That '70s Show

Season 6 Episode 9

Young Man Blues

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2004 on FOX
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Young Man Blues
It's Kelso's first day as a police cadet and he gets to drive around in a police cruiser with a real cop. His first stop is the Forman house to break up a domestic disturbance (Fez and Laurie are fighting over her sex life). The encounter leaves Fez burning mad, but he gets a chance for revenge when Kelso leaves the cruiser unattended. Meanwhile, Eric attempts to fix the water pipes and lawn mower in order to prove to Red that he's not a failure. And Jackie joins a Big Sister program at school.moreless

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    Did anyone else find Jackie's "little sister" unbearable to watch? This episode as a bit slow paced as a whole. Jackie joins the little sister program in which she mentors a child. Collette, Jackie's little sister in the program is incredibly annoying in my opinion. It was as if all the laughing in the background was forced, every time Collete said something insulting. Jackie is terrible at being a big sister, which made the plot likable. "Cheer up or you're not getting lunch!" All of Jackie's misguided advice was hilarious. Bob makes a domestic disturbance call to the police when Fez & Laurie can't manage to stop arguing. Which brings in Kelso's plot. Kelso is a cop-in-training now, and he's officer let him borrow his cop car. Kelso takes away Fez's frog, and it gets killed in the process. Fez holds the grudge throughout the whole episode. That was annoying. Hyde & Steven steal Kelso's cop car, Donna loses Collete after taking her away from Jackie to prove that she is a better big sister. Eric tries to fix things around the house, due to Red's heart attack. Red doesn't believe he can fix anything. Eric tries to prove that Red didn't fail with him by fixing the lawn mower. At this point, all the plots tie in, which boosted the rating of this episode way up. Kelso almost gets away with taking the officer's car when we find out he stole it, but then Collete turns out to be in the backseat, Kelso runs over Eric's fixed lawn mower, then Kitty & Red don't believe he fixed it. It was a nice tie in, but overall this episode was forgettable and didn't stand out at all. Did anything really happen in this episode? Really? So that's my two cents on this episode. A weak episode, with a show saving tie in.moreless
  • *snore*.....

    This was an okay episode, I guess . . . . It definitely had its share of flaws *cough cough cough Little Jackie cough cough cough*. Ha ha ha.... Kelso gets to ride in a cop car. Fez and Laurie fight about Laurie having sex with almost everyone in town EXCEPT Fez, her husband. Kelso and his police chief get caught up in the fighting while they're out riding because Bob reports the disturbance, he couldn't hear his TV program. Jackie signs up for a little sister program and 'adopts' a little sister, Little Jackie, but a sister proves to be a huge handful.moreless
  • Kelso starts his cadet training

    Kelso as a cop cadet is hilarious, this plot being the best so far in season six, with Kelso nicking the police car, then Hyde and Fez stealing it off him, aswell as his idiotic moments that he is known for. Eric trying to be a handyman and actually succeeding was a great way to tie the two plots together, and for Red to slightly be proud of his son but at the same time demean his skills and say he failed with Eric.

    Little Jackie wasn’t that good of a plot but the story had its moments, especially the ending that really screws Kelso over. Overall, this whole episode is great whether it’s the domestic disturbance call, Fez’s frog, the walkie talkie or the lawnmower, this episode is bound to make anyone laugh.moreless
  • Big Sister program, eh? How come we don't have those in Canada? I would love to be a Big Sister! And of course, I won't be like Jackie, haha!

    That little girl is also a red head, isn't she? I was wondering if that was why she got along better with Donna. I felt very bad for Fez's frog. Was that Laurie that he was fighting with? Did they change the cast or something? It was a totally different actress that played Laurie in this episode, right? I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I think she was a different person. Anyhow, Kelso was hilarious as usual. Was Eric really playing with dolls when he was 10? Hahaha! My favourite line of this episode was said by Jackie to that little girl, "Pretty girls get geeky boys to do homework for them." Haha! How come I never thought of that? Jackie was very precious.moreless
Steffani Brass

Steffani Brass

Colette a.k.a. Little Jackie

Guest Star

James Avery (I)

James Avery (I)

Officer Kennedy

Guest Star

Tom Weber

Tom Weber


Guest Star

Christina Moore

Christina Moore

Laurie Forman

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Kitty: Since no one fixed my sink yet, today, instead of coffee, we're having pipe sludge!
      Red: You know the doctor told me not to do household chores. It's either a working sink or a dead husband; it's your choice.
      Kitty: Well, Red, somebody's got to do something around here! The garage needs to be painted, the lawn mower won't start, and I'm getting tired of running to the hose every time I need a bourbon and water.

      Kitty wants Red to fix the sink; this is opposite to the attitude she displayed in Battle of the Sexists, (season 1, episode 4), where she did not want him doing household chores or 'fixing' things.

    • In the end of the episode, Eric schools his father in the names of his Star Wars Action Figures as his father does the same with the tools in the tool box. The problem here is that the show is set in the 70s, but Eric is showing his father the 1990s set of posed figures as well as the Millenium Falcon-shaped collector's case from the 90s. The 1970s collector's carrying case was a box for twenty unposed figures, replaced in the 80s by one shaped like the Darth Vader head.

    • Eric: Boba Fett's jet-pack doesn't just glue itself back on!

      This is often thought to be a goof, as many people think that Boba Fett didn't appear in the Star Wars saga until Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980), but it isn't, in fact, wrong. Boba Fett actually first appeared in the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Eric: Dad, I think I know what tools are.
      Red: Good. Then grab a Phillips-head.
      Eric: Uh, shouldn't I buy Phillip a drink first?

    • Officer Kennedy: What seems to be the problem here?
      Fez: I'll tell you what the problem is! I am married to a whore!
      Laurie: I am NOT a whore. I'm just a girl who likes a good time.

    • (Fez and Hyde sitting in Kelso's patrol car)
      Fez: I can't believe they trusted Kelso with a cop car.
      Hyde: I can't believe he left the keys in the ignition.
      (they stare at each other)
      Fez: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Hyde: Burn rubber, little buddy!

    • Red: Why, why, why is it always my house?
      Hyde: You really want to know, or do you want to just keep yelling?
      Red: I want to keep yelling!

    • Laurie: Get away from me!!!
      Fez: I bet that's the first time you've ever said that to a man!

    • Little Jackie: I wanna go to the movies.
      Jackie: Why? You're watching me live my life. That's better than any movie.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Red: The greatest gift a son could give his father is the Heisman Trophy.

      The Heisman Trophy is awarded annually to the most outstanding college football player.

    • Bob: How am I supposed to name that tune if I can't even hear the notes?

      This refers to Name That Tune, a game show contestants tried to identify a song based on the first few notes.