That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 7

Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Donna comes in to borrow some food from Kitty; Eric walks into the kitchen and sees her. Donna compliments Kitty's dress and Kitty tells her that it's for the Price Mart Ball tomorrow. Eric says he's not going and Red laughingly comments that Eric probably doesn't have a date. Red tells Eric that he's going to the Ball and he better not go stag; Donna says that she'll go with him as she said she would months ago; then she tells him that she's over the break up. Eric claims to be over it too, but is worried that things might be weird if they go on a date. Donna says it's not a date; Eric agrees.

[Opening credits.]

[Scene change: Hyde jumps towards the camera.]

In the Forman basement, Hyde tells Eric that he's lucky that even though he's broken up with Donna, he still gets to have sex with her and go out on dates with her. Eric says it's not a date because she's over it, and he's over it too. Kelso tells him breaking up sucks; Eric claims that he's cool with it not being a date, then leaves. Fez wonders what he has to do to get a woman, and Hyde tells him that his shoes scream "virgin." Fez complains that his host parents won't give him an allowance because he's a pagan; Hyde tells him that Leo is looking for help at the Photo Hut.

[Scene change: Fez on a swing.]

At the Photo Hut, Leo tells Fez that the Photo Hut game is tough, then hires him, telling Fez that he's on probation...he then remembers that he has to see his probation officer, and leaves.

In the Forman driveway, Red and Kitty say that Eric and Donna look nice for their date; Eric points out that it's not a date. Eric makes a point of not allowing Donna to get into the car first.

[Scene change: Eric and Donna strut across screen.]

At the Ball, Eric and Donna come in; Donna says it's great, and she feels virtually nothing for him. Eric pulls out the chair for her to sit down, then pulls it out from under her. Red tells Kitty that drinks are only free for the first two hours. Eric introduces his "friend" to another worker, Lyle from Oshkosh, stressing that they're not on a date, making him uncomfortable and he leaves. Donna asks Eric what's wrong with him.

[Scene change: Eric falls towards the camera.]

At the Photo Hut, Fez has rearranged the pictures in alphabetical order, and tells Hyde that time is money.

At the Price Mart Ball, Donna comes to the table with a huge plate of shrimp. Eric makes a bad joke about it; she tells him that he's being an ass. He tells her to get over it; she says she just wants to be friends with him, but Eric says it's difficult. She points out that they used to have a lot of fun together, and says that they should try to do that again. She leaves for the bathroom, and Eric sees a girl, Connie, at another table, but doesn't dance with her because, as he tells her, he's kind of there with someone else. Red comes over and tells Eric to dance with Connie; Eric says he's there with Donna, then sees her talking to a group of guys.

[Scene change: Eric jumps up and does karate moves.]

At the grocery store, Bob is buying frozen foods, and bumps into a woman because he couldn't see her over his stack of frozen dinners. He quickly tells her that his wife left him and he can't cook. She gives him shopping advice, then puts all of his frozen dinners back, and helps him shop for meatloaf ingredients. They introduce themselves, and she tells him that she's not cooking for him; he's going to cook for her.

At the Price Mart Ball, Donna bumps into Kitty, and says that she's having fun, but wasn't at first because Eric was being jerky. Donna wishes Eric would relax, then sees him dancing with Connie, and gets upset.

[Scene change: Donna jumps towards the camera.]

At the Price Mart Ball, Kitty is a little tipsy, and takes all the center pieces as they're getting ready to leave. Eric is talking to Connie, getting her phone number, then kisses her goodbye. Donna comes over and asks what he's doing, and why he was kissing the other girl when they're on a date. Eric says they're not on a date

At the Photo Hut, in the circle, Kelso says the Photo Hut is cool; Hyde agrees, saying that he never thought that he'd be working for the man; Leo says thanks; Jackie goes through people's pictures, calling them fat and ugly. Fez kicks them out, saying that he can't work like this. Hyde tells him that he's only been there one day, and he's trying to change everything.

In the car, on the way home from the Price Mart Ball, Kitty complains to Red about Eric's behaviour at the Ball. Kitty says she's not drunk, she's upset, saying that what Eric did is not the way to behave on a date. Both Eric and Red say that it wasn't a date.

[Scene change: Hyde boogies to music.]

At the Photo Hut, Hyde comes in and says good morning, but Fez points out that it's not morning. He then gives Hyde a Photo Hut t-shirt to put on; Hyde says that he's ruining things. Leo comes in, surprised that they're there so early. Leo tells Hyde that things have to change around here, adding that Fez is making them all look bad and is afraid that the boss is going to fire him. Hyde points out that Leo is the boss, so Leo fires Fez. Fez wonders how he's going to afford new shoes; Leo tells him to take money out of the register when the boss isn't looking. Hyde points out again that Leo is the boss, and gives Fez money from the register.

[Scene change: Eric doing karate moves.]

In the Forman kitchen, Donna comes in and calls Eric kissy-face. She apologizes for the way she acted last night at the Ball, and says that they need rules, like when they're out on a date that's not a date, they can't make out with other girls. She sees the phone number on his hand and licks it, then leaves. Eric, not thinking, wipes his hand on his pants, blurring the number.

[End credits: In the Forman basement, Kelso tries reading the phone number on Eric's hand, but only reads five numbers. He tries again, and thinks that the last number is an "&", which Eric doesn't know how to dial.]