the most effective episodes in the series. When I first watched this, it felt like the series was over, since Eric was going to Africa. But it really wasn't. A very nice way to end off the season. It just makes us want to watch the next series even more, to see what happens to Eric and the gang.
  • They'll Be back!

    This is the end of Eric and Kelso on the show as regulars.... for now. I have a feeling that they will be back on the show not next season, but the one after that. The show just won't be the same without them, and they won't be the same without the show. It will go downhill from here, and they will all be onboard for Eric and Kelso fall 2006. The fans will want it, and the show will be better for it. Eric in Africa, and Kelso out of site and mind? It's crazy! This will not last.
  • Awesome Ending to the season.

    When I heard that Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher was gonna leave that 70s show, I thought "uh oh", how are they gonna end this season? And I think they did a great job, it was a VERY funny episode and it made me very excited about the upcoming season.
  • nice ending can't belive it's still going

    I really like this episode . I only have one complaint about this episode after such a good episode and two of the main characters leaving why would you keep on the show after this. Kelso was half of the funny stuff of this show. Hyde would always dis kelso or eric and fez doesn't know when he's been dissed. The only good thing about having it go on is that we'll know what happens to hyde after seeing jackie with kelso and how it'll effect the rest of the cast.Plus why would you keep on after red finds out whats going on in his basement.
  • The departure of two long time characters, the intro of a new one, and the possible reintroduction of an old pairing, but how's THAT gonna work?

    The season finale revolves around Jackie heading to Boston to continue her success on her radio show, also, Eric departs for Africa.

    Eric makes his peace with everyone, including the long awaited Red "love you", this time without the drugs, and they all say their goodbye's, including Bob's "roll out the barrel" rendition.

    Also, as Hyde heads to Jackie's apartment to see her, he discovers that Kelso is there, and they had apparently just finished DOING IT! You could probably have predicted that with all the J&K interaction beforehand with Jackie's bossy behavior and "mean and painful pinches".

    However, the highlight of this episode is something that has been seven years in the making, Red... catches... the CIRCLE!!!!! And they go through a hilarious bit where the four of them are getting roasted by Red and Kitty and they each have their own hallucination, with Kelso's being the funniest.

    Overall, a great finale, and very interesting as to see what they do with Charlie's character and even more with how they handle the Jackie/Hyde/Kelso situation, especially seeing as how Ashton's gone next season.
  • Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher's last ride.

    Donna dressing up a Princess Leah as a goodbye gift to Eric provided nice comic relief, given the fact that Topher Grace was making his final appearance. It's now been announced that Kutcher is leaving as well. It was rumored that this was to be the last season for That 70s Show, and with two actors leaving, it might as well have been. It reminds me of when Ritchie and Ralph left Happy Days. The show was never the same since. I'm left wondering how many episodes it will take before Hyde jumps the shark.

    At the end of the episode, Hyde drives to Chicago to surprise Jackie, but Hyde is the one who is surprised when he finds Kelso already there. If Kutcher is leaving the show, why would they leave this kind of cliffhanger? They will probably say that Kelso got scared of getting beat up by Hyde and ran away. It's a sad way to see someone leave the cast.

    The show was saved by a touching farewell between Eric and his father. Red told his son that he was proud of him and he loved him. He didn't even threaten a foot in his (well, you know.)
  • why kelso and jackie again??

    this episode was good, because of the trip pf Eric, even when I didn´t really get why He´s going to Africa..but Ok... the worst part, was without any doubt, when Hyde goes to chicago and find jackie with Kelso...i mean...naaaahhh..that was not fair..but that gives a new spin to the series.. i hope the next season would be great..
  • Time marches on; even on T.V.

    Yeah it's a sorry truth, but time marches on, even in t.v. sitcoms. Eric leaving for Africa and Kelso leaving for....wherever(?) is really going to require some great writers to keep the story going (maybe they can get the guys back from seasons 3&4!?). I mean we'd all like things to stay as they are, but really, wouldn't it be kinda depressing to see them all still smoking in the basement at season 20? It was nice to have Red finally show a little civility to Eric for a change. Though, the way they had Kelso "go out" really makes him look like a lowlife, not to mention what Jackie ends up looking like. Sure, they'll give us that "I was lonely B.S." but in the end there's really no other options for her or Hyde other than to get back together. Unless, Hyde moves in on Donna and Jackie goes with Fez. That would throw the whole show right into the same arena the rest of television is in, the drama/soap opera toilet!
  • Can't believe that there will be no more Eric in the show, I always love that character, a hardcore star war fan just like me

    I believe that season 7 ended this way was assume that there will be no more season 8, but it is sad that there will be no more Eric in the show, he's been like a glue to the gang, and one of the major reason for me to continue to see the show. I hope the producer will not keep the Charlie character, he is just like another Fez and believe me, he's no Fez. Final word, I hope they won't give Donna a new boyfriend and I wish to see Eric again in season 9 (if there will be season 9)
  • OMG - I can't believe that Jackie and Kelso totally did it!

    I haven't seen this show in years, but ended up watching this episode on Wednesday. It really is a 'pivotal' one, centering around Eric's departure for Africa. I never figured out why he was going there, but I did feel sad for Donna. She's really going to miss that boy.
    I was sort of unimpressed by the Princess Leia joke, since they jacked it from an old episode of 'Friends,' but I did react from the gut when the gang was finally busted after years of basement bong rips. What a bummer - to be young and ready for fun, only to be quashed by the iron hand of one's joyless, conservative folks. We've all been there, though, and made it out one way or another. I guess that's all I really have to say about this episode of 'That '70s Show.' PEACE.