That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 15

When the Levee Breaks (a.k.a. Eric and Donna Play House)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2003 on FOX

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  • Play House; Adult Edition!

    Donna and Eric are trying to become little kids again (not really) by playing Married. Some party crashers (AKA, the rest of the gang) tries holding a girl in a tube top, but, that dosen't cut it. When they eat the chicken pinciotti Donna feeds them, Eric REALLY needs to go to the bathroom. And, it's really not nice to go with Donna.

    Now, this episode went up and down here. Kitty gets a call that Eric's ring is ready. She gets it, as Fenton calls Hyde "Stuntman" (no overtones). She gets it, and now, Eric must go to Kelso's house. But, guess WHAT?!

    "No party, no pooper!"

    So, it goes downhill, and I didn't like the outcome of the ending. Still, it's a pretty good episode... if you like the Sims.
  • The beginning of living hell.

    I labeled this episode summary because the parents find out that Eric & Donna are engaged, then the parents give them a lot of grief throughout the season. I love how Kitty finds out, she thinks it's from Red, but then she finds Eric's engagement ring, her reaction is hilarious. I also like how Hyde got a new sweater & it said STUNTMAN, that was so funny at the end when Bob was wearing the same thing, I also like how Eric needed to go to the bathroom the whole time just to be mature. And Red kicks him out, amazing way to end an episode.
  • Folks find out!

    With a whole plot dedicated to Eric trying to find a toilet, the episode really doesn’t sound mature until you actually see the episode which has hilarious moments including the jeweller, Hyde’s jacket that he hates so much he has to get it off his chest, the engagement secret coming out, Hyde, Kelso and Fez wanting to party and excuses and threats galore.

    Eric and Donna having a trial marriage was pretty funny and seemed to get worse as the episode goes on, which of course makes it more entertaining for us, and this episode starts a string that follow about Red’s rage.