That '70s Show

Season 4 Episode 7

Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (1976) by Parliament;
      Get Down Tonight (1975) by KC and the Sunshine Band.

  • Quotes

    • Kelso: Hey Fez, seeing you in those chuckers makes me wanna up-chucker!
      Hyde: Yeah!
      (Hyde high-fives Kelso)
      Kelso: It's like I just ate a whole bunch of chucker-late chips.
      Hyde: Okay.
      Kelso: How much wood can a wood chucker chucker?
      Hyde: Hey! Shut the chucker up!

    • Leo: So things went well with my probation officer. He even wants to see me for some additional years. He's a great guy, man.

    • Leo: Alright, you're hired. But you're on probation. No wait, I'm on probation! I've gotta go see my probation officer, man!

    • Kitty: I am not drunk, I am upset... and drunk!

    • (Donna sits down with a big plate of shrimp)
      Eric: Hey, Moby Dick called. He wants the shrimps back.

    • Leo: I don't like what's going on here, man. That little dude's making us all look bad. I'm afraid the boss is gonna fire me.
      Hyde: Leo, you are the boss.

    • (In the circle)
      Kelso: Oh... This one's kinda cute.
      (Jackie pinches Kelso)
      Kelso: Ouch! I mean for a fatty.
      (Jackie pinches Kelso again)
      Kelso: Ouch! I mean... for a whore?
      (Jackie pinches Kelso again)
      Kelso: Ouch! Damn, Jackie! What do you want me to say?

    • Kitty: Well, I will say this about Price Mart, they have wonderful balls.

    • Hyde: You know, Leo's looking for help down at the Foto Hut.
      Fez: The Foto Hut, huh? I can really picture myself there. That job and I have really clicked. Oh, I am on a roll... of film. (Hyde punches Fez in the arm)
      Fez: Ouch! Don't be so negative. I am the king!

    • Kelso: Look man, breaking up sucks, okay? When Jackie dumped me, you know what she said? "Something, something... Never want to see you again... Blah, blah, blah..." Hey, you think that didn't hurt?

    • Hyde: So Forman, you break up with Donna, but you still get to have sex and go out on date with her. Ride the big red wave, dude.

    • Red: Go talk to that girl before she comes to her senses and wants nothing to do with you.

    • Eric: It's not like being friends with Hyde. I haven't touched his fun parts. Well, on purpose.
      Donna: We used to have a lot of fun together.
      Eric: Yeah, just like there used to be shrimp in the world.

    • Donna: Hey, Mrs. Forman. My dad's making a cheese sandwich, but he's missing some stuff, so can I borrow bread and cheese?

    • Leo: Just do what I do and steal money from the register when the boss ain't looking.
      Hyde: Again, Leo, you are the boss.
      Leo: And I'm not looking.

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