That '70s Show

Season 7 Episode 19

Who's Been Sleeping Here?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 23, 2005 on FOX
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Who's Been Sleeping Here?
Donna and Eric are in disbelief when Kelso chooses Jackie and Hyde over them to be Betsy's godparents. On the other hand, Hyde and Angie believe there's someone breaking into the store, so Angie places a camera to see who it is. After viewing the tape, they discover it's Fez crashing there at night because his host parents kicked him out since he already graduated. Kitty gives Fez and Kelso the idea to move in together since Kelso's house isn't safe for Betsy and Red won't allow them to stay when she visits.moreless

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  • Homeless Fez and Baby-safe home-less Kelso come to a compromise.

    The godparent fiasco is a funny one, with Hyde and Jackie winning everything, and Eric and Donna fighting over, as Eric says, something Kelso says.

    Even funnier is the plot of Fez living in the record store, as it lends itself to hilarious jokes on video camera as well as clips of Hyde's ignorance of Fez living there. The end is hilarious and fitting, as Kelso and Fez combining their living situations to a completely original idea that Kitty had no advice on whatsoever.

    Overall, the storylines blend quite well together, and the comedy is natural and fresh, and makes this a great addition to the seventh season.moreless
  • Fez is homeless.

    Donna & Eric are upset when they are not chose as godparents & Jackie & Hyde are, which runs on throughout the episode, how they whine & whine to Kelso, and then they turn on each other & finally Eric agrees to get a job. I wanted Donna to dye her hair back red though oh well, it was typical of Angie to suspect Hyde of stealing, a good assumption but Fez was actually the one sneaking in cause he was homeless, now 3 people were homeless in That 70's Show, Hyde, Jackie & now Fez, a good episode if you want to see a lot of bickering.moreless
  • 719

    This is pretty much equivalent to what one could expect when watching later episodes of That 70's Show: Jackie saying a lot of stupid things, Red looking like he's 78 years old and a general bad feeling while watching it.

    The episodes where they have Eric and Donna be proud to be the responsible ones and act like the parents of the group (like in The Dine and Dash) are always annoying.

    And that ridiculous footage of Hyde dancing around and singing? That was probably more embarrassing than Henry Winkler water skiing over a body of water full of sharks. It was that dumb.moreless

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    • Red: (Kelso moons the surveillance camera) Even when he's not here I have to see his ass.
      Kitty: I've seen it almost as many times as I've seen his face.

    • Hyde: I don't understand why you didn't ask us for help.
      Fez: It was my damn Latin pride.
      Red: Ah-ha, you're Latin!
      Fez: I'm not Latin, just my pride.

    • Fez: Uh-oh.
      Kitty: What were you doing there?
      Fez: It was a secret. I... uh, thought I was alone.
      Hyde: Okay, I know Fez pretty well, and if he thought he was alone, we need to stop this tape right now.

    • Eric: Okay you know what? This fight keeps going nowhere and you want to know why? We are actually freaking out over something that KELSO said! Kelso, the guy that doesn't understand how hot-dogs survive in the wild without eyes.

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