That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 6

We're Not Gonna Take It

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2003 on FOX

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    Some scenes in this episode were hysterical, the plots were average. Kelso tries to get a job as a waiter at the hotel where they work at. Eric wants the job too since he got fired from the dog food factory because Joann & Bob broke up. Kelso & Eric compete for the job. Watching Kelso fail miserably was probably the funniest part of this episode. Watching him drop expensive plates, fail every test that was handed out to him. An amazingly hilarious scene, was when he was trying to satisfy customers played by Roy & Steven, and he ends up calling the wife a b!tch.Hilarious. Eric ends up getting the waiter job, but Eric manages to help Kelso get the waiter job. Even though he helped Kelso cheat on the test by gluing the plates together, Kelso got the job. Meanwhile Donna & Jackie try to cheer up Bob from his bad breakup with Joann, and they make up a secret admirer to make him happy. It only made matters worse when it ruined his chance with Joann. An okay plot, not that great, I think it was eventful though since Joann finally left the show. Fez & Laurie are ready to have a divorce... until the wedding presents come rolling in. The family trying to find out what was in the box was a great plot. 1 hysterical plot, 1 clever plot, and 1 weak plot. A good episode overall, which was eventful at parts, but of course this show is always funny.
  • This is better then wrestling!

    When Eric loses his job at the dog factory, he decides to fight with Kelso to take the job as waiter. When Eric succeds "obviously", Kelso is trained to get the job.
    Next thing, Laurie and Fez has a taken fight, So Red thinks to take them out. But, when Aunt Margaret delivers a mystery present... oh, boy, the divorce is off!
    Then, with the dog factory thing, Joanne has wanted to break up with Bob. So, Jackie and Donna sends Bob some fudge. Which, has the best loveydovey poem in the whole world;

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    Fudge is sweet
    Here's sone fudge.

    I gotta give props, man, this episode made me laugh all the way throught the end. Give it some props!
  • Kelso Vs Eric in a waiter-off!

    Yet another terrific episode of That 70’s Show, We’re not gonna take it has the hilarious plot of Kelso trying to be a waiter, the Formans wanting to open wedding gifts and Bob having a secret admirer.

    The ending of Kelso’s plot is hilarious with the superglue on the tray, as is Red’s decision at the end of the other plot after seeing the saw. While both plots are terrific, Bob’s isn’t quite as hilarious but it does have its moments and Joanne gone is an interesting plot development in the life of the neighbours.

    Overall, this is a very funny episode, and one that shouldn’t be missed by any fan.
  • An episode about Eric and Kelso feuding for a job and then Fez and Laurie still stuck in their so called marriage.

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes of the stale season 6. This has to be one of the best ones of season 6 even though nothing exciting happens it\'s just well written with funny lines. The funniests scene have to include Kelso and Eric competeing over the job at the resturaunt. I also liked the scenes with Laurie and Fez too and yes Laurie #2 had some pretty good lines in this episode and also by this time it seems Christina Moore seemed to develop more into Laurie.
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