That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 16

Whole Lotta Love (a.k.a. The Silent Treatment)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on FOX

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    Fez finally lost his virginity after all these years! HOORAY! Fez and Nina have finally done it! Hooray for Fez and Nina! But, mostly Fez! Wooooootttt!!!!! YEAHHH!!! Fez is DA MAN! And the Jackie to Hyde competition was really funny. Red being quiet to Eric, giving him the silent treatment was really funny. And it was hilarious when Red said Eric and Donna were perfect for each other because they were both dumbasses, then Kitty welcomed her to the family :P. Really funny episode, I almost laughed so hard that I cried.

    Red is furious with Eric and Donna getting engaged. And Eric is glad he's getting the silent treatment. In fact, he's happy to, possibly even proud to be ignored. So, he decides to have some fun with Red while he's being silent with him, but, it gets a little hard. Especially since he's NOT being silent with Donna and he calls her a dumbass.
    Kelso buys Jackie a birthday present she loves, but Hyde forgot that it was her birthday.
    Fez is happy to have finally done it, but is nervous that Nina will dump him when the sex was terrible and not at all like it should have been. But, Nina thinks that Fez just needs some more practice. So, Fez does it, Fez does it A LOT! It had some slow parts, so-

  • Fez loses his virginity.

    This was a very special episode for Fez, he loses his virginity! Counting on the fact that it was completely terrible but it was something. I liked how Donna finally had on-on-one with Red, she finally stood up for her engagement, So this episode is basically 10 minutes after the last one, so it's sort of the aftermath of the parents finding out. I loved the C plot. Kelso continues to pursue Jackie by buying her a birthday present & Hyde tries to compete & gives Jackie the Zeppelin t-shirt at the end, so sweet. I also like how she took the sweater in front of everybody.
  • Knock Knock, who's there? I DID IT....

    This episode is the Fallour from Eric telling Red about him and Donna being engaged.Dumba$$ is uttered a few times. The best thing of the entire episode is The monumental occasion of Fez finally losing his virginity to Nina, HAH the "im going to do it" dance is the funniest thing ever! Also Kelso is trying to win Jackie back from Hyde and he buys her a pink fluffy sweater which Hyde is not impressed by and tells Jackie she cant keep it, and remindes her of all the horrible things Kelso has done to her, she then throws the sweater back at kelso LOL. In a rare sweet moment Hyde gives Jackie his favourite Led Zeppelin T-Shirt for her birthday, cos shes with him now...AWWWW
  • Fez finally gets to do it!

    This is a great aftermath of Eric’s announcement which has some of the funniest Red moments ever, and Donna calling him a dumbass at the end for her own sense of revenge. Firing Eric, lecturing Eric and basically denouncing him was a very good plot for the episode.

    Of course the most important plot is after five years of complaining, Fez finally loses his virginity, and not his hamster, Virginity, either, albeit it did sound extremely awkward.

    Kelso and Hyde’s competition over gifts is also a hilarious plot, with all the characters having classic lines and all in all, this episode is certainly entertaining.

    First off, Red RUINED this episode! How could he do that to Eric and Donna? She's right, he's the dumb***! If my parents did that to me, they'd never see my face again. Ever. Period. Red should be happy that Eric is finally getting serious! It's what he's always wanted!
    Kelso, while a huge jerk and a big idjit, redeemed this episode with his hilariously bad attempt to break up Jackie and Hyde. I loved Hyde's rendition of Kelso's first time with Jackie story. Lame-o Kelso! But Fez was so cute with HIS first time! Love the "I'm going to do it" dance! Classic!
  • Looks like I am the first person to write a review for this episode? For those who wonder if this episode is good, let me tell ya, it is indeed worthwhile to watch.

    This is a good episode although there aren't a lot of jokes in this one. Basically, Red is a meanie. He calls Donna a dumbass and says that is why he thinks she is perfect for Eric, who of course, is also a dumbass in his mind. Kitty is really accepting about Donna and welcomes her to the family. I like Kitty's attitude more. She acknowledges that they are both too young for marriage, but she doesn't deny the fact that Donna is a wonderful girl. Red is just being retarded, but that sure adds many humourous elements. He is also a meanie for firing Eric to prevent him from being able to pay for the wedding. I dislike Red in this episode, but I suppose someone's gotta be the bad guy to make this whole marraige thing wortwhile and the show funny, right? I like Hyde a lot in this episode especailly how he treats Jackie. The birthday present he gives her is used, but it's the thought that counts, and I am sure his intention is very good. Jackie surprises me, however, because I thought she was going to be high maintenance about Hyde's second hand gift, but instead, she shows appreciation. Good on ya, girl!
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