That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 16

Whole Lotta Love (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on FOX

Episode Recap

In the Forman driveway, Hyde asks Eric why he had to tell Red he was engaged; they all watch through the door as Red yells at Bob. Eric tells the gang that his only hope is that Red will put his foot so far up his ass that he'll take Red to hell with him. Donna also asks why Eric told; Kelso comes in and tells the gang that the Hendersons got a new jungle gym, then asks what's going on? Eric says that he's trying to read Red's lips, but all he can see is that Red keeps calling him a "stupid duck," then he gets it. Kelso offers to spy on them. In the Forman kitchen Red says that Eric and Donna are too young to get married, and asks how they are going to live on their own; Kitty agrees and points out that she still has to cut the crusts off Eric's sandwiches, then admits that she really does that for herself because he's her baby. Kelso comes in and tells them to just keep talking, as he's not spying. Bob tells Red and Kitty that he doesn't like it either, but they can't break off the engagement, as that's just not romantic. Red announces that he'll take care of it, but Kitty tells him that he's not to yell at Eric, then forbids him to do it. Bob starts to forbid Red as well, but Red just tells him to shut up. Kelso goes back out to the porch; the gang asks what's going on in the kitchen, and he tells them that he doesn't really know, because he was too intent on not being noticed to pay attention. Eric wonders what else they can do to him, as Red has already taken the car away from him, so what else is left, and asks if Red is going to cut off his pinkie? Fez tells him that if they cut that off, there's no point in getting married. [Opening credits.] [Scene change: Hyde, Fez and Kelso walk across the screen.] At the DMV, Fez touches Nina's hand and moves to kiss her; she says that they can't do this here, then tells him that the tension between them is causing problems so they can either (a)explore their relationship; or (b)she can fire him. Fez asks if this is a trick question; she says no, so he chooses (b). She tells him that he should choose (a), and kisses him. In the Forman driveway, Eric plays basketball alone; Kitty comes out and tells him that dinner is ready. Eric says that since Red is inside, he'll just forage for berries; Kitty tells him that things are bad, but she's dealing with it, so he should too, and then tells him to get inside. In the Forman kitchen, they sit down to dinner. Kitty tells Red that she found their son, whom they love, out in the driveway. Eric speaks to Red, but Red ignores him, and speaks to Hyde instead; Kitty tells him that Eric said something and he should answer, but Red says that she told him not to yell at Eric, so he's not. Eric asks if he's getting the silent treatment; Red asks Hyde how school was? Hyde tells them that he learned in health class that an early engagement is a sign of drug use. Eric decides to see how serious Red is about the silent treatment, and announces that Russia has the right idea. Red glares at him, but says nothing. [Scene change: Hyde punches towards the camera, Eric does karate kicks.] In the Forman basement, Kelso comes in and sings happy birthday to Jackie, then gives her a present. Hyde comments that he didn't know it was her birthday and says that she should have told him, as he would have gotten her something . She tells him that she knows that he doesn't care so much about gifts, so didn't tell him; she opens the present as she's saying that gifts don't matter, and when she sees what Kelso has gotten for her, she screams that gifts do matter, and that the sweater that he's gotten for her is beautiful. She leaves to try it on; Hyde asks Kelso what he's doing, then says that he shouldn't do anything because he won't win anyway; Kelso says that he's not doing anything, and he will win. At the front of Nina's house, Fez tells Nina that people at work are starting to notice that there's something between them. Nina says that she'll have to figure out a way to ease the tension, then has an idea: Fez should spend the night with her. Fez agrees to do this, and tells her that she'll need to tell him when to stop; she says that she doesn't want him to stop anywhere. Fez is amazed; Nina kisses him and goes into the house. Fez is still standing outside, and starts to do a dance, and sings, "I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it!" Nina asks if he's coming inside, and he tells her that he made up this song years ago, and now that he's finally getting a chance to use it, he wants to take that opportunity. [Scene change: Jackie dances on the screen.] In the Forman basement, Kelso tells Jackie that he paid full price for the sweater, 27 dollars. Eric comes in from work; Donna asks him how work was, and he says that Red threw a broom at him. Donna suggests that Eric should try talking to Red; he asks if maybe she could do that for him, and when she jokingly says yes, he tells her that Red will be home at 5:30. Hyde and Fez come in; Hyde tells the gang that Fez has some wonderful news. Fez says, "Knock, knock," and they ask, "Who's there?" Fez tells them "I did it!" and they all clap. Kelso tells them to stop, because he wants to hear the end of the joke, and asks, "I did it who?" [Scene change: Fez dances on the screen.] In the Forman basement, Jackie tells Fez that she can't believe that he's lost his virginity; Eric checks to make sure that it's not like the time that Fez bought a hamster, named it "Virginity" and then lost it. Fez tells them that it was the real thing. Eric wants to know all about it, so Fez tells them that he and Nina started kissing in the living room, then went to the bedroom and did it. Kelso asks for more details, so Fez tells them that their faces didn't line up, so he kept bumping his chin on her nose, and that there were some sounds, but no romantic music like in the movies, so he started humming. Nina told him to stop humming, so he did, but then he started again, and she got made, then sad. Jackie suggests that Nina probably felt bad that she was doing it with a foreigner. Fez continues, saying that afterwards, he went to the bathroom and cried a little, then he snuck out the back door. Donna tries to console him by saying that it couldn't have been any worse, but then Fez adds that he left his underwear in Nina's bathroom. [Scene change: Donna walks towards the camera making a peace sign.] In the Forman living room, Donna sits on the sofa with Kitty, looking at Red. Donna asks him if he remembers what it was like when he fell in love with Kitty; Red says no, he just woke up one day and his life was over; Kitty adds that they weren't too young when they fell in love either. Donna tells them that there's one person for everyone, and Eric is that person for her; she says that they should be together since they're in love and they make each other happy. Kitty tells her that her speech was romantic, but they're still too young, then says that she's glad that if it's anyone, it's Donna, and that she has always wanted a daughter. Red points out that she already has a daughter, and Kitty tells him, "A ~better~ daughter." Red tells Donna that she and Eric are perfect for each other as she's as big a dumb-ass as Eric is; he leaves the room and Kitty laughs, then tells Donna, "Welcome to the family!" In the Forman driveway, Fez tells the gang that he's nervous about working with Nina today and he doesn't want to see her face again. Jackie comes in, wearing the sweater that Kelso gave her; Kelso mentions again that he gave it to her, and Hyde tells Jackie that she can't keep it. Eric asks Kelso what he's doing, giving Jackie a present; Kelso says that he's not doing anything, and it's working. Hyde tells Jackie to take the sweater off; Kelso tells her to leave it on. Fez says that he's on Hyde's side, because if Jackie takes the sweater off, then they'll get to see some skin. At the DMV, Fez and Nina are try to avoid each other, but can't. They're awkward together, and both end up at the same spot at the same time. She's trying to sharpen her pencil, but it gets stuck in the electric sharpener, and Fez tells her that she has to wiggle it around a little; she says, "Ugh, just like last night," and storms away. In the Forman kitchen Bob comes in; he asks where Red is, because he's angry that Red called Donna a dumb-ass. Eric is shocked that Red said that, and Bob informs them that their family would be lucky to get Donna, and she'd raise the level of the Forman family up. Eric says that they have to talk to Red; Kitty asks him why he had to get engaged, and why he had to tell Red about it? Eric is determined to find Red; Donna tells him to be careful, and once Eric has left, Bob turns to Kitty and tells her that he'd like a triple-decker wedding cake, no matter what. In the Forman basement, Fez tells the gang that working with someone you've done it with is the worst, and he doesn't understand how Donny and Marie do it. Kelso tells him that the first time can be awkward, although it wasn't for him and Jackie, and asks if they want him to tell the story? Hyde says that the story that he remembers is that after Kelso did it with Jackie, he didn't call her for a week; Jackie realizes that this is true, and Hyde continues, saying that Kelso didn't call her because he was thinking about breaking up with her, and then to get back on her good side, he bought her a stuffed unicorn. Jackie is shocked to learn that "Fluffycakes" is tainted; Hyde asks her if it sounds familiar, that Kelso wants something from her so he buys her a present? Kelso informs them that he didn't buy the sweater, he stole it. Jackie tells him that she doesn't want the sweater and takes it off, then leaves. Hyde tells Kelso, "I told you it wouldn't work," and Kelso claims that he wasn't doing anything. [Scene change: Fez walks across the screen.] At the front door of Nina's house; Fez rings the bell and when Nina answers, he tells her that he knows that the other night was awful, and that they should never do it again. Nina tells him that it was awful, but that means that they should get more practice, and invites him inside. Fez starts doing his 'I'm going to do it' song and dance, then goes in after her. At Price Mart, in Red's office, Eric tells Red that he can yell all he wants, but he and Donna are getting married. Red tells him that he's throwing his life away; Eric points out that Red said the same thing when he quit T-ball. Eric then tells Red that he can't stop them from getting married, and that he's making enough money to pay for the wedding himself; Red then tells Eric that he's fired, and says that Eric should punch out and clean out his locker. In the Forman basement, Hyde gives Jackie a present; she opens the box and inside is a Led Zeppelin t-shirt; it's one of Hyde's and is used. He tells her that it's his favorite one, and he wanted her to have it; she asks if she has to wear it, and when he says no, she tells him that she loves it. [End credits: In the Forman kitchen, Eric, Red and Kitty sit silently, and then Kitty says, well that was a fun 20 minutes, who wants a little kick in their coffee? She stands up to get some liquor for her coffee and Donna comes in. She stands there for a minute, looking at Red, then says "You're the dumb-ass!" and runs out.]