That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 3

What Is and What Should Never Be (1) (a.k.a. Kitty's Pregnant)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2002 on FOX

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  • Kitty announces that she is pregnant but Red isn't very happy about it. Meanwhile, Eric and Donna try to get Hyde and Jackie to tell Kelso the truth about them being together.


    So this is Part 1 of the 2-Part "That's 70s Show" episode. I thought Part 1 of this episode was excellent with a bunch of very funny parts. This is the reason why "That 70s Show" is one of my favorite sitcoms.... because the characters are well developed, everyone is hilarious in their own different ways, and the writing is just genius. I don't know how the writers are so creative at making this show is funny but they surely do a great job and I give the writers credit for being so good at writing this show. The plot with Kitty announcing that she is pregnant which makes Red not being very happy is a very interesting plot. The plot with Eric and Donna trying to get Hyde and Jackie to tell Kelso the truth about the two of them being together is funny but also exciting along the way. Although, Fez's part wasn't too big in this episode but he sure as heck was hilarious. Eric also standing up to Red about to "be a man" was awesome because Red raised Eric to be man and it was just awesome and funny that Eric was actually telling off Red. Red painting the baby crib is also nice and all. The very ending with Kelso looking through the window and seeing Hyde and Jackie making out to end the episode was exciting. There is a quick scene but the episode basically ends with Kelso saying "Oh, he's dead". Overall, Part 1 of this episode was interesting and funny. 10/10

  • Red's mad that Kitty's pregnant

    I like this episode and the whole 5th season because Jackie and Hyde together. I wanted Kelso to beat up Hyde for taking Jackie. Donna and Eric should of just told him. And i also realized that everyone really cares about Fez. It would be cool if Kitty really had the baby and didn't have menopause. It would be also cool if Jackie stayed with Hyde. ut would be much better. I mean Jackie and Fez just don't go together it's gross. But this episode is really cool. How it was such a special episode. It was to be continued. Jackie and Hyde were all going at it.
  • Kitty learns she expecting, and Red accepts it with us usual tact. Hyde convinces Eric that Jackie is hot!

    I finally saw this episode after missing it the first time it aired. Having to watch Kelso jump from no knowing about Jackie and Hyde and then knowing was difficult to understand, but this episode makes it much clearer. The Kitty sub-plot is kind of a flashback to Eric's preminition that he gets a baby brother, or not considering how things developed, but what makes this episode for me is seeing Mila Kunis in the coconut bikini in Eric's fantasy. Finally, proof she is hotter than Donna. I can't believe Mila agreed to wear that outfit. I wonder if she's aware how hot she is.
  • What's the difference between having a shark eating your license and losing it?

    This episode is very funny, with some classic Kelso lines and a very interesting development inside Kitty.

    The cliffhanger of Kelso finding out about Hyde and Jackie was nicely plotted as his slow mind gets to what’s happening and Red’s reaction to Kitty being pregnant for the third time was also very funny and with a real ending of accepting that they would have a child. Eric girltalking with Jackie, Kitty and Donna was also very funny as was the scene with Kelso in line to get a new license after his old one was “eaten by a shark”.

    Once again, That 70’s Show proves that anything can happen in Wisconsin, even Fez working at a DMV, with a very professional resume form.
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