That '70s Show

Season 1 Episode 21

Water Tower

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 1999 on FOX

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  • superb


    what i liked- Hyde telling Kelso about when he was younger, he tried to get into Kelso's house, but his dog attacked him and bit his butt, and Kelso starts laughing really hard, the end credits with Fez trying to fix the leaf on the tower, Eric not wanting to admit he saw Red and Kitty in the act and so he says he is doing drugs, amongst other things.

    good, funny episode. kind of boring in some parts but overall pretty enjoyable. B+ as my final grade.

  • 121

    Hilarious installment of That 70s Show. Definitely will go down as one of my favorites. Also a series classic and the beginning of a running gag that lasted throughout the series' run. In which everyone falls off the water tower.

    We got a lot of great scenes with Topher Grace tonight. I'm really impressed with this actor. This was his first acting role yet he did an outstanding job in this episode. On the other hand, Laura Prepon's acting was pretty bad. It was almost painful at times to watch her.

    Nevertheless, we got some really great story lines here. A setting stone in the Michael & Hyde friendship, some really hilarious back-and-forths from Red & Kitty, and even some amusing Laurie scenes in which she's nice for a change (something a bit out of character, but it worked). Superb episode overall: these really were the golden days of the series.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show that 70s show erik and the gang paint a pot leaf on the water tower and turns out that it does not look that good till kelso falls off the water tower and breaks his arm and jakie gets kelso to think that hyde should apolzie to kelso and then they go home and eriks sees his mother and dad having sex and turns out its adramic event and he starts to act weird and then he gets help from his sister and donna and they think erik is on drugs and he final tells them about it this was a good ep
  • Kelso falls off the water tower while the gang is painting a potleaf on it, and Eric encounters the scariest thing of his life when he walks in on his parents having sex.

    Jackie gets upset when her beloved Michael Kelso falls off the water tower. Who does she blame? Hyde. But why would she blame Hyde? Because, he forced Kelso to climb up higher on the water tower to improve the potleaf the gang had painted on it. Kelso slips, falls, and takes a hard landing on the ground below him. Hyde's not upset, though. He's worried about the potleaf looking like a hand giving him the finger. Jackie turns Kelso against Hyde, too, while he is recovering. But in the end, Hyde reminds Kelso of a time that he was in pain and Kelso just laughed. So they're all even. Jackie doesn't think so, though. Meanwhile, before Kelso gets to the hospital, Eric goes up to his parents' bedroom to get his mom, a nurse, to help him. But he quickly backs away when he opens their door and walks in on them having sex. Eww, gross! They don't even notice Eric as he runs off, and just takes the gang to the hospital himself. During the episode, Red and Kitty are suspicious that Eric is doing drugs because of his loss of appetite and just flat out, loss of mood to Red or Kitty. He can't even look at them without their clothes "being off"! (This is just a fantasy, of course) In the end, Eric and his parents have a talk about drugs, and Eric says that's he's not on drugs. When Red asks him what the hell is wrong, he can't say it, and just admits to being on drugs. But Laurie butts in and says it for him: "Eric walked on you guys having sex!" So Red and Kitty share a laugh over it, and Red confirms that Eric has learned his lesson: Always knock. Even if it is in the middle of the afternoon.
  • Funniest episode ever!

    "Ha! And also, hee-hee!" (Steven Hyde).

    Who would have thought that one would find it surreal to catch his or her parents "doing it"? I only had a couple of seconds to recover from each laugh! I was literally guffawing the entire 30 minutes! Even commercial breaks didn't stop me from rolling my ass becaus of the extreme hilarity.

    The best part was that there wasn't an act wasted because each line was freaking hilarious!

    This episode, in my view, displayed the trademark humor of the show.

    Excellent script writing, outstanding punch line delivery, and oh so hilarious antics!

    I vote funniest episode ever!!!

    And best Water Tower fall of the century!
  • this was the first episode I saw and it was so funny!!!

    I loved this episode it was very funny. the whole thing with them painting a pot leaf on the water tower that looks like the finger is so funny! while making it better Kelso falls and breaks his arm and lies to his dad saying it happened because a cow kicked him after he tipped it over SO FUNNY!!!! meanwhile Eric after seeing his parents having sex he begins acting strange leading to his parents thinking he's on drugs also so very funny!!! this episode in my opinion was a great episode from now on I am a that 70's show fan. great show!!!!
  • I have feelings too!

    Every teen likes to get into trouble, and Eric and the gang are about to get into a lot of it. I love the idea that they focused on the normal teen behavior in this episode. You know, causing trouble and stuff like that. Of course, there is also the part where they get into a lot of trouble, which this episode also had a little focus on.

    Michael and Hyde's argument was just fun to watch. They were both really funny.

    Eric on the other hand, had a very... strange and very unpleasant storyline, but it is very believable.

    Overall, perfect episode.
  • How funny can this episode get?

    At the begining of this episode, the gang is panting a Marrajuina(sp) leaf on top of the Point Place, Wissconsin Water Tower. But then Kelso falls off the water tower and breakes his arm, and since Kitty is a nurse, Kric goes to get her but he walks in on his parents making love. And so for a long time Eric starts acting weird and Red and Kitty think he's on drugs. And during the cridets, Fez continues painting the leaf but then he falls of the water tower. This episode was full of laughs and is on of the best episodes in the series.

    5 out of 5
  • Hilarious plots everywhere

    Any person that watches this episode is guaranteed to love it for it has so many hilarious stories piled into the one installment and great revelations such as when Eric sees his parents having sex and both Donna and Red are also revealed as kids with the same problem.

    The potleaf or finger on the Water Tower was brilliant as was Jackie turning Kelso against Hyde, Hyde pointing out that he didn't do anything at the end of the episode.

    This episode truly is a classic from Kelso falling from the tower to Laurie being horrified by the thought of Kitty and Red and for the only time in the series, sympathizing with Eric.
  • This episode is hillarious from start to finish.

    All great series have great episodes that stand out from the others. For That 70s show, this is one of those episodes.

    I think most people would relate to Eric's trauma of walking in on his parents having sex. Many of us don't even like the idea, let alone actually seeing it. The editing, directing and music (Tell Me Something Good by Rufus) in this episode are brilliant. They do an excellent job in illustrating Eric's conflict.

    This is one of the few episodes where Laurie is genuinely sympathetic and supportive towards Eric. (Heck, it may be one of the only time.) Her reaction to Eric's problem (with the theme of Psycho) was priceless. Eric's imagination of Kitty wiping off juice off of her chest was also great.

    Water tower also features a parody of National Geographic. The parody/fantasies are a trademark of this series. Especially because they usually feature shows or movies that were popular during the 70s.

    This episode is where you can find my favorite quote from Red.
    Red: Are you on dope? Are you?
    Kitty: Because, because, we can help get you clean. There's counseling, hospitalization . . .
    Red: My foot kicking your ass!

    Another great story line was the pot leaf on the water tower (hence, the name of the episode) and the fact that it looked like someone giving the finger. Anytime thereafter that showed a scene with the water tower, you see the faded pot leaf. They also revisit Kelso falling off of the water tower in a later episode.

    Fez also has a great line when he says, "Boy, these after school specials are thrilling. I mean, who knew it takes only one beer to turn a cheerleader into a whore?"

    If I were to get someone to watch this series, I would use this episode as an example of why they should.
  • Guys paint a pot leaf on the water tower, but they made it look like it was giving the finger. Kelso tries to fix it and falls , instead of going to the hospital they go to erics mom and Eric walks in on them having sex.

    One of the best episodes of That 70s Show ever. I die everytime i watch that episode. The best part is when they are eating breakfast, and Eric pictures them naked. LmaO. Too funny. I think this episode deserves a great review so I give it GREAT. It is one of the best and it will go down as a classic.