That '70s Show

Season 8 Episode 9

Who Needs You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • Fenton and Fez continue their war while Hyde and Sam purposely create their own.

    This episode is hilarious, particularly Jackie and Fez's argument, which starts out as an ultimatum to shape up or put out, evolves into Jackie flooding the apartment and being ordered out, and then goes right to Jackie giving an ultimatum to Fenton. There were a lot of laughs throughout the episode, and I'm sure there'll be tons more Fez hitting on his roommate scenes to come.

    Hyde and Sam's angry sex is hilarious, and involves one of the classic split conversations that used to occur quite a lot in the show, and Red and Kitty attempting it was very funny.

    Donna trying to raise money was pretty funny, and unintentionally insulting everyone in her delirium was pretty good as well, but it's pretty horrible compared to the other two plots. However, this is still a great instalment of 70s show comedy, and plenty of laughs.
  • 2 good plots, one bad one.

    This was an okay episode. The good things about this episode and the bad things about this episode were around the same number. A large focus of the plot was on Fez and Jackie. And these scenes took place in their apartment with no interaction with any of the other cast members involved. This showed that the characters had grown up imensely since the pilot and somewhat justified Eric and Kelso's departure. I also liked how the running gag of the split screen conversations came back and how the license plate had the date on it again. Fenton's return also made the episode worth watching. However, there were a number of bad plots and jokes in this episode. For one, Santa Clause appearing in Donna's dream was the biggest WTF moment of the new year. And Randy is becoming very ennoying. His jokes are unfunny (a joke about a british boy stuck in an elevator was particularly bad) and him getting his own cut scene pissed me off. Since Randy was in a large portion of the episode, spending most of his time hitting on Donna, I've taken 3.2 points off the overrall score. If this episode had avoided the Donna at Grooves records subplot and just had the Fez/Jackie/Fenton plot and the Hyde and stripper wife/Red and Kitty plot, the episode would have been better.
  • 809

    Not a bad episode of That 70s Show, it was sort of neither here nor there for this episode. We've got the regular season eight mediocrity but I managed to chuckle once or twice while watching this episode.

    Why oh why did they add Randy to the transition scenes? He's so awful, and the whole plot with Donna trying to raise money was the worst. Since Laura Prepon has gotten incredibly annoying and uninteresting ever since Eric left, most of all she's been exaggerated, and that's what we saw in tonight's episode.

    The Fez & Jackie Show continues when Jackie floods the apartment. This plot was okay, it felt a bit rushed in the end, and Fez just seemed plain cruel to Jackie when she accidentally flooded the apartment. I never liked Fenton, and the fact that they made him recurring this season just bugs me.

    The only actual genuinely funny plot was Hyde and Sam's plot. Them fighting all the time to spice up their sex life, don't get me wrong, Samantha is and awful addition to the cast, but I loved the reactions from Red & Kitty, and this plot is where I got the most laughs from. Like I said before, Hyde is the only thing holding this show together.
  • Jackie start's her new job, and Leo fall's in love with Donna.

    As all the episodes in this new series, only hard core fans find something to laugh about, Eric and Kelso really make a big difference, however, giving more importance to the other characters can give them a chance to grow.
    Christine St. George: Mary Tyler Moore is disappointing as a new character... lacks "stamina"