That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 6

We're Not Gonna Take It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman kitchen, Eric comes in and tells Red, Kitty, Bob and Donna that he got fired from the dog food factory. Kitty tells him that they'll do fine without his pay cheque; Eric wonders why Joanne would fire him, and asks Bob what's going on. Bob tells them that he and Joanne broke up...and he didn't see it coming. He starts crying and Red kicks him out. Donna leaves too; Eric promises that he's going to get a high-paying job.

[Scene change: Eric jumps up and does karate moves.]

In the Forman basement, Eric is looking at want ads; Hyde tells him that they're looking for a waiter at the Hotel restaurant; Kelso says that he's up for that job and he needs it because he has a baby on the way, adding that bus boy is a job, but waiter is a career. Eric suggests that they both try out and let the best man win; Kelso says no, he wants the job.

[Scene change: Fez dancing towards the camera.]

In the Forman livingroom, Laurie comes in; Fez sarcastically greets her, reminding her that she's married. Red and Kitty come in; Red says that he thought that the marriage was over; Laurie admits that she didn't file for divorce, using the money that Kitty gave her to buy a new make-up mirror and some wine instead. Red says that they're all going to the courthouse tomorrow to file for the divorce.

[Scene change: Kelso and Donna boogie across the screen.]

In the Forman basement, Kelso, Donna, Jackie and Bob are watching tv. The gang is clearly uncomfortable, and Bob admits that he's uncomfortable too, then leaves. Donna feels badly for her dad; Jackie suggests sending a present from a secret admirer. Donna decides to send him some fudge.

[Scene change: Jackie and Kelso dance across the screen.]

In the Hotel kitchen, Eric comes in and introduces himself to Roy. Kelso comes over and tells Roy that this is the guy he was telling Roy about and Roy tells Eric that he can't hire someone who has a disease that spreads through food. Kelso admits that Eric doesn't have "food-a-spred-itis"; Hyde suggests a competition to see which of the two would be the better waiter.

[Scene change: Donna jumps towards the camera.]

In the Forman livingroom, Red, Kitty, Laurie and Fez are ready to go to the courthouse; Red opens the door and there's a box there. He brings it in and opens it up - it's a wedding present from Aunt Martha. Kitty wonders what it is, but Red says they have to return it. Kitty points out that it's probably a nice present, since Aunt Martha is well-to-do.

In the Pinciotti kitchen, Jackie and Donna are sitting at the table; Bob comes in and tells them that he got fudge, but he doesn't know who it's from. Donna tells him that someone likes him. The phone rings; it's Joanne, and Bob tells her that it's too late to talk about getting back together and hangs up. Donna is shocked.

In the Hotel dining room, Roy tells Eric that he's going to test him on all skills. He places a big complicated order, and Eric properly relays the order to Hyde in the kitchen. Roy gives Kelso the same order, which Kelso translates into "a cheeseburger." The second test is dealing with a difficult customer, which Eric again handles well but Kelso messes up. The third test is carrying a tray of dishes, and again, Eric does well, but Kelso knocks the "baby" out of the highchair and drops all the dishes. Roy hires Eric.

[Scene change: Kelso boogies across the screen.]

In the Forman livingroom, Red comes in with the papers from the courthouse, saying that only 12 signatures are required for freedom. Kitty, Laurie and Fez all look at the present; all of them want to open it. Fez smells it, and discovers that it smells like a box. Kitty says that they have to open it because there might be perishables or a puppy in there. Laurie, ripping a piece of paper off the box, claims that it's ripped, and Kitty figures out what the present is, and in her joy, rips all the wrapping paper off.

[Scene change: Eric lies on the ground and pounds the screen.]

In the Hotel kitchen, Eric asks Kelso where his food is - Kelso gives him a shoe, saying it's a fillet of sole...BURN! Later on, Kelso tells Eric that he's done trying to ruin things for Eric, and he's okay with the fact that he's only ever going to be just a really handsome busboy. Eric asks Roy if there's a job available for Kelso; Roy says that there might be, and he's willing to give Kelso another try-out, and Eric says he'll work wtih Kelso.

In the Pinciotti kitchen, Bob is eating the fudge; Jackie and Donna come in. Bob tells them that he's been trying to figure out who set the fudge; Donna admits that she and Jackie sent it to cheer him up; but they realize that they've screwed up his chances of getting back together with Joanne. Bob says it's okay. Donna offers to take him to the model train shop; Bob, having regained some of his self-confidence, says that he's going to talk to the woman at the pharmacy instead.

[Scene change: Jackie's face in a close-up.]

In the Forman basement, Eric is helping Kelso with the restaurant tray, but Kelso thinks that he can't do it and Eric has to boost his morale, telling him that he's Michael Kelso and he makes the impossible happen. Just as he picks up the tray, Hyde calls his name, causing him to drop the tray and break everything.

[Scene change: Red looms at the camera.]

In the Forman kitchen, Red comes in with the divorce papers; Kitty tells him breakfast is ready and pulls bacon out of the microwave. Red is shocked that she's using the present, and tells her that Fez and Laurie have to get divorced. Laurie comes in with another present; Red tries to stop her, but she pulls out the present - a circular saw, which impresses Red. Fez tells him that he can keep it, but Red says it would be wrong. Kitty points out that it would be wrong to keep the gifts if they were divorced, but sending them back would be rude if they were still married. Red agrees, telling Laurie that she can have a divorce if a riding mower hasn't shown up within a month.

In the Hotel dining room, Roy is giving Kelso the tray test. Kelso runs around the room, managing not to drop anything and avoiding obstacles in his way. He successfully makes it to the end, and Roy gives him a job as waiter. Roy and Hyde leave; Kelso says that he can't believe that he got the job and Eric tells Kelso that he can't believe that the glue on all the dishes held. Kelso holds up the tray sideways, and none of them fall off - they've all been super-glued on. They both agree that Kelso's first shift is not going to go well.

[End credits: In the Forman kitchen, Fez puts a metal pan of soup in the microwave, reading the warning not to put metal in it, but doing it anyway. The microwave shoots sparks and shuts down. Fez opens the door to the livingroom, and tells Kitty that Eric broke the microwave, then runs out.]
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