That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 18

We Will Rock You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 04, 2006 on FOX
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We Will Rock You
Jackie and Fez's love of The Village People inspires the rest of the gang to hold a "Disco Sucks" bonfire. While there, Fez meets a very friendly rocker chick, Donna meets some of Randy's ex-girlfriends, and Hyde meets the local law enforcement officer. Meanwhile, Red and Kitty meet their neighbors; Kitty's worried how Red will react to their lifestyle, but all that concerns Red is which football team they're cheering for.moreless

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  • we will rock you

    Me gusta mucho
  • YMCA!

    This episode rocked, literally. Kitty & Red's new neighbors are gay And they're from the Brady Bunch!? That plot was so hilarious & at the end, Red kicked them out because they were Vikings fans, and I love it when the guy said they were born that way. The A plot was amazing, I love how Jackie thought that Fez was in love with her but he just wanted to be a good friend, then they accidentally set the discos on fire. The C plot was also amazing, Donna jealous of all of Randy's ex's. Now she is tense about everything. I love this episode!moreless
  • New neighbours and old disco!

    Randy is a fairly dull character, but when he just has a few lines an episode he can be considered funny, but in episodes like this, where he plays a major role, it becomes too much, because Randy just isn't very interesting or entertaining, though I get why the character is used this season. Other than this complaint, the episode is funny, with the disco burning plot taking main stage, with Fez abandoning his belief for a hot chick, and Jackie still trying to get Fez to pay attention to her.

    Red's homophobia of the neighbours is hilarious, and the ending was hilarious, and a great reference to Red's love of football, and Bob's response is hilarious as well. Overall the episode is very funny, and most of the plot is great.moreless
  • this was my fav episode it was so good i just loved deanna wright in it she played sarah she was the one who randy did not date deanna was so hot in itmoreless

    this was my fav episode it was so good i just loved deanna wright in it she played sarah she was the one who randy did not date deanna was so hot in it she was on manchester prep 1999 fox passions 2000 - 2003 2004 nbc cruel intentions 2 2001 fox run of the house 2004 wb miss match 2004 nbc csi miami 2004 cbs modern men 2006 wb that 70s show 2006 fox and out of practice 2006 cbs and it also hade amber from bold and brandon from days of our lifes kay from passions and amber from bold are my favesmoreless
  • Randy the slut, new (GAY) neighbors, and the death of Disco...

    Hide and Randy decide to have a huge bonfire of all the old disco records, but Jackie is offended by the idea and decides to stand up for disco along with Fez. However, everyone knows that Jackie only wants Fez there so that she can tell him how she feels about him. When at the bonfire Donna learns that Randy has been in a relationship with most of the girls at the bonfire. Red and Kitty get new neighbors who are two gay men. Red at first has a problem with them being gay but lets that go, what he cant let go is the fact the they are Viking fans and so he kicks them both out in fury!!!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The police officer that appears is actually the warm up comedian that would come out before the show, and during the breaks on the set for the audience.

    • Randy: I mean, if we took all the people I've dated and all the people you've dated and put them in a room together...
      Donna: We'd have a room full of girls. And Eric.

      Eric wasn't the only person Donna dated. She omits Casey Kelso whom she dated in season 4.

    • The music used in this episode was:
      Y.M.C.A. (1978) by Village People.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jackie: Why do you guys hate disco so much? It's the only thing white people can dance to!

    • Randy: Look, I'm sure you've dated a lot of people too. I mean, if we took all the people I've dated and all the people you've dated and put them in a room together...
      Donna: We'd have a room full of girls... and Eric.

    • Red: Wait a second... you guys live together?
      Josh: Yup.
      Red: Without any wives or girlfriends?
      Jeff: Yup.
      Red: You know what I call guys like you?
      Kitty: Oh dear...
      Red: Lucky bastards! (laughs and slaps Josh on the back)

    • (Red has just accepted his two new gay neighbors, but is now furious with their omission that they are Vikings fans and kicked them out)
      Kitty: Great, Red! Now I'll never know what rug would tie this room together!!!!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Donna: Oh, I heard that in Chicago they made a huge bonfire out of disco records.

      This quote and the bonfire the gang later has is a reference to the disco demolition night at Comiskey Park, in Chicago, on July 12, 1979. The promotion took place during a Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers double header. The promotion called for attendees to bring their old disco records to the ballpark in order for them to receive a $0.98 entrance fee to the game. In between the two games, a bomb was detonated destroying all the disco records and a portion of the outfield.

    • Jeff: The last place we lived, we had to tell people that we were brothers! Who would ever believe that the two of us could be brothers?

      This is a reference which pokes fun at the show, The Brady Bunch (1969 - 1974), in which Christopher Knight and Barry Williams played brothers.