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  • Season 8 Episode 22: That '70s Finale

  • The first three flashback scenes (the "foot in ass" flashbacks, the water tower flashbacks and Hyde hitting Kelso flashbacks) have some flashbacks the persons shown as remembering them can't know as they didn't witness the event or it was imagined by someone else. Hyde's flashbacks (about falling off the water tower) feature a scene that he didn't witness in "Too Old To Trick Or Treat, Too Young To Die" (Donna and Eric alone on the water tower, and Eric falls; Hyde was sneaking at Pinciottis' at this moment). Red's flashbacks (about "foot in ass") feature a scene from Fez's dream sequence from "That 70s Musical" ("and don't let bed bugs put their foot in your ass"), and Kelso's flashbacks (about being beaten by Hyde) feature a Star Wars-themed scene from Eric's dream sequence from "The New Hope" (Han Solo, portrayed by Hyde, punches Chewbacca, portrayed by Kelso). The only entirely consistent flashback sequence is Donna's.

  • In this episode, Red gives Hyde a check; it's all the money that Hyde paid as rent. In Sleepover, Red said, after Hyde gave him money for rent:
    Red: You know, I'm going to take that money and open him a savings account.

  • Kelso: Speaking of hot chicks, what's going on with you and that stripper wife of yours?
    Hyde: Hmmm... not good, man. She's gone.

    Hyde shows up with a stripper wife in the eighth season episode Bohemian Rhapsody. He later finds out that she's already married, and she leaves, in the episode My Fairy King.

  • Kitty (to Hyde): Now that we're staying, maybe you could shave your mustache, because, Honey, you look like a forty-year old male prostitute.

    While Hyde spent most of the fifth season with facial hair, that was a beard and mustache. He shaved that off for Jackie in the episode Black Dog, and remained clean-shaven until the eighth season, when he appeared with the mustache in episode Spread Your Wings.

  • Kelso "falls" off the water tower for the final time in this episode, marking it as the fourth fall by him overall in the series. The first three falls occured in Water Tower (1 - 21), The Immigrant Song (5 - 24), and Bohemian Rhapsody (8 - 1).

  • The weather seems unusually warm (based on what everyone is wearing) for this episode to take place in Wisconsin in December.

  • The outfit that Kitty wears in the New Year's Eve party scene (red blouse, flowered skirt) in the final episode is the same outfit she wears when she is first seen in the party scene in That '70s Pilot.

  • Red (reading the newspaper): Just when I think I can't like Florida any more, they reinstate the death penalty!

    This is a goof, as Florida has had the death penalty since 1923, when electrocution became the officially sanctioned method of execution. On June 29, 1972, the US Supreme Court struck down death penalty statutes, but Florida revised its statutes in December 1972 and these were upheld by the Supreme Court in 1976. The first execution to take place in Florida subsequent to this was on May 25, 1979; Red would most certainly not be reading about an execution that took place 7 months earlier in the newspaper.

  • The music used in this episode was:
    When I Need You (1976) by Leo Sayer;
    Thirteen (1972) by Big Star;
    Hello It's Me (1972) by Todd Rundgren.

  • The end credits scene, with the gang in the car singing along with the Todd Rundgren song, is from the episode That '70s Pilot.

  • Kelso (to Hyde): Remember that time you shot me with a BB gun? I still have the BB stuck under my skin.

    Hyde shot Kelso in the season 5 episode Black Dog (a.k.a. Ow, My Eye) in a fight over Jackie.

  • Season 8 Episode 21: Love Of My Life

  • Continuing the mystery of Fez's real name, Andrew Davis, his best friend from his homeland, never calls him "Fez" or any other name in this episode.

  • The music used in this episode was:
    You Don't Bring Me Flowers (1978) by Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand.

  • Season 8 Episode 19: Sheer Heart Attack

  • Donna: Caroline! I haven't seen you since you tried to kill us.
    Randy: Fez, the last time you dated Caroline, she chased you around the room with a corkscrew.

    Both Randy and Donna are referring to the events in the episode from earlier this season, Stone Cold Crazy.

  • Season 8 Episode 18: We Will Rock You

  • The police officer that appears is actually the warm up comedian that would come out before the show, and during the breaks on the set for the audience.

  • Randy: I mean, if we took all the people I've dated and all the people you've dated and put them in a room together...
    Donna: We'd have a room full of girls. And Eric.

    Eric wasn't the only person Donna dated. She omits Casey Kelso whom she dated in season 4.

  • The music used in this episode was:
    Y.M.C.A. (1978) by Village People.

  • Season 8 Episode 17: Crazy Little Thing Called...

  • Jackie(in various flashbacks about what she said about Fez): He's a bad, poor, sweaty, stinky, crazy, sick, ridiculous, foreign, spazoid weirdo.

    While the viewer is led to believe all these words are about Fez, at least one of these words are put outside of their context. For instance, during the flashback when Jackie says "spazoid", she refers to Donna, and not to Fez. In the episode "Mother's Little Helper" where this flashback is from, the dialogue goes like this:

    Jackie(to Donna, who just sat on the couch next to her): Don't bump me!
    Donna: Don't get in my way.
    Jackie: Well, maybe I wouldn't be in your way if you could sit still like a normal person, instead of a vibrating spazoid.
    Donna: Really? Well, guess what. You fight like a poor girl.

  • Red (to Hyde): I was thinking about what you said this afternoon at the record store; you're right... I do deserve to slow down and enjoy my retirement. So, right now, I'm going fishing.

    Red says that he's going to enjoy his retirement by fishing; however, in The Immigrant Song, we found out that Red only goes fishing when he's angry, as Eric said:
    Eric: My dad only goes fishing when he's super pissed.

  • Season 8 Episode 16: My Fairy King

  • In this episode, Jackie says that Elton John would be a perfect guy to date because she has never seen him with girls. But in the season three episode Radio Daze, Donna tells the whole gang, including Jackie, that Elton John is gay.

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