That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 1

Time Is On My Side

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2004 on FOX
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Time Is On My Side
A week after Eric and Donna's engagement was called off, they are both on good terms, but have to make big decisions regarding their futures. Donna gets a new look, and Eric decides to take a year off, but to do that he needs to sell Donna's engagement ring to get some money. There's only one problem with his plan: Donna threw it off the water tower. Also, Bob is torn between Pam and Midge, and Red puts pressure on him (only because Kitty pressured Red) to choose between them. However, one of them takes the decision out of Bob's hands.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • season 7 starts

    After eric bails on donna that the wedding after the episode 2 things happen first Midge returns to be with Donna and to get bob back and to think 2 hot women are fighting over a guy like bob and we learn that Bud is not Hydes real dad. in this episode Donna because a blonde and Eric must have a plan for Red or else no fried Chicken and then the gang tried to look for a ring so eric can cash it in and it so funny when eric ate a mix of cheetos and pee mix together Eric ate peetos ROflmoreless
  • 701

    The seventh season premiere and this is when the show really started to go downhill. Laura Prepon dyed her hair blonde to look less manly, but it really did not do much. Fez talks with some weird voice for some reason, and Jackie is just downright terrible.

    They abused the water tower storyline too, one of the better and more sacred things about this show.

    This show went from a cult hit to something just really boring and uneventful. What does this have to do with the 1970's?

    In just a year this show went from good to really boring and not even worth watching.moreless
  • I expected better from That 70's Show...

    I think personally this episode totally bombed! I really didn't like how the writers took direction in the seventh season. First of all, Eric taking the year off is completely pointless plus the whole thing with Donna & Eric "hanging out" was also pointless. There was no development after the season 6 finale whatsoever. I think the most productive thing that happened is Bob chose Midge. Also I didn't like how this episode had nor Red & Kitty plot, it totally bites. The plot within the horribleness is Eric selling the engagement ring which is quite interesting so that's why I'm giving it a 5.5.moreless
  • More of what happened after the Season Finale of Season 6.

    Eric has returned from his escape, and Red's angry as heck (of course, he's always angry). When Eric goes back to the Pinciotties to aplogize to Donna, she then denizes marrige, sets herself into feminisim, and, finally, she dyes her hair blond, which I had no idea why. No one does, actually When Eric asks where's the ring, Donna says she left it out of the lighthouse.

    Enter Officer Mike Kelso, who volenteers to help. But all it goes is balony. :)

    Overally, the characters are all flaude (not Donna. She's cool, but why dye herself blond out of the blue?) The storyline is what ahppenes when Eric refuses marrigge. And the humor is spot on. Overall, it's pretty amazing. I recommened watching this.moreless
  • Season 7 begins!

    A great start to the seventh season, the lighter comedy comes back into the show after the serious end of the sixth season, and all the characters are as funny as ever.

    Eric's decision to do nothing all year is an interesting choice and really shapes Eric's laziness, along with Eric and Donna going back to casual, since it's not likely for anything else to happen between them. Donna's blondeness opens up some great jokes as well, and the plot is a pretty good one to set off the year's events.

    Bob's plot between two women was a great one, since he's the least likely to juggle women, or get one for that matter.

    One part that didn't make much sense was forgetting Hyde's mysterious father whom he should have met, though since it's a week later, anything could have happened.

    Overall, the episode has everything a 70s show episode needs to be funny, whether it's a water tower joke, Kelso hitting on anything that moves, with a new hair colour in this case, Fez's candy obsession… the only thing missing was a circle scene, but you can't have everything.

    All in all, the episode had several good storylines and some hilarious moments, but isn't all that memorable.moreless
Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts

Midge Pinciotti

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Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Pamela Burkhart

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When the gang is on the water tower, you can see the pot leaf that they painted there in the first season episode Water Tower, as well as "Michael + Jackie" painted by Kelso and Fez's "self-portrait" that were put there in the fifth season episode The Immigrant Song.

    • Kitty: But, Red, if Bob picks Midge, he will re-unite a shattered family, bringing their only daughter a glimpse of happiness for the first time in her life.

      Kitty refers to Donna as Bob & Midge's "only daughter." However, in Eric's Birthday, Midge mentions Valerie, Donna's older sister, who has left for college. And in Eric's Burger Job, we see Tina, Donna's younger sister. So Donna isn't the Pinciotti's only daughter.

    • Kitty: You know, I tell you, Red, I don't like this situation with Bob and two women. I have put up with a lot of weird things in this neighborhood; hot-tubs, wife swapping, jogging... Now I am drawing the line! You have to make Bob choose.

      Kitty refers to the weird things she's put up with: Bob got a hot-tub and spent quite a bit of time in it with Pam Burkhart in Who Are You and subsequent episodes; Red's friend Bull also had a hot-tub, and held a wife-swapping party in The Good Son; and Bob and Midge experimented with jogging in Moon Over Point Place.

    • (referring to her newly blonde hair)
      Donna: Do you like it?
      Eric: Are you kidding? It's good, it's like a sign that you're loosening up. Like, maybe now you might like that thing I try in bed that makes you mad.

      "That thing" Eric tries in bed has never been clarified as to what, exactly, it is; however, Eric first tried it in Eric's Naughty No-No after seeing it in a porno film, and Donna told him that it was "unpleasant."

    • The music in this episode was:
      Drivers Seat (1978) by Sniff 'n' the Tears.

    • When Kelso throws his keys off the water tower, you can clearly see that Ashton Kutcher is just miming this action because there are no keys.

    • On the water tower, Fez's M & M bag is a current day one

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jackie: Fez, I think I have something in my eye.
      Fez: Is it Donna's engagement ring?
      Jackie: No, no, it's too big for that.

    • Red: I'm not going to spend the day hiding on the roof like a damn pigeon.
      Bob: I got beer.
      Red: Well, it is peaceful up here.

    • Hyde: Forman, about your year off plan; it's lazy, it's selfish, and it's gonna piss a lot of people off. Good job.

    • Red: Steven, when are you moving out?
      Hyde: Soon.
      Red: How's the girlfriend?
      Hyde: Shallow as hell.
      Red: Job?
      Hyde: Dead-end.
      Red: Future?
      Hyde: Bleak.
      Red: Kitty, feed the boy.

    • Kelso: Hey, Eric traded Donna in for a hot blonde.
      (Donna turns around)
      Kelso: WHOA! She looks just like Donna!

    • Eric: Okay, I'm here to earn my dinner. What am I doing about Donna? We're hanging out. What am I doing about my job? I quit. What am I doing about my future? Nothing. When am I moving out? Make me!

    • Eric: Good cheetos!
      Fez: Really? Cause I found them in the woods and they were damp, like something peed on them.
      Kelso: Awsome, Eric ate peetos!

    • Eric: Hey, you know what, you guys? I figured out what I'm gonna do this year...
      Kelso (excited): You're gonna be the first person to put on my
      Human Firecracker Suit!
      Eric: No, I'm talkin'... (suddenly realized what Kelso said) Wait, what's a firecracker suit?
      Kelso: Well, so it's a suit that... wait... you have to agree to wear it before I tell you.
      Eric: Hmm...I'm intrigued, we'll talk more later.

    • Eric: You know, this whole marriage thing has made me think: why am I in such a hurry to grow up? You know life is like a train. It's bearing down on you, and guess what? It's gonna hit you! So you can either start running when it's far off in the distance, or you can pull up a chair, crack open a beer, and just watch it come!
      Kelso: I did that once.
      Eric: No, Kelso. Not a real train... a metaphorical one...
      Kelso: Like a... like a ghost train?
      (Eric stares at Kelso for a moment)
      Eric: Yes... a ghost train.

    • Donna: Jackie, if you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything at all.
      Jackie: Well, if I follow that rule I'd never speak again.
      Eric: That's kind of the idea.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Tanya Roberts (Midge Pinciotti) was credited as "Special Guest Appearance by", and Brooke Shields (Pamela Burkhart) was credited as "Special Appearance by".


    • Donna: I'm gonna DJ at the radio station full-time, and re-dedicate myself to feminism.
      Eric: At the radio station? Is that... what, are you gonna play more Heart?
      Donna: And other stuff. (pause) Maybe some Benetar.

      Heart was a hard rock band based in British Columbia, fronted by Washington-born sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. They were popular in the mid-70s.
      Pat Benetar was a female solo-singer, who became popular after her debut in 1979. She was also known for doing both hard rock and ballads.

    • The title of this episode, and all other episodes in Season Seven, refers to the Rolling Stones song of the same name.