That '70s Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2000 on FOX



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    • (Fez is dressed as Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show)
      Eric: Well, I'm not the one dressed like a damn girl.
      Fez (takes Eric's superball): The damn girl has your ball! (Fez runs out)
      Eric: Like I care about a. . . Man, that's my ball! (chases Fez)

    • Eric: Look, there's nothing to do. It's like we're too old to trick or treat and too young to die.
      Hyde: Oh, hey, we could take Fez to Chicago and peddle his ass for beer.
      Fez: I'm game!

    • Kelso: I gotta go to a stupid Halloween party with Laurie's stupid friends. Not only do I have to wear a suit, but all her guy friends act like they've done it with her before.
      Eric: Um… Kelso…
      Hyde: Leave it.
      Eric: Okay.

    • Laurie: I'll do anything for 10 bucks!
      Kitty: And for once, that's a good thing!

    • (referring to Fez)
      Red: So you were running around chasing him on the roof because he took your little rubber ball?
      Eric: That wasn't a ball, it was a super ball.
      Hyde: Yeah you should see that thing bounce, it's pretty super.

    • Kelso: See? You see that Jackie? Fez hurt himself. There is someone stupider than me!
      Jackie: It's not his fault he's stupid, he's foreign. What's your excuse? Stupid!

    • Eric: I can't, Fez. I can't even look at you. I don't know whether to throw you out or throw you down and make sweet love to you.
      Hyde: You know, that says more about you than it does him.

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  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1976 Jethro Tull album, Too Old To Rock and Roll, Too Young To Die.

    • The Halloween costume that Fez is wearing is the same outfit that Tim Curry wears as the character Frank N. Furter from the 1975 movie Rocky Horror Picture Show

    • While goofing around with Eric, Fez wipes out and sprains his ankle, then stays in Eric's room until he recovers. Fez uses binoculars to check out Midge Pinciotti next door and begins to suspect that Bob killed her. This plot line parodies the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie Rear Window.

    • Eric develops a case of vertigo. Donna gives him the brush off one night and he gets suspicious and follows her to the water tower not sure if the woman really is Donna at all. This is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 movie Vertigo.

    • Kitty helps the crazy lady next door by feeding her birds while she is away. One of the birds gets out and crashes into a wall and dies. This is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 movie The Birds.

    • The shower scene involving Kelso and Laurie and a bottle of strawberry shampoo parodies Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 movie Psycho.

    • While hanging out at Eric's house, Kelso answers the door to the paperboy who is collecting money. Under Red's instructions, he tells the boy the Formans aren't home. Later, Kelso comes over to pick up Laurie for a dinner date and the paperboy, mistaking him for one of the Formans, attacks him with a model airplane. This parodies Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 movie North By Northwest.