That '70s Show

Season 5 Episode 22

You Shook Me (1) (a.k.a. The Nurses Are Coming)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2003 on FOX

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  • great

    Fez has an erotic dream about a nurse, but near the end of the dream, the nurse turns into Kelso. When he tells Kelso about his dream, Kelso assumes he is gay and he runs back to Jackie for comfort. Unfortunately, Hyde sees him on her couch and walks out, angry.

    Joanne gives Eric a job at the dog food factory, to support himself and Donna. Is the job all its cracked up to be?

    Good episode; Kelso exclaiming "Isn't it obvious?! I'm gay was funny. That was the only time that made me laugh, but the plots were fairly interesting I guess. Not one of their bests, not one of their worst. Average at best. B or so as a grade
  • 522

    Okay, I have watched this episode a handful of times, and I have finally made up my mind about this episode. Although everyone thinks this was such a great episode, and something "big and dramatic" happened, but honestly, the whole storyline was a complete waste of time. Hyde and Jackie have been dating for a reasonable amount of time. Fez has a sex dream about Kelso and everything falls apart? I felt like the writers were just making up this whole storyline just so Jackie can make a choice between Kelso or Hyde by the end of the season. It didn't make any sense that Hyde didn't trust Jackie, didn't believe Kelso, and led him to cheat with a nurse. The whole storyline was completely ridiculous and uncalled for. I just found myself yelling at the TV screen: "What are you doing!?" Red trying to rush Eric & Donna in to marriage was the only good thing about this episode, things made sense, it was funny. But this whole Kelso/Jackie/Hyde thing has been dragging on for too long, and all of their decisions were based on one sex dream that Fez had. Ridiculous.
  • Fez has a sex dream and not just about anyone...

    One of the funniest plots of all time appear in this episode – Fez having a sex dream about Kelso and Michael thinking that makes him gay This plot has so many great scenes like Kelso’s dream about himself and the very unbelievable excuse as to why Jackie was comforting Kelso.

    Eric’s promising new career in dog food is also hilarious and the ending is brilliant with Donna and Eric actually realising what everyone’s been telling them all year but the wedding staying on. The end of the episode with Hyde going with the hot nurse is a pretty good cliffhanger and is a great end to a hilarious episode.
  • Perfect example of what a sitcom should NOT be.

    In the beginning, Kelso and Fez visit some nurses, and then Fez has an erotic dream about a nurse. Later in the dream, Kelso wakes him up and replaces the nurse in the dream. Typical nightmare, right? Then, Kelso makes a big deal about thinking he's gay when it wasn't even his dream, and seeks comfort in Jackie. Steven sees the two together, overreacts, and is upset at Jackie. What's even more annoying is that everyone, particularly Fez, consistently stated the obvious, sometimes even stretching the truth. An entire sequence of events stemming from something that didn't actually happen. Worst episode ever.
  • I put "silly" because there was no "funny" and the word "silly" was probably the closest word to "funny" I could choose from above....

    I love the dog! The dog is soooooooooooooo cute! Absolutely adorable. The main reason I give this episode 10! Haha! I think Hyde looks cool working in the kitchen. It suits him. Kelso and Fez are hilarious. Kelso would make a bad nurse even if he were female, not to mention as a male nurse, ha! Ashton's got a nice body, though, I must say. He's very well built, haha! I wonder how well built the rest of the boys are. Red cracks me up when he just walks away after Fez asks for some advice. Kitty's such a cute mother figure. I really like her. My favourite line of the episode: "Why's the dog on the counter?" "He likes to be tall!" Million props to the dog for being incredibly loveable!
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