That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 15

Who Are You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2004 on FOX

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  • It was alright but I would say "somewhat good" for this episode since it does get a good score from me.

    I thought that this was a good but not great episode of "That 70s Show". It wasn't a terrible episode but it was just alright and didn't really make me laugh that much. Jackie's mom Pam (Brooke Shields) unexpectedly returns from Mexico and Jackie can't forgive her mom. Everyone tries to convince Jackie to forgive Pam though. Meanwhile, Kelso is getting ready to leave to the police academy but he was too scared to go there. I think I enjoyed Kelso's plot a little more. I wouldn't say that the Pam/Jackie plot was handled that well though but it was handled in an alright way. I laughed pretty hard when Eric, Hyde, and Fez were trying to catch Kelso so he can go to the police academy. I also laughed very hard when Kelso is leaving to the police academy and then Hyde says "I love you" then Eric says "I love you" and then Fez says "I love you the most" and then Hyde says "We were just kidding" and then Fez responds "I knew that"... that part was hilarious. Overall, this episode wasn't the best but Kelso's plot was pretty hilarious. 7/10
  • 615

    Well this epsiode was emotional in a subtle way. The thing I really enjoyed about this season is that it has great continuity and the development is quite amazing. This episode was a perfect example on the flow of the story lines. Remember in season 5 when Jackie was living with the Forman's, when Jackie's floozy mom left her to be in Mexico, yeah well... she's back. Jackie isn't very welcoming, then Pam starts to date Bob. And then Donna thinks that she is just after his money, which 'causes a feud between Jackie & Donna. I always love plots with both of them together, that's what makes the episode better, with all their frenenemy like conversations. In the end, things are still left up in the air for them, when they decide to stop fighting and try to break up Bob & Pam. I guess we have to wait for the next episode. These were one of the emotional plots. Red & Kitty's bickering over Pam felt cheesy and played out, it was good for some cheap laughs, but it didn't really help the episode much.

    Another emotional plot, is the aftermath of Kelso burning down the police academy, he has to be sent to a new one. And he doesn't want to go back, because he is afraid that he wont make friends. Fez, Hyde & Eric all help him through it and makes sure that he goes to the police academy. A lot of laughs from the plot. This was the second emotional plot, you can't really tell, but you have to read between the lines.

    This episode was funny and it pulled off some of the storylines, and Brooke Shields wasn't bad as Jackie's mom. Looking forward to the future arcs. Great episode.
  • Jackie's mum returns!

    This episode is hilarious with Jackie and Donna’s parents together, Kelso being scared of starting anew, and Red and Kitty’s fights about nothing… okay, tea. Eric still dealing with the celibacy is a great theme in these episodes and Kelso’s plot is hilarious, about giving up on the force because he didn’t think he could make friends and after encouraging him, the gang embarrassing him as he enters.

    Jackie’s mum is quite a good plot aswell, with a rift between Donna and Jackie over their parents, Red and Kitty because of Kitty’s jealousy and so on. Overall, this episode is pretty good and quite funny.