That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 15

Tornado Prom

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 2002 on FOX

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  • Red & Kitty are stuck with Bob & Joanne in the basement, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, & Fez are stuck at the school dance, and Eric & Donna are stuck at the radio station all because of the tornado

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". All of three plots in this episode were hilarious. Kelso/Jackie/Hyde/Fez plot when they are stuck at the school dance because of the tornado was very funny. Red/Kitty/Bob/Joanne plot was very funny when Red & Kitty are stuck with Bob & Joanne in the basement because of the tornado. Eric and Donna being stuck at the radio station because of the tornado was also very funny. Eric driving to the radio station to pick up Donna and didn't even realize there was a tornado was very funny. Jackie sleeping and having a dream of "The Wizard of Oz". It was hilarious Fez was the lion in Jackie's "The Wizard of Oz" dream and Fez says "I want to be a bear". Hyde drawing a unibrow on Jackie while she was sleeping was absolutely hilarious. Red, Kitty, Bob, and Joanne playing some board game since they're stuck in the basement was funny. Fez wanting to have sex with Rhonda on the school stairs was very funny. The ending was hilarious when Jackie finally saw the unibrow that Hyde drew on her and she screams loud. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • 415

    A great episode of That 70s Show here and just another example at how season 4 was That 70s Show at it's best. We've got some great classic scenes here with great interactions from all the characters, and we even got a hilarious fantasy which is unheard of in the later seasons. Eric and Donna actually acting civil toward each other, and actually have a genuine plot together as friends was great, and the writers don't disappoint us with Eric & Donna sharing a kiss which yet again hints the Eric & Donna relationship which I'm sure had all fans at the edge of their seats, great plot device. Jackie just stole the show here with her fantasy in homage to Wizard of Oz. The character's reactions to what they become in the dream is just classic That 70s Show humor, and we got two classic circles with Jackie and her unibrow or Eric & Donna with the cardboard KISS members.

    Then we've got another classic element which was Fez trying to lose his virginity, he was genuinely funny here. The only thing that was off was Red's interactions with Joana, he's always out of character when he's with her. Overall, a classic episode with had plots that everyone can enjoy, not to mention it was hilarious.
  • A tornado attacks while the school dance is happening!

    This was a pretty funny episode. It's so funny when Jakie keeps poking the teacher. The teacher says "If you poke me one more time, I am gonna paddle you." Kelso says that would be hot. Ha Ha! And it's funny when Eric drives during the tornado to pickup Donna and doesn't even realize there was a tornado. And the dream with the Wizard of Oz was so funny! Best moment of the episode. It looks like Eric and Donna would be back together. But I thought the B-plot wasn't really funny in my opinion. But still this episode was mostly funny.
  • A tornado warning has waky affects on the gang who eventually arrive at the snow king but the bad very bad thing that Jakie Burkheart is not elected snow queen and Jakie Burkheart has a dream of the wizard of Oz and Fez is a lion and Hyde is a metal guy!!

    This episode is really funny,its worth watching and i could watch this episode over and over again but it was really disturbing when i saw kelso's legs i mean its kind of surprising cause he almost never where shorts. Iys cool because kelso pee'd on the ground in cursive i cant do that.Its also funny how Donna makes an excuse to get a ride.Hyde is so cool because when you think he's doing something nice he turns it around to a party like in this episode.Jakie looked so hot in this episode.It's funny how Eric's in the car listening to his music and the tornado is riht behind him.
  • A tornado hits point place

    There are too many classic moments in this episode including the tornado following Eric’s car and Jackie’s Wizard of Oz dream in which she has an epiphany that winning titles and being nice to people was the same thing.

    The plot of this episode is very good, Hyde having a party in the coach’s office with his best stuff (Fez believing this to be a piñata), Red and Kitty playing games with Bob and Joanne, Kelso being prom king while Jackie got runner up queen and Eric seemed to risk the tornado to pick up Donna, all the storylines are hilarious.

    Overall there are jokes aplenty and a very well written plot to hold the episode together.