That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 3

What Is and What Should Never Be (1) (a.k.a. Kitty's Pregnant)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2002 on FOX



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    • Jackie: Steven, are you even listening to me?
      Hyde: God help me, I am.

    • (Kitty is serving a full plate to herself)
      Kitty: Ladies first.
      Eric: Or ladies only?
      Kitty: Oh, well, hm... well, it's not all for me. I'm eating for two now.
      Red, Hyde, Eric: WHAT?
      Kitty: I'm pregnant.
      Red: Oh God, no! ....I mean, Great!

    • Fez: Ooooh, staring contest. I got winner!

    • Hyde (to Eric): Okay, picture Jackie in a little bikini made out of coconuts.
      (Hyde's fantasy)
      Jackie: Where is our signal fire? And don't give me any "oh, boo-hoo my hands are bleeding." Suck it up! (grabs her breasts) Aww, damn, I got a splinter. You couldn't grab the tweezers as the ship was going down? (scoffs) Moron.

    • Eric: Hey, I was just inside with mom, and she's really upset, so… I just want to know, what's your problem?
      Red: You made me bald.
      Eric: What?
      Red: Five generations, not one bald head in my family. Then you came along and-well, look at it. (bends over and points at his head) Children make me bald.
      Eric: You know what? Wear a hat. 'Cause mom is really scared, and she could really use a little damn support right now. And I don't usually tell you what to do 'cause you usually do the right thing, but this time, you didn't. You know how you're always telling me to be a man? Well, be a man! (turns and walks away then turns back) I made you bald? You made me skinny!

    • Hyde: You've been to the free clinic?
      Kelso: No, but I did see your mom there. Burn!
      (Hyde punches Kelso)
      Kelso: Ah, that's gonna leave a mark. Just like your mom did.

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