That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 13

Won't Get Fooled Again

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2004 on FOX
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Won't Get Fooled Again
Before a romantic evening with Eric, Donna realizes that she's missed taking one of her birth control pills. Both of them completely freak out and seek out Kitty's advice. Fez is still extremely angry about losing Suzy to Kelso, so he "dumps" Kelso and returns everything his former friend ever gave him. Everyone in the gang tries to console the unhappy couple while Suzy plots to reunite them.moreless

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    Definitely a high point in this season, the whole episode was hilarious and more thought out than the previous episodes. I laughed throughout the whole episode, while we still get some development in both plots used in this episode. In this episode, Donna forgets to take a birth control pill, so now she fears she might be pregnant. Eric & Donna try to figure out what do, Eric fails to be subtle: "Mommy, Donna might be pregnant!" Then Kitty amazes us again with a hilarious line, "Did she trap you? We'll move away, we won't play her game!" All scenes had a hilarious line that kept me laughing throughout the rest of the scene. Bob, Red, Kitty, Eric & Donna try to figure out what to do if Donna is pregnant. Then some seriousness is thrown in to this episode, with the scene between Donna & Bob. Meanwhile the Fez/Suzy/Kelso plot continues, except now it's more directed to Fez & Kelso's friendship as they undergo a "breakup" while Jackie, Suzy, and Hyde all try to help them get over their "breakup." This formula resembling an actual relationship was comedic genius. Suzy ends up saving their friendship in the end, but when she finds out Kelso is expecting a baby from another woman, and Fez is married, Suzy walks out of their lives forever. Donna ends up not being pregnant, which brings great relief to the family. "I think we've learned our lesson." *A few weeks later* "Oh no!" Hilarious. An amazingly hilarious episode that brought development and closed Alyson Hannigan's arc nicely. Great episode, high point in season 6.moreless
  • Pregnancy scares, best friend break-ups.

    A great episode! Suzy was great for the couple of episodes that she was on. Fez is angry with Kelso about Suzy Simpson, and the two " break up". They decide that they are no longer best friends, and Fez never wants to talk to Kelso ever again, he said good day, and that means he is done. Suzy takes it upon herself to get the two friends back together again. She re-invents one of the best friends' most happy moments ("That's not a tater tot, that's a tater GIANT!"). Eric and Donna have a pregnancy scare when Donna realizes that one day she forgot to take her birth control pills.

  • Kelso and Fez break up

    Fez and Kelso “breaking up” is brilliant, with great lines about the memories they’ve shared, what each have to offer and Simpson realising at the end how impure both of them are.

    Donna possibly being pregnant is terrific aswell, with all the reactions and the curse, but Eric thinking Donna would be a stay at home mum was a plot done back in season three, so that part of the episode was a bit too repetitive.

    Overall, both plots are hilarious with great endings and good character resolutions, and while one was done before, it was done in a fresh and comedic way so there aren’t any complaints.moreless
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Don Perry

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    • Kelso: Fez, look, I got you some candy, and a Playboy, and a six pack. You can use them in whatever order you want.
      Suzy: Tell him what they're for. In a tense stand-off you need to make the perp think you're on his side, even if you're about to put a bullet in his head.
      (Fez's eyes widen and he looks scared)
      Suzy: Don't worry, we're not.
      Kelso: They're a peace offering.
      Fez: Oh. Look at the American trying to buy his way out of trouble.
      Suzy: Fez, give Michael a chance.
      Kelso: You know what? No, Simpson, forget it. Fez, you're the one that blew it with Suzy. Okay? I didn't know you were gonna shoot a defensless rabbit!
      Fez: Well if you didn't know that, you never knew me at all!

    • Eric: Mom, you promised you weren't going to say anything.
      Kitty: And I didn't, I wrote it down.

    • (Kelso and Fez are calling each other names)
      Eric: Okay, you guys, this is getting pretty lame. Let's split into two groups.
      Fez: Good idea. Boys versus girls. Let's go, Jackie.

    • Kelso: Eric, I can't believe you knocked up a girl, too! I mean, you lose points by not doing it in a public place but hey, give me five!
      Eric: Kelso, I don't really think this is a "give me five" moment, okay. I am really freaked out... Well right now, I'm not so much freaked out... I'm starving and... fascinated about your nose!
      Kelso: Yeah, it's perfect! You'd be amazed how much I could fit up in there! But the important thing is that you have responsibilities now. So, you gotta step up like I did.
      Hyde: Look, if you mean you stepped up on a urinal to climb out a window to get away from the girl that you got pregnant, then yeah, you stepped up.

    • Donna: Red, aren't you gonna say something?
      Eric: Donna, don't even talk to him. He's probably trying to figure out how to put his foot up each of our asses without getting out of the chair.

    • Suzy: You are really missing out because I spent a semester in France, and I do stuff American girls think is gross.

    • Eric: Still no Fez, huh? Wow, Kelso, you must have really pissed him off. He hasn't stayed away this long since he discovered bubble baths.

    • Fez: I don't want anything you gave me.
      Kelso: I never gave you my yo-yo.
      Fez: So I took it. And I tangled the string too. Let's see you walk the dog now, you son of a bitch!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Jim Gaffigan (Roy) was credited as "Special Guest Appearance".

    • When Bob said he and Midge would be the parents and raise Donna's child, before Donna found out she really was not pregnant, this is the first time since Season 4 that Midge has been mentioned in the series since she left.