That '70s Show

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1999 on FOX

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  • Donna finds out that Kelso cheated on Jackie with Laurie

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". It was very funny and really made me laugh hard. Surprisingly, Laurie didn't get me irritated in this episode. At first, I thought it was a horrible idea that Laurie was going with Eric and his friends tot he vanstock because Kelso asked Laurie but then it was actually good and didn't do anything to make Eric miserable which made it better for me. Midge watching her soap operas at the Foreman's house was hilarious. It was hilarious when Red was watching the soap operas with Midge and actually got into watching the soap operas. Kelso was hilarious as usual in this episode. Everyone knew about Kelso and Laurie except for Donna and Jackie. Eric didn't want to tell Donna about Kelso and Laurie because he knows that Donna would probably tell Jackie about it. Red imagining himself and Kitty in a soap opera was hilarious. It was very funny when Kelso is kicked out of his van and has nowhere to sleep. The ending was very funny as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "That 70s Show". 10/10
  • The gang goes to a rock concert and has a blast, except for Kelso, who has to make sure Jackie doesn't find out that he's cheating on her with Laurie, who is also going to Vanstock.

    The gang does to a rock concert and has a bunch of wild, exciting, and sometimes, fun experiences. Kelso has invited both his girlfriends, Jackie and Laurie, to go. Of course, Jackie doesn't know that he's cheating on her with Laurie, so he has to try harder than ever to make sure she doesn't find out. But that's hard when Donna comes along and finds out. She gets mad when Eric admits that he knew all along and didn't tell her, but Hyde, being a surprising good friend, explains Eric's situation to Donna, that he didn't want to rat on Kelso, and that he's kissing her ass as her boyfriend, referring to the fact that she expects a lot out of him. Hyde finds a hot girl's top, but has lost the girl. So he spends the night trying to find her. Fez has fun, as he gets to sleep with both Jackie and Laurie, talking to them about girl stuff, in which he actually enjoys. So Kelso doesn't get to sleep with either of his girlfriends! We never find out where he sleeps, because Eric and Donna reject him into their big sleeping bag, and Fez, Jackie, and Laurie take up his own van, in which he has recently got from his uncle. But overall, great episode.
  • Vanstock.

    Donna finds out about Kelso and Laurie, cheating together, and Jackie nearly finds out, but instead she hits it off with Laurie, and the two become the best of friends. So, that was a nice twist, I liked it, especially since they turn into the two worst enemies in the world pretty soon.... :P So, they should have enjoyed the (brief) time that they were friends. The end credits were very, very funny, "And what ever happened to Midge's daughter, Tina?" That was really, really funny. What DID happen to her? She was a one time thing, I guess.

    A classic.

  • Donna finds out about Kelso & Laurie.

    I love this episode because Hyde tries to get him to get caught. Also when Donna says "You knew about this?" And Eric pretends not to know, I also like when Donna finds out, her eyes open up so wide. I also like when they kick Kelso out of the sleeping out, also when Jackie surprises them & Kelso's face was priceless. That was so funny & Jackie's face when she saw Laurie. Also when Hyde consoles Donna, that was sweet. The end was really good when Eric & Donna are in the sleeping bag together, it was so cute. This episode is so awesome.
  • Donna finds out about Kelso and Laurie

    This episode was very well written with each plot being hilarious whether it be Hyde's cinderella-like quest to find the "jugs to fit this top" or Kelso's problem of having both his girlfriend and the girl he's cheating on her with going on the trip with him, Hyde's traps being great.

    The jokes in this episode are great too like Kelso's "Oh, I like to pretend they don't do that" and Hyde's "In fact, I would have dumped you months ago" and Fez joining Laurie and Jackie's girly talk.

    Overall, the episode shows a great Vanstock experience with many laughable moments.